Passport Fees in India 2023

Planning to apply for a fresh passport? Whether you want a fresh passport or renewal, you can get to know the Passport Fees. The cost of the passport depends on the passport type and the mode of application. The fees will vary for a Tatkaal passport and a regular passport. The individuals seeking to apply for an Indian Passport can check the fee details in this guide. However, the individuals applying for a passport can pay the fees online. In this post, we furnished the complete details about the Passport Fees in India. Have a look!

Indian Passport Fees 2023

The applicants seeking to apply for a fresh or reissue of a passport need to pay a specific amount. No fee will be generated for issuing Diplomatic or Official Passports. Once the passport fee has been paid but the appointment hasn’t been booked then, the paid amount won’t be refunded. The RPO will refund the huge amount of fee paid in multiple payments for a single passport. The online application receipt comprises the ARN [Application Reference Number]. To get the ARN and receipt for those who pay the fees online, they can get it online by tapping the link ‘Print Application Receipt.’ No bank charges will be imposed for the payments made via challan. Get more details about the fee calculator, payment modes, and more. 

How to Pay Passport Fee

The citizens of India can pay the Indian Passport Renewal Fees or Original passport fees via online mode. There are different modes of payment available for the applicants to pay the Passport Fees India. Some of the payment channels include:

  • Debit/Credit Card [Only Visa and Master Card]
  • Internet Banking via State Bank of India and Associate Banks
  • SBI Wallet Payment
  • SBI Bank Challan

If you are seeking to apply for a Tatkaal Passport, the applicants can pay only the normal fee online. The remaining amount can be paid in cash at the Passport Seva Kendra or Passport Office once the Tatkaal application is approved.

For appointment bookings at the Passport Seva Kendras, online payments must be compulsory. The Indian Passport Renewal Fees payment done via debit or credit cards may levy 1.5 percent bank charges along with a tax on every transaction. However, the tax and bank charges won’t be imposed on SBI and Associate Banks.

The online payment of passport fees will remain valid for 1 year from the initial date of appointment. The applicants must submit their applications for fresh passports or renewal within this period. Otherwise, the payment will be considered forfeited. Further, a new payment needs to be paid. The applicants can pay the fees via credit or debit card at the Citizen Service Centers [CSCs].

Passport Fee Calculator

Individuals can get to know the Passport Fees In India 2023 using a Passport Fee calculator. The applicants can access the Passport Fee Calculator on the official website of the CPV [Consular, Passport, and Visa] Division of the Ministry of External Affairs. Using the Passport Fee Calculator tool, the applicants can calculate the cost for various types of passport applications. Once the applicant gets to know the online passport application fees, he or she can finish the payment online easily. However, the application fees for different types of passports will depend on the mode of application. The application fee for a passport applied via the Tatkaal scheme will be different.

To access the Passport Fee Calculator, the applicant needs to fill in the crucial details. Some of the details include the following:

1. Type of Application

  • Passport
  • Identity Certificate
  • PCC
  • Surrender Certificate

2. Service Type

  • Fresh
  • Reissue

3. Reason for Reissue 

  • Validity Expired
  • Exhaustion of Pages
  • Delete ECR/Change in Personal Details
  • Damaged/Lost Passport

4. Age of the Applicant

  • Less than 15 years
  • Between 15 and 18 years
  • 18 years and above

5. Required Validity

  • 5 Years [For individuals between 15 and 18 years]/Till 18 years of age
  • 10 Years

6. Number of Pages in Booklet

  • 36 Pages
  • 60 Pages

You can also check the passport fee particulars from the below table.

Sr. No.Passport Validity and No. of PagesApplication FeeAdditional Tatkaal Fee
1Fresh Passport / Re-issue of Passport with 36 pages and 10 years of validity.Rs.1,500/-Rs.2,000/-
2Fresh Passport / Re-issue of Passport with 60 pages and 10 years of validity.Rs.2,000/-Rs.2,000/-
3.Fresh Passport / Re-issue of Passport for Minors with 36 pages and 5 years of validity or until the minor attains the age of 18Rs.1,000/-Rs.2,000/-
4.Replacement of lost, damaged or stolen Passport with 36 pagesRs.3,000/-Rs.2,000/-
5.Replacement of lost, damaged or stolen Passport with 60 pagesRs.3,500/-Rs.2,000/-
6.Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)Rs.500/-NA
7.Replacement of Passport for deletion of ECR / Change in personal details with 36 pages and 10 years validityRs.1,500/-Rs.2,000/-
8.Replacement of Passport for deletion of ECR / Change in personal details with 60 pages and 10 years validityRs.2,000/-Rs.2,000/-
9.Replacement of Passport for deletion of ECR / Change in personal details for Minors with 36 pages and 5 years of validity or till the minor attains the age of 18 whichever is earlier.Rs.1,000/-Rs.2,000/-
Passport Application Fees

Once you give input to the calculator, the tool will analyze the Online Passport Application Fees for different possible cases and issues a fresh passport or the reissue of a passport.

Well, this is everything you need to know about the Passport Fees, renewal fee details, ways to access the passport fee calculator, and more. If you have any doubts, just drop them in the comments section. For more related articles and posts, visit MoneyCompass frequently. 

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