10 Best Budgeting Apps Australia

Gone are the days when managing money was the toughest task in every household. Managing money has become increasingly easy with time, and this is largely because of the numerous budgeting apps available online. Australians, in particular, have faced challenges in properly budgeting their finances due to a lack of knowledge. However, with the help of Budgeting Apps, identifying where the money is being wasted and where it is being saved has become quite easy.

The apps come with amazing features that help individuals track their expenses and spending. They also provide insights into saving which help individuals analyze their overall finances on the go. Furthermore, most of the budgeting apps work closely with the bank accounts, providing a complete overview of the finances. The budgeting apps further help individuals practice healthy financial habits, which help them with great savings in the long run.

From households to businesses, these budgeting apps are being employed greatly. In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Budgeting Apps in Australia. If you are an Aussie and want to find out the best budgeting app to serve your financial purpose, give this article a good read. We are sure, you are going to make informed decisions after getting to know about these budgeting apps and their features. Go through each of the budgeting apps and choose the app that goes hand-in-hand with your requirements.

Best Budgeting Apps Australia

Budgeting apps make money management smooth sailing. Instead of checking multiple apps and websites to check the finances, a budgeting app alone can display all your finances in one place. You can easily set your financial goals and track your budget and expenses through a budgeting app. Here, we have curated the list of 10 Best Budget Apps in Australia for you. Take control of your finances like a pro with the budgeting apps. A phone and a budgeting app that meets your requirements are more than enough to make big savings for a peaceful future. 

1. Frollo

The first budgeting app on our list is Frollo, which is the best Australian fintech budgeting app. Frollo closely monitors your bank account, loans, credit cards, etc, and maintains an interface where you can check all your expenses and spending. Frollo also encourages users to take the challenges to save money, which are scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also receive tips on saving money from Frollo.

It is one of the best Budget Apps in the market with numerous interesting features to assist users. The financial passport feature of Frollo helps customers understand the income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities for the last year. The app is also known for its top-level security so your data is in safe hands.

2. Buddy 

Buddy is another budgeting application designed to help customers save money. The Sweden-based app has become quite popular in Australia because of its attractive features. The best part about Buddy is that users can join their family members in the budgeting tasks and together make budget planning for upcoming family events or holidays. Customers can also automate bill payments and other monthly transactions using the app. It is a free app with basic features, but if you want the premium features, you can upgrade the app by investing a little money. 

3. Raiz 

Raiz is yet another Best Budgeting Apps Australia. The app is free and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is an investment app where users get to invest in diverse funds like recurring investments, deposits, and rewards. The app also has wonderful features that help you save money. The best aspect of the app lies in its “My Finance” feature which provides a personalized view of your expenses. You can also view the expenses in categories like food, utilities, etc. 

The roundup technology balances spending and savings by prompting the user to invest every time they spend money.  You can send more money into investing with this app thus more savings. The app comes with top-notch security so your money is in safe hands.

4. Goodbudget 

Goodbudget app allows its users to spend very moderately by putting some limitations. If you are unable to control your spending, this is the best app for you. It may look and sound a little old-school, but its features are quite effective when used in reality. You can draw some limitations on your spending on grocery shopping, utilities, lifestyle, etc. The app is again linked to your bank account and represents your spending and savings in the form of a pie chart for easy understanding. 

Unlike the above budgeting apps, this app requires the user to manually input the transaction details as it doesn’t sync with the bank account. Users can export the data to Microsoft Excel from this app. The app has up to 10 free envelopes to use while the premium version gives access to more envelopes. 

5. WeMoney

WeMoney comes with a bundle of interesting features other than just the budgeting features. Users can track their expenses using the app while also getting their monthly credit score on their mobile. The app is highly used by Australians who are looking to unload the burden of debts and loan repayments. The app helps users track unnecessary expenses and save money to build a secure financial future.

The app is free and so are its features. Users who wish to use the premium features of the app can upgrade to the premium version, WeMoney Pro, and enjoy ad-free services. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the app and enjoy the features it offers. 

6. PocketSmith

PocketSmith helps users maintain two different accounts on the same device while allowing users to create 12 different budget plans. Using the app users can easily keep track of their expenses and spending. The app comes with no advertisements, which makes it one of the Best App For Budgeting Australia. The app is also available on the web and users can do their budgeting through the browser. 

Users of PocketSmith have to input their details manually into the app to perform the transactions. To connect PocketSmith with the bank and automate the transactions, you have to opt for a paid subscription. The app allows the users to input foreign currencies. 

7. Get Reminded 

GetReminded takes care of utility bills, subscriptions, insurance, etc on the go. As the name says, it reminds the users about the bills to be paid in advance. You can also see the affordable policy options to invest in. You can also do shopping through the app where you will receive personalized alerts from different advertisers. You can also get annual cost summaries from the app. The app interface is very easy to use and comes with an automated streamlined system where all the tasks are carried out without manual help. 

8. Beem 

Beem is a payment app used to send and receive money instantly. The application also sends advance notifications, reminding users to repay borrowed amounts if they have taken the money. The app also has a tracking feature and bill-splitting feature that comes to the rescue when group expenses come into the picture. This is an apt application for housemates and families. You can also do online shopping through the app and collect rewards and cashback offers. The transactions can be carried out for free without any extra charges. The app uses ultimate encryption to secure the data.

9. Empower 

Empower is a popular investment management platform in Australia. The app is available for desktop and mobile platforms. Users can get an overview of the customer’s finances in one place. The day-to-day spending is also tracked by the application. The app also comes with savings tools like retirement savings tools, emergency fund tools, etc. The app also has an investment fee analyzer, financial tracker, net worth tracker, etc. These tools help you a great deal in planning a safe financial future. 

It is very easy to use the app and one can get started by linking the bank account to the app. The app automatically collects all the necessary information and guides the user on the savings and investments front. The popular feature of the Empower app is its Personal Cash feature. 

10. WiseList

WiseList is a wise-man app used to make effective budgets in Australia. The app is hugely used in Australian households for budgeting purposes. The app can be used to compare the prices of various grocery items offered on diverse platforms. The app also sends notifications when a specific item is available at a decent price. The grocery list can also be uploaded onto the app for quick shopping. Users can make use of Coles or Woolworth’s catalog to search the items. Collect the rewards and use them to grab discounts on products.


Well, these are the best Money Management Apps in Australia. If you are an Australian citizen looking for a simple application to save your hard-earned dollars, you can find the best application here. The budgeting cum money management applications we have curated here are the finest ones in all regards. We hope you find the right application that suits your needs with the help of this article. If so, bookmark our website – www.moneycompass.net and keep coming back to learn more about budgeting and money management. 

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