Arunachal Pradesh Holidays List 2022

Exploring the Arunachal Pradesh holiday list 2022? Just go through this detailed guide comprising the bank holidays in Arunachal Pradesh, public and restricted holidays issued by the state government to the public and the government servants. In general, the holidays issued in a state are categorized into three types i.e., national holidays, general public holidays, and regional holidays. 

From January to December 2022, we have enlisted the list of major festivals or occasions that fall every month in this post. We may not have many national holidays. Still, we can enjoy state government or regional holidays in a vast number as the country has been divided into several states. We usually celebrate a few occasions like national holidays i.e., Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, and Republic Day. On the other hand, regional holidays are entirely different i.e., based on the regions. 

Every state has its own cultures, traditions, and festivals. Based on these factors, different states in India mark the occasions and observe them as holidays. Similarly, the Arunachal Pradesh government also issues the Arunachal gazetted holidays 2022 based on various factors. If you have some idea about the Arunachal Govt holiday list 2022 then, it helps you to plan your vacation with your families or friends. Otherwise, one can utilize a holiday to fulfill some of their important works.

Here is an in-depth guide comprising the Holiday list of Arunachal Pradesh, gazetted holidays, restricted holidays, bank holidays, and more. Have a glimpse!

Arunachal Pradesh Holiday List 2022

Looking for the Arunachal Govt holiday list 2022? The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh has officially disclosed the Arunachal gazetted holidays 2022 in the last month of the year 2021 through a government order. As per the holiday list mentioned in the Annexure-II of the notice, all the government officers and other institutions handling its operations under the Government of Arunachal Pradesh must observe the below-mentioned Holiday list of Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the prominent states in the country for its beauty and green and lush forests. Arunachal Pradesh is a north-eastern state in India that was formed as a state in 1987. Itanagar is the capital of the Arunachal Pradesh state. In terms of area, Arunachal Pradesh is considered the biggest of the Seven Sister States of Northeast India. There are several regional and cultural festivals and occasions celebrated in different regions of Arunachal Pradesh.

If you are looking for the Holiday list of Arunachal Pradesh then, you have landed in the right place. In this guide, we have included the official list of Arunachal Pradesh Gazetted Holidays 2022, restricted holidays, and bank holidays in the state. The Bank holiday 2022 in Arunachal Pradesh will be slightly different from the general government holidays of the state as the bank holidays comprise second and fourth Saturdays. Go through the in-depth guide that gives you clear information about the Arunachal Pradesh holiday list 2022. Check it out!

1. Arunachal Pradesh Gazetted Holidays List 2022

Gazetted Holidays are also referred to as national holidays observed on noteworthy occasions such as Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, and Independence Day. Besides the gazetted holidays, there are several other public holidays issued by the government of Arunachal Pradesh. New Year’s Day, Republic Day, Makar Sankranthi, Good Friday, Buddha Purnima, Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, Christmas Day, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Id-ul-Fitr, etc., are the major occasions that are observed as Arunachal Govt holiday list 2022.

On 26th February 2022, the government observes it as a local holiday on account of the Nyokum occasion. During the year 2022, the local administrative officers who are in charge of the Arunachal Pradesh government offices are situated in different states such as Maharashtra, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, and New Delhi may announce 2 holidays as observed from the corresponding state during the year 2022.

All the below-mentioned holidays enlisted in the tabular form will not be applicable to the banks and other financial institutions situated in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The government will disclose a separate notification for the announcement of holidays in various banks and other financial institutions situated in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the year 2022. Based on the instructions of the Indian Government, a separate Bank holiday 2022 in Arunachal Pradesh list will be declared by the government.

In the tabular form furnished below, we have mentioned the complete list of holidays i.e., the festival name or occasion name, the date and day on which the occasion is observed. Check it out!

Holiday Description/Festival or Occasion NameDateDay
New Year’s Day01 January 2022Saturday
Makar Sankranthi14 January 2022Friday
Republic Day26 January 2022Wednesday
Statehood Day20 February 2022Sunday
Holi18 March 2022Friday
Good Friday15 April 2022Friday
Bohag Bihu15 April 2022Friday
Id-ul-Fitr03 May 2022Tuesday
Buddha Purnima16 May 2022Monday
Independence Day15 August 2022Monday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday02 October 2022Sunday
Dussehra [Mahanavami]04 October 2022Tuesday
Dussehra05 October 2022Wednesday
Diwali [Deepavali]24 October 2022Monday
Guru Nanak Birthday08 November 2022Tuesday
Indigenous Faith Day01 December 2022Thursday
Christmas Day25 December 2022Sunday
Arunachal Pradesh Gazetted Holidays List 2022

2. Arunachal Pradesh Restricted Holidays List 2022

Wondering what is a restricted Holiday List of Arunachal Pradesh? If you aren’t aware of the restricted holidays, we are here to make you understand its key meaning. A restricted holiday is referred to as a government holiday issued to those only if they place any request from the concerned authorities. The State Government of Arunachal Pradesh permits the employees working in various state government offices and other government-based organizations to utilize any 2 holidays from the list of restricted holidays during the year 2022 enlisted in the official notice released by the Arunachal Pradesh state government. 

All the trivial festivals and some insignificant occasions that are usually celebrated by the common public are observed as restricted holidays. On the birthdays of popular personalities such as Hazrat Ali, Guru Ravidas, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and others, the government employees observe them as restricted holidays. We can witness a total of 35 restricted Arunachal gazetted holidays 2022 issued by the state government of Arunachal Pradesh. 

Every month, we can witness a plethora of holidays throughout the year 2022. In this, we can also witness some of the occasions that fall on Sundays as well. In the month of February 2022, we can find a total of 6 restricted holidays in the year 2022 in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. In the month of April, we can find a total of 7 holidays. The government employees working in different government offices have a choice of using at least 2 holidays from the list of restricted holidays. Check the tabular form furnished below!

Holiday Description/Festival or Occasion NameDateDay
Pongal14 January 2022Friday
Ali-aye-ligang02 February 2022Wednesday
Basant Panchami/Sri Panchami05 February 2022Saturday
Hazrat Ali’s Birthday15 February 2022Tuesday
Guru Ravidas Birthday16 February 2022Wednesday
Shivaji Jayanti19 February 2022Saturday
Swami Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti26 February 2022Saturday
Maha Shivaratri01 March 2022Tuesday
Holika Dahan17 March 2022Thursday
Dolyatra18 March 2022Friday
Chaitra Sukladi/ Ugadi/Cheti Chand/Vaisakhi/Vishu/ Gudi Padava02 April 2022Saturday
Ram Navami10 April 2022Sunday
Mesadi Tamil New Year’s Day/Vaisakhi/Vishu14 April 2022Thursday
Mahavir Jayanti14 April 2022Thursday
Vaisakhadi [Bengal]15 April 2022Friday
Easter Sunday17 April 2022Sunday
Jamat-Ul-Vida29 April 2022Friday
Guru Rabindranath’s Birthday09 May 2022Monday
Rath Yatra01 July 2022Friday
Id-ul-Zuha [Bakrid]10 July 2022Sunday
Muharram09 August 2022Tuesday
Raksha Bandhan11 August 2022Thursday
Parsi New Year’s Day/Nauraj16 August 2022Tuesday
Janmashtami [Smarta]18 August 2022Thursday
Vinayaka Chaturthi/Ganesh Chaturthi31 August 2022Wednesday
Onam or Thiru Onam Day08 September 2022Thursday
Milad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad [Birthday of Prophet Mohammad]09 October 2022Sunday
Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday09 October 2022Sunday
Karaka Chaturthi [Karva Chauth]13 October 2022Thursday
Naraka Chaturdasi24 October 2022Monday
Govardhan Puja25 October 2022Tuesday
Bhai Dhuj26 October 2022Wednesday
Pratihar Sashthi or Surya Sashthi [Chhat Puja]30 October 2022Sunday
Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day24 November 2022Thursday
Christmas Eve24 December 2022Saturday
Arunachal Pradesh Restricted Holidays List 2022

Bank Holiday 2022 in Arunachal Pradesh

Bank holidays play a vital role in every individual’s daily life, especially in the case of business people, educational institutions, large-scale industries, and others. We can witness more than thousands of people visiting a bank [any of the banks in India] to carry out a variety of banking-related works such as opening a new account, accessing different banking products, financial services, etc. 

Regardless of the work, whenever the banking customers visit any bank in their location and find that the bank is closed then, it would be very much difficult for them. In urgent situations, the customers may face critical consequences if they find the bank remains shut due to some gazetted holiday. To evade such situations, it is highly important to have some idea about the Bank holiday 2022 in Arunachal Pradesh list. We can witness a total of 39 bank holidays issued by different banks in the state of Arunachal Pradesh including the second and fourth Saturdays. 

Makar Sankranthi, Republic Day, Holi, Good Friday, Idul Fitr, Independence Day, Vijaya Dashami, Christmas Day, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Diwali, etc., are the noteworthy bank holidays 2022 in Arunachal Pradesh. Check the tabular form furnished below comprising the noteworthy festivals or holiday details, date, and the day of the occasion that falls on the significant days. Take a look!

Holiday Description/Festival or Occasion NameDateDay
Second Saturday Bank Holiday08 January 2022Saturday
Makar Sankranti14 January 2022Friday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday22 January 2022Saturday
Republic Day26 January 2022Wednesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday12 February 2022Saturday
Statehood Day20 February 2022Sunday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday26 February 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday12 March 2022Saturday
Holi19 March 2022Monday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday26 March 2022Saturday
Annual Closing of Bank Accounts01 April 2022Thursday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday09 April 2022Saturday
Bohag Bihu14 April 2022Thursday
Good Friday15 April 2022Friday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday23 April 2022Saturday
Idul Fitr03 May 2022Tuesday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday14 May 2022Saturday
Buddha Poornima16 May 2022Monday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday28 May 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday11 June 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday25 June 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday09 July 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday23 July 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday13 August 2022Saturday
Independence Day15 August 2022Monday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday27 August 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday10 September 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday24 September 2022Saturday
Gandhi Jayanti02 October 2022Sunday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday08 October 2022Saturday
Vijaya Dasami15 October 2022Wednesday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday22 October 2022Saturday
Diwali24 October 2022Monday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday12 November 2022Saturday
Guru Nanak Jayanti19 November 2022Tuesday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday26 November 2022Saturday
Second Saturday Bank Holiday10 December 2022Saturday
Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday24 December 2022Saturday
Christmas Day25 December 2022Sunday
Bank Holiday 2022 in Arunachal Pradesh


Well, this is everything you need to know about the Arunachal Pradesh holiday list 2022. We assume that this guide has given adequate information about the government holidays, restricted holidays, and bank holidays in Arunachal Pradesh. Through this guide, we have covered all the important points about the holiday list for the year 2022 in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Do you still have any doubts or queries regarding this topic? If so, don’t hesitate to ask us. Just drop your doubts in the comments section. We try to answer the questions with precise solutions. Visit our website MoneyCompass frequently to learn more about the state-wise government holidays 2022, bank holidays across the nation, and more.

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