SBI Demand Draft: PDF Form, DD Charges, DD Cancellation Charges

An SBI Demand Draft is a negotiable prepaid instrument issued by the bank that in turn directs another bank or the branches of the same bank to pay the amount as specified in the DD on a specific date to a particular party. One who wants to pay a certain amount in advance to a person or an educational institution can write an SBI Demand Draft. If you aren’t aware of the details to be filled in an SBI DD form then, you are in the right place. In this post, we have clearly explained the SBI DD form filling procedure, SBI DD charges, details to be filled in the DD form, and more. Have a look!

SBI Demand Draft Form PDF

State Bank of India is the most prevalent public sector bank in the country that provides a wide variety of banking services and products to its customers. SBI provides a Demand Draft provision to the customers whenever they want to pay some amount to a specific party from SBI to another bank or other SBI branches. A demand draft is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance of the Demand Draft by the corresponding bank. Individuals can submit the demand draft and deposit the amount by cheque or cash. SBI levies certain SBI Demand Draft Charges on the customers for accessing this service. If you want your SBI DD Number, you can check it on the Demand Draft that you have filled. If you are seeking to download the SBI demand draft form PDF, you can find the direct link in this post. 

Details Mentioned on SBI DD Form

The customers must fill in some of the crucial details on the SBI DD Form and submit the same to the bank officials. The important details that must be filled by the customer in the SBI Demand Draft Form include the following:

  • Name of the Depositor
  • Branch Name
  • Amount to be deposited
  • Address of Depositor
  • Details of Cash to be deposited
  • Details of Cheque
  • Denominations of the Cash Deposit
  • Signature of Depositor
  • Other details [if any]

How to fill SBI Demand Draft

Wondering how to fill the SBI demand draft? Well, if you are a beginner looking forward to filling an SBI DD Form then, you are in the right place! Individuals who wish to fill up an SBI DD Form need to visit the nearest SBI bank branch. Otherwise, you can simply download the SBI demand draft form PDF from the official website, fill it correctly with precise information and submit the same at the bank branch. Here is the step-by-step procedure for the details to be filled in the SBI DD form. Check it out!

  • Visit the nearest SBI branch in your region.
  • Ask for a Demand Draft Form at the front desk of the bank. 
  • Navigate to a dedicated place and start filling the form with proper details.
  • An SBI Demand Draft slip or form comprises two parts. One is the customer copy and the second one is the bank copy. 
  • The customer must fill both the parts with vital details. The extreme left part on the DD Form is considered the customer copy while the extreme right part is considered the bank copy. 
  • After submitting the whole DD Form, the bank officials will hold the bank copy with them and gives the bank the customer copy with a signature and the bank stamp of the corresponding official. 
  • The customer can preserve the customer copy as a receipt. Through this post, we explain the DD Form filling procedure by dividing it into customer copy and bank copy. 

Bank Copy


  • Start filling in the form with the branch name present at the top left corner on the extreme right side of the form.
  • Enter the branch name of the SBI bank from where you are submitting the SBI demand draft.

Draft/Banker’s Cheque Application:

  • Next to that, you will find a couple of options requesting the issuance of a Draft or Banker’s Cheque.
  • As you want an SBI DD to be issued by the bank, you must tick the checkbox ‘Draft’.


  • Enter the date on which you are applying for the DD present in the right corner of the form.

Demand Draft In favor of:

  • In the next field that states ‘In Favour of’, you need to mention the Name of the person or account to whom you want to pay the amount through DD. 

For Rupees:

  • Below that, you will find the field ‘For Rupees’. 
  • Mention the amount in that space for which you wish to issue the DD. 
  • In this field, you must enter the amount in words.

Payable at [Branch]:

  • In the ‘Payable at [Branch] field, you need to mention the name of the bank branch where the beneficiary will collect the specific amount presented in the DD form.

DFT/B.C. Amt.: 

  • In this field, you must enter the draft or banker’s cheque amount in Rupees and Paisa. 


  • To prepare the Demand Draft, the SBI bank will impose certain commission charges for utilizing this service. 
  • The commission amount levied by the bank on the customer is referred to as ‘Exchange’. 
  • The commission amount charged by the bank relies on the amount for which you want to apply for the Demand Draft.
  • Before filling in this field, ask the corresponding officials at the bank about the exchange commission charged for your DD amount.


  • After totaling the DD/BC amount and exchange commission charges, enter the total amount in this field.

Signature of Applicant:

  • The applicant who is applying for the demand draft must put his/her signature in this field.

Name and Address of Applicant/Customer No.:

  • Enter your name and address in the given space. Enter the mobile number in the provided field.


  • In the denomination column, you must mention the particulars of your currency i.e., 2000, 500, 100, and others. 
  • Mention the total number of Rs. 2000 notes, Rs. 500 notes, and Rs. 100 notes in the provided fields. 
  • Mention the total number of pieces of your currency that turns the total sum of your Demand Draft.

Customer Copy


  • Mention the name of the branch from where you are applying for the Demand Draft.


  • Mention the date on which you are filling in the DD form at the bank branch.

Name of Applicant:

  • Enter the full name of the individual who is applying for the Demand Draft.

Amount [In words]:

  • Mention the amount in words for which you want to apply for the demand draft.

Dft. /B.C. Amt.:

  • Enter the draft amount or the banker’s cheque amount for which you want to apply for the demand draft.


  • As mentioned already in the bank copy section, mention the exchange commission charges that the bank imposes on the applicant. 


  • Enter the total amount of DD/B.C amount and the exchange commission charges.

These are the two parts [bank copy and customer copy] that must be filled in with precise details on the SBI Demand Draft Form. Just leave the field that says ‘For Office Use’ empty without writing anything. If you are writing a DD for an amount of more than Rs. 50000 then, you need to mention your PAN Card Number in the dedicated field on the SBI DD form.

One can also apply for DD Online in SBI and the procedure for it is available in one of our articles. One can go through it for more details.

SBI Demand Draft Charges

State Bank of India imposes SBI DD charges based on the amount the customers apply for the issuance of the demand draft. For instance, if you write an SBI DD form for Rs. 10000 then, the charges will be Rs. 50. Here is the complete list of SBI demand draft charges levied on the applicants. Check out the tabular form furnished below!

Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque AmountService Charges
Upto Rs. 5000Rs. 25 [Including GST]
Above Rs. 5000 and upto Rs. 10000Rs. 50 [Including GST]
Above Rs. 10000 and upto Rs. 100000Rs. 5 [Including GST] per Rs. 1000Minimum of Rs. 60 [Including GST]
Above Rs. 100000Rs. 4 [Including GST] per Rs. 1000Minimum of Rs. 600 [Including GST]Maximum of Rs. 2000 [Including GST]
Postage/Courier Charges for Online Requests DeliveryAdditional Rs. 50 + GST
Issuance and Cancellation of Duplicate IOI [Online INB Requests]Rs. 200 + GST
SBI Demand Draft Charges

SBI Demand Draft Cancellation Charges

State Bank of India also imposes DD cancellation charges SBI in case you want to cancel your DD for any reason. Here is the list of the DD amount and charges imposed on the customers. Based on the DD amount, charges will be levied by the bank. 

Demand Draft AmountCharges Levied
Up to Rs. 500Nil
Above Rs. 500 and up to Rs. 5000Rs. 25 + GST
Above Rs. 5000 and up to Rs. 10000Rs. 50 + GST
Above Rs. 10000Rs. 100 + GST
SBI Demand Draft Cancellation Charges


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the SBI demand draft form and the details mentioned on the slip. We hope this guide has given adequate information about the essential details to be filled in the SBI DD form, SBI DD charges levied on the applicants, and more. In this article, we even provided the link to download the SBI demand draft form PDF. Stay tuned to MoneyCompass for more articles related to SBI services, vital products, and financial services.

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