How to Fill SBI Deposit / Withdrawal Slip?

State Bank of India is one of the largest public sector banks in the country that provides copious banking and financial products and services to customers. Some of the key products and banking services offered to the customers include money withdrawal, deposits, storing assets, and more. SBI has crores and crores of deposit bases from millions of customers across different bank branches. 

Have you ever tried filling up either SBI Deposit or Withdrawal Form? Well, every person might have come across this sort of situation at least a few times in their life. However, not all people might be aware of the procedure to SBI Deposit Form Fill Up. If you fall in that particular category then, you are at the right place. This guide explains the detailed procedure on How to Fill SBI Deposit Slip and withdrawal form. Have a glance!

How to Fill SBI Deposit Slip?

If you are a beginner, it might be arduous for you to fill up the deposit form every time you visit the SBI Bank. In such a situation, you need to learn How to Fill Up SBI Bank Deposit Form. The person who is seeking to deposit some money in his/her or some other individual’s bank account must fill in some important data in the deposit slip without any mistakes. 

If there are any mistakes like overwriting, spelling mistakes, cutting, etc., your deposit request might get cancelled. An SBI Deposit From comprises two sides wherein the front side must be filled with the account holder’s details. The amount that you wish to deposit must be filled on the backside of the deposit form. In this article, we have presented you the step-by-step procedure to SBI Deposit Form Fill Up. Check it out!

Front Side of SBI Deposit Slip

SBI Deposit Form Fill Up: Section 1 

  • First of all, visit the nearest SBI Branch in your region. At the front desk, you can ask the corresponding person for the Deposit Form/Slip.
  • You can find 2 parts on the front side of the SBI Deposit Slip.
  • It’s your responsibility to fill both the parts.
  • On the top right corner of the slip, write the SBI Branch Name i.e., from which branch of SBI you are depositing the money.
  • Next to the branch field, write the Current Date along with the month and year. 
  • Just below these fields, you can find the Account Number block. Enter the SBI Account Number in which you want to deposit the amount. The empty field comprises square boxes. Write 1 number in each square separately.
  • You need to choose the type of account i.e., SB/CA/RD/CC/TL.
  • Write the Name of the Bank Account Holder in the next empty field.
  • Below that, you need to write the Total Deposit Amount in words. [For example, you want to deposit Rs. 2000. Then, you must write in words as follows: TWO THOUSAND Rupees Only].
  • Further, write the deposit amount in numbers.
  • Below that, you must write the sum of the total amount in numbers.
  • You need to enter your mobile number in the next field. Each number of your mobile number should be written in separate square boxes. It is optional whether you want to mention your mobile number or not. 
  • If you want to deposit an amount which is below Rs. 50000 then, you need not write the PAN Number in the next field.
  • At the bottom of the deposit slip, sign in the specified box that says ‘Signature of the Depositor’. Sign in the space shown in the box.

SBI Deposit Form Fill Up: Section 2 

In the first section, you have filled in the left part of the SBI Deposit Form Fill Up. Now, you can learn how to fill SBI Deposit Slip right section. The details that you have written on the left section of the deposit form will be almost the same in section 2 or the right side of the slip. Check it out!

  • Firstly, write the branch name of SBI from where you are depositing the amount.
  • Write the Date including month and year. 
  • Fill in the Bank Account Number in which you wish to deposit the money.
  • Select the type of account from the given options – SB/CA/RD/CC/TL.
  • Write the name of the account holder the same you have written on the left side.
  • Write the amount you wish to deposit in the account in words and numbers as well. 
  • Enter the sum of the amount in numbers next to the option ‘Total Deposit’.
  • Below that, you can find another section saying ‘For Office Use’. Don’t write anything in this section. Just leave it as it is.

This is the procedure to SBI Deposit Form Fill Up the front side of the deposit slip. 

Backside of SBI Deposit Slip

Now, it’s time to fill in the backside of the SBI Deposit Slip. Just turn over the slip. It is the most important phase wherein you must write the notes/coins denomination of the total amount that you are likely to deposit in the recipient’s/your account. Follow the simple steps given below:

  • It comprises a table wherein you must write the number of Rs. 2000 notes in the ‘pieces’ column. In the next column, mention the sum in Rs. [total of bill amount x number of bills]. 
  • For example, you have 5 notes of Rs. 2000 then, you need to write 5 in the Pieces Column. In the Rs. column, write Rs. 10000.
  • Similarly, write the remaining denominations based on the notes you are likely to deposit. 
  • You need to enter the cash details twice on the backside of the slip i.e., left and right side. 
  • On the left corner bottom of the deposit slip, you need to sign. 
  • Once you are done filling all the details correctly on both sides of the Deposit Form, you are good to submit the same at the corresponding counter in the SBI branch along with the money.
  • After proper verification, that person will stamp both sides of the deposit slip. The corresponding person will give you the left side of the slip considered as an acknowledgment proof or Receipt. 
  • Within 2 hours from the time of deposit at the bank, your amount will be credited/deposited to that particular account.

That’s all! This is the detailed process on How to Fill Up SBI Bank Deposit Form.  Wondering how to fill SBI withdrawal form? Just scroll down through this article to know the withdrawal slip fill-up process. 

How to Fill SBI Withdrawal Form?

SBI Withdrawal Form Fill Up is not completely similar to the SBI Deposit Form Fill Up process. Unlike the deposit slip, you need to fill in both sides of the slip in case of the SBI Withdrawal form. If you are not aware of the procedure on How to Fill Withdrawal Slip of SBI Bank, just check out the detailed guide furnished below: 

  • First of all, write the name of the account holder at the top of the form.
  • In the next field, write the name of the bank branch. 
  • Write the Date of Withdrawal in this format: DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Fill in the Account Number i.e., each number in separate blocks.
  • You must enter the total amount that you wish to withdraw from the account in numbers. 
  • In the next step, write the total withdrawal amount in words.
  • Write your Mobile Number in the next field. In case of any errors or discrepancies, the corresponding bank executives or officials will contact you through the mobile number. However, it is completely optional.
  • In the next field, you need to sign in the specified box.
  • Don’t write anything in the section that says ‘For Office Use’. The corresponding bank executive will take care of that particular section.

Well, this is the in-depth guide on How to Fill Withdrawal Slip of SBI Bank.

If you have any queries regarding the withdrawal or deposit process, you can contact SBI Customer Care. This toll-free number is available 24×7 to SBI customers.

SBI Toll-Free Customer Care Number: 1800 425 3800

Final Words

That’s all! This is all you need to know about the procedure on How to Fill SBI Deposit Slip and Withdrawal Form. I hope, this article has given enough information about the deposit and withdrawal slip fill-up process. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to MoneyCompass for more articles regarding SBI Account, Amount deposit/withdrawal, key terminology of SBI, and more.

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