How to Find DD Number in SBI Demand Draft?

Unable to find DD Number SBI? State Bank of India offers a plethora of banking products and services to its customers. Demand Draft is one such beneficial feature of the banking customers that acts as a negotiable tool holding a crucial order of one bank leading another branch or bank to transfer/pay the specified amount in the draft to the beneficiary or the recipient. 

In short, a DD is referred to as a fund transfer tool issued by a bank considering the drawer’s request. The banking sector has been developing technologically faster and everything has gone online. Earlier, people had to wait in queues for a long time to deposit or withdraw cash from their accounts. Sending and receiving money, bill payments, money transfer, etc., have become extremely simple with the evolution of digitalization. 

Despite having no necessity of visiting the bank branch to carry out the aforementioned banking activities, the SBI demand draft feature is still following the conventional method. If you are unaware of the process of How to Find DD Number in SBI then, here is the perfect guide. Go through this article to learn more about the DD Number SBI, its location on the demand draft, and more. Have a look!

How to Find DD Number in SBI?

A demand draft is considered one of the safest and most trustworthy payment modes available to all the SBI and other bank customers Moreover, a demand draft remains valid for 3 months from the issuance date. That’s one of the key reasons behind the usage of demand drafts even in this digital epoch. As this post is about spotting the DD number in SBI Demand Draft, 

In general, Demand Drafts are utilized for making different types of payments at colleges, educational institutions, government organizations, business-related payments, and more. For instance, you are applying for some government examination and seeking to pay the fee for the same then, you must submit a demand draft, In such a case, you need to provide the Demand Draft Number in SBI DD. 

Wondering where to find the Demand Draft Number SBI? Well, you need to struggle much to find the exact place of the DD number in a demand draft. Demand Draft Number SBI is a 6-digit numeric code or serial number displayed at the bottom left corner of the DD cheque. Demand Draft Number SBI usually consists of the DD number alongside the MICR [Magnetic Ink Character Recognition] Code. The lengthy number on the DD Cheque leaf also comprises the MICR Code and the IFSC Branch code of SBI.

Where to Find the DD Number in SBI Demand Draft?

The DD Number is quite similar to the cheque number which is utilized to finish a transaction. On the SBI Demand Draft, you can find a long numeric code at the bottom of the DD cheque leaf. However, the lengthy number isn’t a Demand Draft Number in SBI DD. The initial 6 digits from the bottom left corner of the DD cheque is the Draft Number SBI

What is the Need for a DD Number?

Mostly, a DD Number is required when you want to find whether the DD was encashed or not by the payee. Besides, a DD Number also helps the customers maintain their payment records. It will be easy for the banks to differentiate between the DD numbers of different banks as it comprises a unique code. 

To track the status of SBI DD, you must visit the nearest bank branch and find out whether the DD was encashed or not. Mostly, the concerned SBI bank authorities might ask you for the DD Number SBI to confirm that the payment has been sent to the payee.

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the DD Number SBI. Through this guide, we have covered the important points like where to find DD Number in SBI Demand Draft, significance of a DD, its uses, and more. In case, you have any queries regarding this topic, ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to our website for more articles related to SBI bank, its services, crucial products, and more.

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