SBI Customer Service Point: SBI CSP Eligibility, Registration, and Providers List

Wondering how to open SBI Customer Service Point? Customer Service Point, in short, referred to as the CSP is a mini banking outlet operated through an outsourced agency that carries out limited transactions and business sourcing. If you want to open an SBI CSP in your region, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. 

CSPs offer some of the basic banking services to the customers residing in those locations. Individuals can deposit and withdraw cash at the nearest CSPs. To know more about the SBI Customer Service Point, the registration procedure, the SBI CSP company list, the required documents for the CSP application, and more, just go through this in-depth guide. Read on!

What Is SBI Customer Service Point?

State Bank of India is one of the leading public sector banks in the nation that offers a wide range of banking and financial services to its consumers. We may witness thousands of SBI branches set up across different regions throughout the nation. To deliver the most basic banking services to customers residing in small/rural areas, SBI has established a mini bank service i.e., CSP.ย 

CSP is an acronym for Customer Service Point. SBI CSP operates as an SBI Mini Bank by rendering standard banking services like opening a new bank account for free, cash withdrawal, cash deposit, and more. Apart from this, specific accounts in certain government schemes will also be opened at the SBI CSP. Pradhan Mantri Insurance, Atal Pension Yojana, mini RD accounts, Jandhan Accounts, and more can be opened at the SBI Customer Service Point centers. 

An individual can carry out almost 30 types of businesses and other banking transactions at the CSPs. Intending to offer the most basic banking services to the public in rural areas; SBI has set up a plethora of customer service points. State Bank of India opens a plethora of CSP outlets in the rural [remote locations] regions in which the SBI bank authorities cannot set up their branches.

SBI appoints a person to handle all sorts of banking services at the Customer Service Point outlet in certain remote areas all over the nation. The corresponding person appointed at the CSP will be an authorized individual to offer crucial banking services to the public in those locations. Usually, business correspondence or a few third-party agents will appoint the Customer Service Point in different regions. 

Mostly, CSPs are authorized by the small retail store owners, the primary mom and pop store owners, and others. SBI provides a license to certain third-party agencies or private people who are interested in regulating the SBI Mini Bank in various rural areas. SBI CSP is a government initiative commenced across various rural areas of the nation that offers basic banking services to customers.

SBI CSP / Mini Branch Eligibility

Thinking to SBI Customer Service Point Apply? But, before initiating the SBI CSP Registration process, you need to understand the vital SBI CSP eligibility criteria. Individuals seeking to apply for an SBI Customer Service Point must meet the vital eligibility guidelines as set by the government. In this post, we furnished the list of crucial SBI Mini Branch Eligibility rules to open SBI Mini Bank. Check it out!

  • The age of the individual must be a minimum of 21 years and above.
  • Applicant should have basic Computer Knowledge.
  • An applicant must be an employed person.
  • Individuals seeking to apply for the SBI Mini Bank must be responsible citizen.
  • Applicants need to fulfill certain educational qualifications i.e., should have finished at least matriculation or above.
  • You need to have the ability to invest some amount as capital in the SBI CSP Setup.
  • An individual must have a general knowledge of English.
  • No criminal record should be present in the name of the applicant.
  • Applicants must have a good civil record.

Soon after learning that you meet all the aforementioned SBI Customer Service Point eligibility guidelines, you can proceed to SBI CSP Registration.

Documents Required To Apply For SBI CSP

Before heading to SBI Customer Service Point Apply, the applicants need to submit some of the crucial documents. At the time of the SBI CSP Registration, the individuals need to produce a specific list of required documents. In this post, we have compiled a list of documents required to submit by the applicants to open an SBI Customer Service Point. Check it out!

  • PAN Card [Mandatory]
  • A Cancelled Cheque
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Two Passport-size Photographs of the applicant
  • IIBF Certification
  • Address Proof of the shop [Electricity bill, Ration card, etc.]
  • Bank Passbook
  • Stamp Paper

How to Apply For SBI Customer Service Point?

If you want to know How to Open SBI Customer Service Point then, just go through this detailed guide. Are you interested in becoming an SBI CSP Agent? Well, if you are willing to apply for the SBI Customer Service Point then, you need to visit the official website of SBI. One of the significant ways to SBI Customer Service Point Apply is to visit the nearby SBI bank branch in your location.ย 

  • You can set an appointment or meet with the manager of the corresponding branch bank in your region. 
  • Provide the details of your location wherein you wish to set up an SBI Mini Bank to the branch manager. 
  • The branch manager will check whether there is an SBI kiosk in that location or not. 
  • If the manager finds that there is no SBI branch in that location and if you meet all the vital eligibility criteria then, the branch manager will provide you an application form or permission to open an SBI Mini Bank.
  • If the SBI branch manager doesn’t give you precise details about the SBI CSP Commission and the registration process, you can go to any third-party company. 
  • That particular 3rd party company will give you a registration form. 
  • Make sure you take a printout of the form and fill it with the crucial information. 
  • Attach necessary documents and KYC alongside the application form. 
  • Submit the form at the concerned bank branch. 
  • Once you have submitted the form, the branch manager will sign the form and forwards the same to the head office. 
  • The office will process your application and provide you with vital CSP credentials.
  • In general, it might take at least 15 days, 30 days, or 3 months to process your application request to open an SBI Customer Service Point. 
  • If the CSP that you are willing to apply for has a demand for the mini bank outlet in that region then, you will get approval for the CSP quickly. 
  • If in case, the area which you have selected doesn’t have much demand for CSP then, it might take more time to receive approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Upon approval of your application to open an SBI CSP in your region, you would get formal training to handle all bank-related operations of SBI Mini Bank.

The concerned bank will provide access to certain credentials and other equipment to the CSP retailer or the owner of the SBI Mini Bank outlet. It includes the following:

  • SBI Software
  • User ID and Password
  • Web Software to carry out operating various services such as performing recharge, providing travel solutions, billing, and more
  • Biometric Reader and Software for taking Electronic Thumb Impression of the customers
  • Welcome kit and scanner 
  • Training Kit
  • Web and SBI Banners
  • Stickers/Logo/Leaflets of the CSP
  • CSP Introduction Letter

Thatโ€™s all! This is a detailed guide on How To Open SBI Customer Service Point in any of the rural areas in the country. 

Key Services of SBI CSP/Mini Bank

Want to know the best SBI Mini Bank Services? SBI Customer Service Point outlets in various regions in India offer a plethora of beneficial services to customers. By providing vital services, the SBI CSP owners can gain a good SBI Customer Service Point Commission. One of the noteworthy services offered to customers through SBI CSP is that the customers won’t be imposed any sort of charges or minimum balance maintenance in a no-frills account.

We have covered the list of exceptional yet limited SBI Mini Bank Services offered by SBI Customer Service Point below. 

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Funds Transfer
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Opening a Fresh Account using Rupay Card
  • Issuance of ATM Card
  • Subsidy Disbursal
  • Micro ATM Cash Withdrawal
  • Atal Pension Yojana [APY]
  • AEPS
  • Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana [PMJJBY]
  • Pradhan Mantri Surakshya Bima Yojana [PMSBY]
  • Maximum Transaction Limit of Rs. 10000 per day
  • Loan Under PM Swanidhi Scheme
  • Savings & Deposits Scheme
  • Minimum Balance Zero Balance
  • Kisan & General Purpose Credit Card [KCC]
  • Maximum Balance of Rs. 50000 [If the amount is more than Rs. 50000 then, the account will be converted into a regular bank account]

These are some of the fundamental services offered by SBI Bank Mitra to customers. Another noteworthy SBI CSP service is that it provides banking services to the main branch customers as well. 

SBI Customer Service Point Provider Companies List

Mostly, the private or third-party CSP Providers offer SBI CSP services to the customers on an SBI CSP Commission basis. Certain CSP providers are offering free banking services to customers who had set up their outlets across various states nationwide. People seeking to acquire SBI Mini Bank Services need to contact one or more CSP Providers to find out which company offers free services to customers. 

Check the list of a few SBI CSP providers that offer free banking services:

  • CSC E-Governance Services India Limited
  • AISECT Limited []
  • Oxigen Services Indian Private Limited [Levies charges to a certain extent]
  • Zero Mass Private Limited [Provides free services]
  • Digital India Oxigen Private Limited []
  • Paypointindia
  • Alankit

In this post, we furnished the SBI Customer Service Point Provider Company List that includes the SBI Customer Service Point outlet/company name, circle name, and the state in which the CSPs are situated across the nation. There are several SBI Bank Mitra outlets in various cities and rural areas throughout the country. We have curated the list of SBI Customer Service Point outlets set up in and across different regions of the nation in tabular form. Have a look!

SBI CSP/Mini Bank RegistrationSBI CSP RegionState
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdBhopalMadhya Pradesh
Sthreenidhi Credit Cooperative Federation LtdHyderabadTelangana
Lupin Human Welfare And Research Foundation SamitiJaipurRajasthan
Network For Information And Computer Technology [NICT]ChandigarhPunjab
Inde Pay Networks Pvt LtdLucknowUttar Pradesh
CSC E-Governance Services India LimitedChandigarhPunjab
Inde Pay Networks Pvt LtdPatnaBihar
FIA Technology Services Private LimitedJaipurRajasthan
CSC E-Governance Services India LimitedChandigarhPunjab
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdMumbaiMaharashtra
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdBengaluruKarnataka
Integra Micro Systems Pvt LtdBengaluruKarnataka
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdDelhiUttar Pradesh
Inde Pay Networks Pvt LtdDelhiUttar Pradesh
FIA Technology Services Private LimitedChandigarhHaryana
Network For Information And Computer Technology [NICT]ChandigarhPunjab
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdDelhiUttar Pradesh
Network For Information And Computer Technology [NICT]ChandigarhHimachal Pradesh
Interact Social Development FoundationMumbaiMaharashtra
Drishtee Development  CommunicationNorth-EastAssam
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdLucknowUttar Pradesh
Fia Technology Services Pvt LtdJaipurRajasthan
Drishtee Development  CommunicationBengaluruKarnataka
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdAmaravatiAndhra Pradesh
Geosansar Advisors Private LimitedJaipurRajasthan
Drishtee Development  CommunicationMumbaiMaharashtra
Inde Pay Networks Pvt LtdDelhiDelhi
CSC E Governance Services India LimitedJaipurRajasthan
Vedavaag Systems LimitedJaipurRajasthan
Atyati Technologies Pvt LtdChennaiTamilnadu
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdLucknowUttar Pradesh
CSC E  Governance Services India LimitedHyderabadTelangana
Vedavaag Systems LimitedChandigarhPunjab
Bartronics India LimitedAmaravatiAndhra Pradesh
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdPatnaBihar
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdChennaiTamil Nadu
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdAhmedabadGujarat
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdPatnaBihar
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdBengaluruKarnataka
Oxigen Services India Pvt LtdChennaiTamil Nadu

We have just mentioned the SBI Customer Service Point Provider Company List only for educational purposes but we are not recommending any of the companies. 

SBI CSP Commission List

What is an SBI Mini Bank Commission List? If you are not aware of the SBI CSP Commission, we try to explain it to you through this post. In general, certain SBI Customer Service Point outlets levy charges on customers for providing CSP banking services. For performing transactions, the CSP providers ask for SBI Customer Service Point Commission from the consumers. 

For instance, if you wish to withdraw or deposit Rs. 50000 from your bank account then, the CSPs might charge a service tax commission of 1 percent or more. Based on the transactions performed by the customers such as cash deposits, bill payments, remittances, and others, the CSPs will charge a commission. 

In this post, we have presented the SBI Mini Bank Commission List in tabular form. However, the SBI CSP Commission acquired from the CSP owners might differ from various third-party SBI Customer Service Point providers. To give a basic idea about the commissions charged by the CSP providers, we have furnished the list below.

SBI CSP Service OfferedSBI CSP Commission
For Opening an AccountRs. 15 if the starting amount is more than Rs. 100
For Cash DepositA minimum of Rs. 2 to a maximum of Rs. 12
For Cash WithdrawalA minimum of Rs. 3 to a maximum of Rs. 30
For Aadhaar Linking/SeedingRs. 5 per seeding
For Mobile Number Linking/SeedingRs. 5 per seeding
For PMJJY SchemeRs. 30 for each one
For APY SchemeRs. 30 for each one
For opening an RD AccountRs. 15 in case the account is opened with Rs. 15
For STDRRanging between Rs. 15 and Rs. 50
For printing a PassbookRs. 5 per page
Rural CommissionRs. 2000
SBI CSP Commission List

Final Words

Thatโ€™s all! This is everything you need to know about the procedure to apply for an SBI CSP, its benefits, key services, etc. Through this in-depth guide, we have covered the vital points about the SBI Bank Mitra such as its registration process, commission list, list of companies that offer CSP services, required documents for the application, and more. 

We hope this guide has given adequate information about the SBI CSP Registration. For more queries or doubts regarding this topic, just ask us in the comments space. Stay in touch with our website for more articles based on SBI accounts, customer services, and more.

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