Passport Address Change Procedure in India

A passport is an essential document issued to the citizens of India that certifies the identity and nationality of the individuals. It comprises some of the crucial details of the person such as the name, date of birth, signature, address, and more. In some cases, the passport holder might have … Read more

Dual Citizenship in India

An individual who is a citizen of two different countries is described as a person holding dual citizenship. Such citizens will enjoy the rights and benefits of both countries. The individuals will have passports from both countries. What is Dual Citizenship? Those who are not fully aware of Dual Citizenship … Read more

Passport Fees in India 2023

Planning to apply for a fresh passport? Whether you want a fresh passport or renewal, you can get to know the Passport Fees. The cost of the passport depends on the passport type and the mode of application. The fees will vary for a Tatkaal passport and a regular passport. … Read more