Andhra Pradesh Holidays 2022 List

Exploring the Andhra Pradesh Holidays 2022? Andhra Pradesh Government releases the official list of General Holidays for the year 2022. In general, AP Government announces holidays on significant festivals, noteworthy occasions, birth ceremonies of legendary personalities, and more this year. Are you looking forward to knowing about the AP Govt holidays 2022? If so, you are in the right place.

Usually, the government of Andhra Pradesh issue holidays on national holidays i.e., Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and others. Besides this, there are several other regional festivals and special occasions such as Ugadi, Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Ram Navami, Bakrid, Ramzan, and more. This guide gives a clear understanding of what days are considered AP Government Holidays 2022 across various regions of the state. 

The state government has released the government holidays 2022 list and made it available on the official website of Andhra Pradesh i.e., The AP government holidays 2022 are categorized into different holidays. It includes general holidays on weekdays, general holidays that fall on 2nd Saturdays and Sundays, optional holidays, optional holidays that fall on Sundays, and the bank holidays issued by the government in Andhra Pradesh. 

Check the category-wise Andhra Pradesh holidays 2022 released by the government furnished in this post. Check it out!

Government Holidays in Andhra Pradesh in 2022

All the general AP government holidays 2022 as directed by the AP Government will not be applied to specific organizations such as the public undertakings and industrial establishments that are under the supervision of the AP Government. The government holidays as mentioned in this post may not apply to the employees working in different educational institutions and public works departments in Andhra Pradesh. 

Observing AP Government Holidays 2022 completely depends on the respective institutions’ orders issued separately on specific occasions or festivals by the secretariat officials. The corresponding administrative department of the secretariat will issue separate orders mentioning the general government holidays to be observed by the aforementioned institutions.

In some cases, there could be a change of date in respect of specific occasions such as Ramzan, Muharram, Bakrid, and Eid-Miladun-Nabi based on the moon sighting or some other Hindu holiday. In such a situation, the announcement regarding the AP Government holiday in the aforesaid cases will be done through print or electronic media. 

All the heads of departments, the departments of the secretariat, and the district collectors will take necessary action regarding the announcement of unsure holidays without waiting for any formal government order from the higher authorities regarding the date change. In this article, we have covered the list of general AP govt holidays 2022 alongside the optional holidays issued by the state government. Read on!

1. AP General Holidays 2022

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has released the AP Govt holidays 2022 list. The AP government holidays issued by the government must be followed by all the government offices and organizations in the state this year. As per the days mentioned in Annexure-I, the government of Andhra Pradesh observes them as General AP government holidays 2022. According to Annexure-I [A], the state government offices that exclude the AP Govt holidays 2022 fall on Sundays.

We can witness a total of 17 AP government holidays 2022 issued by the government to the employees working at various government organizations, government-based offices, and more. Republic Day, Ugadi, Ambedkar Jayanti, Sankranti, Bhogi, Holi, Independence Day, Ramzan, Good Friday, Diwali, Dussehra, etc., are the major festivals or occasions that are observed as government holidays in Andhra Pradesh this year.

In this post, we have furnished the list of AP general holidays 2022 that comprises the holiday description, festival name or occasion, date, and day of the special eve. Check it out!

Holiday Description/Festival/OccasionDateDay
Bhogi14 January 2022Friday
Makar Sankranti15 January 2022Saturday
Republic Day26 January 2022Wednesday
Maha Sivaratri01 March 2022Tuesday
Holi18 March 2022Friday
Ugadi02 April 2022Saturday
Babu Jagjivan Ram’s Birthday05 April 2022Tuesday
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday/Mahaveer Jayanthi14 April 2022Thursday
Good Friday15 April 2022Friday
Ramzan [Eid-ul-Fitr]03 May 2022Tuesday
Muharram09 August 2022Tuesday
Independence Day15 August 2022Monday
Sri Krishna Ashtami19 August 2022Friday
Vinayaka Chavithi31 August 2022Wednesday
Durgastami03 October 2022Monday
Vijayadasami05 October 2022Wednesday
Deepavali24 October 2022Monday
AP General Holidays 2022

2. AP General Holidays Falling on 2nd Saturday and Sunday

All the state government offices in Andhra Pradesh will remain closed on all Second Saturdays and Sundays in all the months this year following the AP government’s rules and regulations. In general, the Government of Andhra Pradesh issues holidays on all second Saturdays that fall every month of the year. 

As Sunday is a general holiday observed by all the states every month, we don’t need exclusively mention the same. There are a total of 6 noteworthy festivals and occasions observed as general holidays issued to the government servants that fall on 2nd Saturdays and Sundays. 

Some of the significant occasions include Sri Rama Navami, Bakrid, Gandhi Jayanti, and Christmas are the major holidays that fall on Sundays this year. In this post, we have mentioned the AP Govt holidays 2022 list that falls on all second Saturdays and Sundays in the tabular form furnished below. Check it out!

Holiday Description/Festival/OccasionDateDay
Kanuma16 January 2022Sunday
Sri Rama Navami10 April 2022Sunday
Bakrid [Eid-ul-Azha]10 July 2022Sunday
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi02 October 2022Sunday
Eid Miladun Nabi [Birthday of Prophet Mohammad]09 October 2022Sunday
Christmas25 December 2022Sunday
AP General Holidays Falling on 2nd Saturday and Sunday

3. Andhra Pradesh Optional Holidays 2022

What are optional holidays in AP? An optional holiday is referred to as the choice of the government employee whether to take leave on that specific day or not. As it is an optional holiday, it is not compulsory to shut the government office on that particular day. As per Annexure-II, the government has disclosed the optional holidays’ list except for the optional holidays that fall on Sundays for the year 2022. 

The state government employees of Andhra Pradesh have a chance to avail of optional holidays based on their individual choice without exceeding 5 optional Andhra Pradesh holidays 2022 during the year 2022 on the special occasions and festivals mentioned in Annexure-II. However, it is the choice of the government employee regardless of the religion to which the festival is related. 

The concerned superior authorities of the government employees will grant the optional holiday to the government servant who opts for it in advance. On trivial occasions or festivals, the AP government allows the government servants to take leave on those days as optional holidays. New Year’s Eve, Buddha Purnima, Parsi New Year, Boxing Day, and others are the optional Andhra Pradesh holidays 2022. 

Check the tabular form furnished below comprising the optional AP Govt holidays 2022. 

Holiday Description/Festival/OccasionDateDay
New Year’s Eve01 January 2022Saturday
Birthday of Hazrath Ali15 February 2022Tuesday
Shab-e-Meraj01 March 2022Tuesday
Shab-e-Barath19 March 2022Saturday
Shahadat Hazrat Ali [R.A]22 April 2022Friday
Jummat-Ul-Vida/Shab-e-Qadar29 April 2022Friday
Basava Jayanthi03 May 2022Tuesday
Buddha Purnima16 May 2022Monday
Ratha Yatra01 July 2022Friday
Eid-e-Ghadeer18 July 2022Monday
Varalakshmi Vratham05 August 2022Friday
9th Muharram [1441 Hijra]08 August 2022Monday
Parsi New Year’s Day16 August 2022Tuesday
Arbaeen [Chahallum]17 September 2022Saturday
Karthika Purnima/Gurunanak Jayanthi08 November 2022Tuesday
Hazrath Syed Mohammed Juvanpuri Mehdi’s Birthday08 December 2022Thursday
Christmas Eve24 December 2022Saturday
Boxing Day26 December 2022Monday
Andhra Pradesh Optional Holidays 2022

4. AP Optional Holidays Falling on Sunday

In some cases, we can witness Andhra Pradesh holidays 2022 falling on Sunday. If any prevalent occasion or festival is observed on Sunday then, it is considered a general holiday. If any trivial or insignificant festival falls on Sunday then, it is referred to as an optional holiday. This year, we can witness a total of 3 optional holidays that fall on Sundays. Check the tabular form furnished below:

Holiday DescriptionDateDay
Mahalaya Amavasya25 September 2022Sunday
Naraka Chaturdasi23 October 2022Sunday
Yaz-Dahum-Shareef06 November 2022Sunday
AP Optional Holidays Falling on Sunday

Bank Holidays in Andhra Pradesh 2022

Wondering when are the Bank holidays 2022 Andhra Pradesh? In general, bank holidays are issued by the respective public sector and private sector banks in Andhra Pradesh. Reserve Bank of India, the widely popular central bank of India is the administrative body that handles the entire Indian banking system. All the public and private sector banks in Andhra Pradesh will follow the vital guidelines of RBI and set their own rules and regulations. 

All Sundays, second and fourth Saturdays have considered the AP bank holidays 2022 apart from the public holidays issued by the government. By having an idea about the list of AP government holidays 2022, the bank employees can enjoy their holidays. On the other hand, the common public and banking customers can plan their visit to their preferred bank in Andhra Pradesh on a working day. 

In this article, we have furnished the complete list of Bank holidays 2022 Andhra Pradesh in tabular form. It comprises all the second and fourth Saturdays, all Sundays, general holidays, and more. Makar Sankranthi, Republic Day, Shivarathri, Holi, Ramzan, Diwali, Dussehra, Vinayaka Chavithi, Gandhi Jayanti, Christmas, Independence Day, and others are the major AP bank holidays 2022 issued to the bank employees. 

In the tabular form, we have covered the holiday description observed on prevalent festivals, popular occasions, and specific important days, dates, and days on the occasion celebrated by various banks across the state of Andhra Pradesh. Check it out!

Holiday DescriptionDateDay
Second Saturday Bank Holiday08 January 2022Saturday
Makar Sankranti14 January 2022Friday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday22 January 2022Saturday
Republic Day26 January 2022Wednesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday12 February 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday26 February 2022Saturday
Maha Shivratri01 March 2022Tuesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday12 March 2022Saturday
Holi19 March 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday26 March 2022Saturday
Babu Jagjivan Ram’s Birthday05 April 2022Tuesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday09 April 2022Saturday
Good Friday15 April 2022Friday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday23 April 2022Saturday
May Day / Labour day01 May 2022Sunday
Id-ul-Fitr03 May 2022Tuesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday07 May 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday21 May 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday11 June 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday25 June 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday09 July 2022Saturday
Id-ul-Adha10 July 2022Sunday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday23 July 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday13 August 2022Saturday
Independence Day15 August 2022Monday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday27 August 2022Saturday
Vinayaka Chavithi31 August 2022Wednesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday10 September 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday24 September 2022Saturday
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti02 October 2022Sunday
Durgastami03 October 2022Monday
Vijaya Dasami05 October 2022Wednesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday08 October 2022Saturday
Eid-e-Milad09 October 2022Sunday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday22 October 2022Saturday
Deepavali / Diwali24 October 2022Monday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday12 November 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday26 November 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday10 December 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday24 December 2022Saturday
Christmas25 December 2022Sunday

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the list of Andhra Pradesh holidays 2022. In this guide, we have covered the list of general holidays in AP, general holidays that fall on the 2nd Saturday and all Sundays in the year 2022, optional holidays falling on all days, and optional holidays that fall on Sunday, Bank holidays 2022 Andhra Pradesh, and more. 

We hope this guide has given adequate information about the AP Govt holidays 2022 in tabular form. For more doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to MoneyCompass for more articles related to government holidays in 2022 issued by different states, state-wise bank holidays, and more.

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