How To Block SBI Credit Card?

Have you ever faced fraudulent transactions against your credit card? In such a case, you can block your SBI Credit Card. It is one of the safest ways to evade fraudulent transactions on your credit card. State Bank of India has enhanced the security features of credit cards. If in case, you have noticed an unauthorized transaction on your credit card, you need to learn how to block an SBI credit card. You can also check for the transaction history for all the transactions performed on your card. Once you block the card immediately when you have lost your card or stolen, you can save from any kind of losses on your card. Get to know more details about the procedure to temporarily or permanently block the SBI credit card. This guide will explain all the different ways to block SBI card. Take a look!

How to Block Lost / Stolen SBI Credit Card?

Credit Card providers offer attractive deals, exclusive cashback, reward points, and a lot more to the cardholders based on their expenses. If your credit card is misplaced or lost then, you must immediately consider aSBI card block. We have plenty of ways toSBI credit card block online and offline. Mostly, credit cardholders can block the SBI credit card permanently through the official website, SMS, customer, care, and more. Whether you have lost or stolen a credit card, you have a chance to block it by contacting SBI. In this post, we have explained 5 different ways on how to block SBI credit card permanently. Have a glance!

1. Block SBI Credit Card By Calling Customer Care

The cardholders can block the card through theSBI credit card block customer care number provision. All you need to do is simply make a note of the customer care or helpline number and contact the corresponding executive. Here is the Toll-Free number to which you can call and request a temporarily block SBI credit card. Check the Customer Care Helpline Number given below:

Toll-Free Numbers:

  • 1800 180 1290
  • 1860 500 1290 
  • 1860 180 1290
  • (STD Code) 39 02 02 02

2. Block SBI Credit Card Online Through SBI Card Website

The customers can easily understand how to block SBI credit card permanently through net banking just by looking at this post. The cardholders can follow the simple steps given below to SBI credit card block online.

  • At first, go to the official website of State Bank of India,
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the login page.
  • Enter your login credentials such as the User Id and Password in the given fields.
  • Once you have logged into your account, navigate to the Requests tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose the ‘Report Lost / Stolen Card’ option.
  • Tap on your card number to report your lost or stolen card.
  • Choose the option ‘Reissue Card’ in case you are looking for a card re-issue.
  • Hit the submit button.
  • This way, you can block your SBI credit card.

3. Block SBI Credit Card Using SBI Card Mobile APP

Another way to block your credit card is through the SBI Mobile App. Using the SBI card app, the cardholders can report lost or stolen credit card via the mobile app. Follow the simple steps given below to understand how to block credit card SBI through the mobile app. Check it out!

  • First of all, download and install the SBI card app on your mobile.
  • Once you have completed the installation procedure, you can open the app.
  • Log into your SBI account using the vital login credentials through the mobile app.
  • Choose the option ‘Menu’.
  • Hit the option ‘Service Request.’
  • Click on the ‘Report Lost / Stolen’ option.
  • Your credit card number will be displayed on the screen. Just click it.
  • Click the submit button.
  • That’s all! This is an easy way to block your credit card automatically.

4. Block SBI Credit Card By Sending SMS

Want to know how to blockSBI credit card by SMS? The credit cardholders can even block theSBI card through SMS. To block your SBI Credit card through SMS, you can follow the prescribed format furnished below:

Type BLOCK XXXX – send to 5676791

XXXX is the last 4 digits of your SBI Credit Card

Type and send the message in the above format from your registered mobile number. 

5. Block SBI Credit Card When Travelling Abroad

In case, you have lost your SBI credit card or stolen it, you can block your SBI credit card while travelling abroad. Most people face this situation when they have lost their SBI Corporate Credit Card or need some cash outside India. In such a case, you can call the Visa Helpline number. There will be different numbers based on the country you visit out of India. By calling a specific number, you can block SBI Corporate Credit Card while travelling abroad.

How to Activate Temporarily Blocked SBI Credit Card

If you want to reactivate temporarily blockSBI credit card, you can contact the SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number. For reactivating an SBI Credit Card, you can send a request through email. All you need to do is just log in to your SBI Card account and place a request. Following specific SBI policies and formalities, SBI Card considers your request and reactivates the card. Further, the issuers will reactivate your SBI Card account. This is a simple way to understand how to activate blocked SBI Credit Card.

SBI Credit Card Blocking Related FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions alongside the answers regarding theSBI card block. Get the correct answers to your queries and doubts in this post. 

  1. Can I Reactivate Lost / Stolen Credit Card?

    No, you can’t reactivate your lost/stolen SBI Credit Card.

  2. How do I know whether my SBI Credit Card is blocked or not?

    If you want to know whether your SBI Credit Card is blocked or not, you can contact the card issuer and clear your doubt. On the back of your credit card, you can find the helpline number. Just call the number printed on the card to inquire about the status of your credit card account.

  3. How to apply for SBI Replacement Credit Card?

    To apply for SBI Replacement Credit Card, you can visit the official website. Other ways to apply for card replacement include a mobile app, helpline service, and writing an email at

  4. How many days it will take to get an SBI replacement credit card?

    Once you make a request for an SBI Replacement Credit Card, you can get the new credit card in 7 working days. Still, based on your location, it might take some more time for the issuance of the replacement credit card.

Well, this is everything you need to know about the procedure on how to block SBI Credit Card. We hope this guide has given adequate information on how to block SBI Credit Card permanently. For more doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to MoneyCompass to get more details about SBI Credit Card, features, benefits, and more.

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