How To Reissue SBI Credit Card?

Credit card usage has increased a lot in the current era. Eventually, the risk of fraudulent transactions has been growing at a rapid pace. Sometimes, people may lose/stolen their credit cards. In such a case, they can apply for a reissue of an SBI Credit Card. The major reason behind the fraudulent transactions is that we often try to share our credit card details on different websites especially e-commerce platforms to make one-time payments and subscriptions of OTT platforms. As a result, it turns into fishy transactions unknowingly. The credit card issuers will automatically stop or hold that particular transaction when they find any suspicious activity. 

Immediately, they inform the card owner to check the transaction authenticity. In case, the transaction isn’t done by the owner, the credit card gets block for safety reasons. The cardholder can apply for the reissue of a credit card to start their general transactions. But, most people may not be aware of the procedure on how to reissue SBI Credit Card. To understand more about the reissuance of a credit card and the and application process of lost SBI credit card online, just go through this in-depth guide. Have a glance!

What to do When you Lost SBI Credit Card

Customers may lose their credit card due to a plethora of reasons. Some of them include illegal activities, fraudulent transactions, exploitation of financial details, identity theft, and more. Irrespective of the type of risk through which you lost your credit card, there are few things the cardholders must do once they lost the card. 

1. Contact the Card Provider: Mostly, the credit card issuers will be available to the cardholders 24/7 to aid them in unexpected situations like lost/stolen credit card. In that case, you must immediately inform the same to the card provider. You can find the customer care details of SBI or the card issuer on the billing statement or online. Before contacting customer service, you need to keep all the relevant documents handy. Make sure that you note the date, time, and the person you have talked to regarding your issue.

2. Credit Card Statement: In case, you lost your credit card, you need to check your credit card statement. This way, you can check whether there are any fraudulent charges in the statement. If there are any irrelevant charges, you can inform the card issuer.

3. Give your details through Email: Besides speaking to the customer care executive on phone, you can even send an email to the card issuer. Mention some of the details in the email such as the date, time, and place you lost the card. Also, mention how the card was lost in the email.

It is also always better to check transaction history frequently.

How to Apply for Reissue / Replacement SBI Credit Card

The cardholders can apply for reissue or replacement of an SBI Credit Card in different ways. Whether you lost your credit card or stolen unknowingly, your card will be blocked. To activate further or reissue it, you need to make a request. To know how to replace SBI credit card, just go through this post. There are three different ways to apply for reissue or replacement of an SBI credit card. Check it out!

1. Apply for Reissue SBI Credit Card Through SBI Card Website

Follow the simple steps to understand how to replace SBI credit card through the official website. 

  • Go to the official website of SBI Card i.e., at
  • Click the login button to fill in the crucial login credentials.
  • After logging into the website, you can find the dashboard.
  • Hit the ‘Request’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Tap the option ‘Reissue/Replace Card’.
  • Select your credit card number.
  • Hit the submit button.

2. Apply for SBI Replacement Credit Card Through Mobile App

The cardholders can apply for reissue of the credit card through the SBI Card mobile app. Follow the steps provided below:

  • Download and install the SBI Card Mobile app on your phone.
  • Open the app and log into your SBI account using the login details.
  • You can find the Menu button on the screen.
  • Under the menu, you will find the ‘Service Request’ option.
  • Hit the option ‘Reissue/Replace Card’ option.
  • Choose the card number and hit the submit button.

That’s all! This is the easy way to apply for an SBI replacement credit card through the mobile app. Check the card application status online or offline and the procedure for it is available in our website. 

3. Apply for Replacement SBI Credit Card by Calling Customer Care

Another way to apply for the replacement of an SBI Credit Card is through customer care. The customers can call the SBI Card Helpline service to request the reissuance of the credit card. The cardholders can register for the reissue of a credit card by calling the customer care executive. Once the request is approved, the cardholders will receive a new card to their registered address.

Helpline Number: 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code)

SBI Credit Card Reissuance FAQs

If you have any doubt or queries about the reissuance of the SBI credit card or how to apply for lost sbi credit card online, check the frequently asked questions and answers given below. 

  1. Are there any reissue charge on the SBI credit card?

    Yes, the customers need to pay a reissuance fee of Rs. 100 on the SBI Credit Card. 

  2. How Can I Generate Replaced SBI Credit Card Pin?

    Customers can generate their replaced SBI Credit Card PIN online, at the nearest ATM slot, mobile app, and SBI Chatbot ILA. 

  3. How many days will it take to get SBI reissue credit card?

    After placing your request via the mobile app or online, you need to pay a prescribed replacement fee. State Bank of India fixed the replacement fee of Rs. 100 for the cardholders. In general, it takes around 7 to 10 working days for the reissuance or replacement of the credit card upon your request.

  4. How to activate replaced new SBI credit card?

    Log in to the SBI Card account at You can activate your credit card by writing an email at Another way is to call us on the helpline number 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) to activate your credit card.

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the procedure on how to reissue SBI Credit Card. We hope this guide has given enough information on how to apply for lost SBI Credit Card Online. If you still have any doubts, just ask us in the comments section. For more related articles on SBI Credit Card, just visit our website frequently. 

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