What Is The Difference Between Renewal And Reissue Of Passport?

Thinking about passport renewal? You might be wondering what is the reissue of the passport? Lakhs of people use a passport for traveling across different countries globally either for business works or private matters. The Passport Issuing Authority issues the passport to the eligible persons thereby permitting them to travel any country without any hurdles. A certain period of validity will be given to the passport issued by the authorities i.e., 5 years or 10 years. In such a case, people need to renew their passports. Now, you get a doubt i.e., what about reissuance? When and Why the reissuance of a passport is required? 

Well, there is a notable difference between passport renewal and reissue. Several people get bewildered about the difference between the renewal and reissue of a passport. This could be due to the similarity between the two terms. Even if the objective of these two documents may be similar yet there are some noteworthy differences between Passport Reissue and Passport Renewal. To help you, we furnished a detailed guide on what is the difference between Renewal and Reissue of Passport. Have a glance!

Difference Between Passport Renewal And Reissue

What is difference between Reissue and Renewal of Passport? This could be the major question that starts pricking your mind whenever your passport is about to expire. As both the words sound similar and they serve identical purposes, people might be confused between renewal and reissue. Don’t worry! Passport renewal is needed when you want to extend the validity of your passport from the short validity period. On the other hand, passport reissue is required in many cases such as lost passport, stolen, damaged, exhaustion of pages, and a lot more. This guide helps you clear your confusion by giving a detailed explanation about the Difference Between Reissue And Renewal Of Passport. Check it out!

What is Passport Renewal?

A passport holder requires passport renewal in a case when the passport was issued only for a short time period or with short validity i.e., between 1 and 5 years. In such a case, the individual requires a passport renewal i.e., an extension of the same passport to the validity of 10 years just like a regular Indian Passport. If you are planning to renew your passport, it is important that you must carry your old passport. However, the passport number will be the same and the only thing that changes is the validity period in the passport. The changes to the validity period of the passport will be done to the existing or old passport and given to the individual as a renewed passport. This is the meaning of passport renewal. 

Procedure For Renewal Of Passport

The applicants can easily apply for passport renewal online i.e., at the official website of Passport Seva Portal. Follow the simple steps furnished below to register for the passport renewal through the Passport Seva Online Portal. Check it out!

  • First of all, go to the official website of Passport Seva from your device.
  • On the home page of the website, you will find the options for new user and existing user.
  • If you are a new user, click on the option ‘New User Registration’.
  • In case, you are an existing user, just choose the option ‘Existing User Login.’
  • Fill in some of your basic details such as the name, date of birth, email id, passport office, and others for new user registration.
  • During this process, you will get a new Login ID and Password. Using these credentials, you can log into the Passport Seva Portal account. 
  • If you are an existing user, you can directly enter the login id and password in the provided fields and log into the account. 
  • After logging into the portal, click on the link ‘Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport.’
  • Below that, you will find two alternatives i.e., apply for renewal of passport online and offline.
  • If you want to apply for passport renewal offline, click on the link ‘click here to download the soft copy of the form’.
  • Otherwise, just tap the link ‘Click here to fill the application form online.’
  • Select your state and district from the drop-down menus.
  • Select the passport type i.e., ‘Reissue of Passport.’
  • Mention the reason for reissue of passport i.e., select a valid reason from the list of options. 
  • Tick the option ‘Validity Expired within 3 years/Due to Expire.’
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Normal’ type of application and select 36 pages next to the type of passport booklet.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • On the next page, you will be prompted to fill an application form.
  • Enter the crucial details in the online application form such as the name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, state, district, marital status, PAN number, citizenship of India by birth or registration, Aadhaar number, and more.
  • You need to tick the checkbox ‘Yes’ next to the ‘I Agree’ option.
  • Hit the next button. Enter your family details and click the next button.
  • Fill in your residential address details, mobile number, and email id, and click the next button.
  • Enter your emergency contact details on the next screen. 
  • Further, enter the information of your existing passport such as the passport number, issuance date, expiry date, place of issue, and file number. Click the next button.
  • Submit the relevant documents and hit the Submit form. 
  • ‘Your application form has been submitted successfully’ message displays on the screen along with the Application Reference Number [ARN]. Note it down for further reference purposes.
  • You will be redirected to a new page wherein you will be asked to pay the passport renewal fee.
  • Click on the link ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’.
  • Choose the mode of payment i.e., online payment [internet banking, debit card, credit card] or challan payment [Pay in cash at SBI Branch]
  • Click the Next button. Schedule an appointment by selecting the location. Enter the captcha code and click the next button.
  • On the next screen, you can select the date from the calendar. Select a date that is displayed in green color boxes. Further, click on the button ‘Pay and Book Appointment’.
  • Lastly, take a printout of the application receipt for further requirements.

That’s all! This is the detailed procedure for the renewal of a passport online. 

What is Passport Reissue?

A Passport reissue is required for a passport holder when an individual needs a completely new passport. A Passport is reissued to the individuals with a new booklet, and new passport. Most people might get muddled about the reissuance and renewal of the passport. As the procedure for the reissue and renewal of passport remains the same, people might be confused about the Difference Between Reissue And Renewal Of Passport. Check out the following cases in which a passport is reissued:

  • Lost Passport
  • Damaged Passport
  • Stolen Passport
  • Exhaustion of Pages in the Existing Passport
  • Expired Passport
  • Heavily Dusted Passport
  • Passport at the edge of Expiration
  • Need for the change in personal details in the passport [Validity cannot be changed]

In any of the aforementioned circumstances, an individual can apply for a reissue of the passport either online or offline.

Procedure For Re-Issue Of Passport

Follow the easy steps provided below to reissue the passport online i.e., from the Passport Seva Portal.

  • Register online if you are a new user. Otherwise, click on the existing user option and proceed to log into the account using the Login ID and Password.
  • On the home page of the website, select the option ‘Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport.’
  • You need to follow the application filling procedure similar to the renewal of your passport. 
  • However, at the time of selecting the reason for the reissue of passport, you can select any reason such as damaged passport or exhaustion of pages, lost passport, or change in existing personal particulars.
  • Next, fill in the applicant details in the application form.
  • Enter the family details, present residential address details, emergency contact details, previous passport details, and other essential details in the given fields.
  • On the next screen, you will find all the details displayed on the screen in one place. After verifying the details, click on the option ‘Next.’
  • Accept the self-declaration form and hit the ‘Submit Form’ button.
  • You will be redirected to the next page wherein you need to finish the payment and schedule an appointment.
  • After finishing the online or offline payment and choosing a convenient slot at the nearest PSK, you will receive a message that you have successfully submitted the application form. 
  • At last, you need to take a printout of the application receipt.

That’s it! This is the easy procedure of passport reissue online.  


This is everything you need to know about the ‘What Is The Difference Between Renewal And Reissue Of Passport.’ We hope this guide has covered all the notable points explaining the difference between Passport Renewal and Reissue. If you still have any doubts or queries about this article, mention it in the comments space. We try to clear your doubts as early as possible. For more related articles on passports, types of passports, Indian Passport latest updates, and changes, etc., visit our website frequently.

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