Indian Identity Certificate: Step by Step Application Procedure

People whether educated or non-educated, workers or non-workers can get a passport to travel across different countries. By producing specific documents and related certificates, people can obtain a passport. However, people who aren’t citizens of the Republic of India must produce an identity certificate. By providing the Identity Certificate, the individuals can travel abroad without any difficulty. To understand more about an identity certificate, let’s go through this detailed guide. In this article, we furnished complete information about the identity certificate, different ways to apply for an Identity Certificate, and more. Take a look!

What is Identity Certificate?

An Identity Certificate is an essential travel document issued to the non-citizens of the Republic of India to travel abroad. The Consular at the Passport Seva, Passport Visa Division of the Ministry of External Affairs will issue the Identity Certificate to the people. Identity Certificate is in short referred to as IC. An Identity Certificate is mostly issued to the refugees of Tibet residing in India. Besides Tibetans, IC is also issued to other stateless individuals living in India. An Identity Certificate is considered as proof of identity as per the Passports Act, 1967. 

The Identity Certificate will be issued to individuals with validity for 10 years. The processing and issuance of IC will be done at the Regional Passport Office in Delhi upon the recommendation of the Bureau of HHDL [His Holiness the Dalai Lama], New Delhi. Some countries don’t accept the Identity Certificate as a travel document. In some cases, few countries accept IC only if the individuals don’t have any objection to returning to India. The Identity Certificate will be issued to the individuals upon getting clearance from the External Affairs Ministry and the State Government [i.e., from Home Affairs Department or Police Department]. 

How to Apply Identity Certificate

There are two different ways to apply for Passport Identity Certificate in India. The individuals can apply for the Certificate of Identity from the official website of the Passport Seva portal. Another mode allows the individuals to apply for the IC by downloading the e-Form online. Both the ways to apply for an identity certificate are explained in detail in this guide. Check it out! 

Online Form Submission

Follow the simple steps provided below to apply for an identity certificate India via online form submission:

Step 1: User Registration

  • At first, visit the official website of Passport Seva Online Portal i.e., at
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the button that reads, ‘New User Registration.
  • Once you tap the button, it redirects to a new web page.
  • On the page, you need to fill in the vital details to register as a new user.
  • Choose the place to register i.e., passport office or CPV Delhi.
  • Tibetan Refugees need to apply for the identity certificate by registering with Delhi Passport Office.
  • Enter the name, date of birth, email id in the provided fields.
  • Enter the login id considering the availability.
  • Enter the password twice and choose a hint question from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the hit answer and enter the captcha code displayed on the screen.
  • Hit the Register button. 

Step 2: Login

  • After the registration process, head to the home page and log in as an existing user using the login credentials.

Step 3: Apply for Identity Certificate

  • Just tap the link that reads, ‘Apply for Identity Certificate.’
  • In the application form, fill in the vital details.
  • After entering all the details correctly, hit the Submit button. 

Step 4: Print-out of the Form

  • Take a printout or hard copy of the application form just by tapping the link ‘View/Print Submitted Form’.
  • You can find this link on the View Saved/Submitted Applications Page.

Step 5: Application Form Submission

  • Carry the printed copy of the online filled application form to the Consular, Passport, and Visa [CPV] Division, New Delhi.
  • Make sure you produce the original documents along with the application form at the passport office.
  • Submit your application by attaching your present address.

Note: The applicants need to pay specific fees during the application process. Check the Fee Calculator available on the Passport Seva portal to know the fee details.

e-Form Submission

Go through the detailed guide to learn how to apply for Passport Identity Certificate via e-Form Submission. Check it out!

  • First of all, visit the official website of Passport Seva.
  • Download the e-Form just by tapping the link ‘Download e-Form’ present on the home page.
  • Fill in the crucial details in the downloaded e-Form.
  • Click the button that reads ‘Validate and Save button’.
  • It generates an XML file. This XML file will be needed further at the time of uploading to the system.
  • Go to the Passport Seva Portal and register as a new user on the home page.
  • After the registration process, you can log into the portal using the registered login id.
  • Further, upload the XML file via the link that reads, ‘Upload e-form. 
  • The XML file will only be accepted by the system. The PDF form will not be accepted.
  • Take a hard copy of the printout of the downloaded and filled the application form via the link ‘View or Print Submitted Form.
  • Carry the application form along with other original documents to the CPV Division, Delhi Passport Office.
  • Ensure that you attach your present address to the application while submitting it.

That’s all! This is the easy process to apply for Identity Certificate through e-Form Submission.

Hopefully, this guide has given enough information about the Identity Certificate, application procedure, and more. If you have any doubts, just ask us in the comments space. For more related articles, the passport application process, and more, visit our website regularly.

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