Passport For Government Employees: Application Procedure, Documents Required

Are you a Government Employee? A Passport is a legal identity document issued to Indian citizens by the Ministry of External Affairs. For those who wish to travel across different countries globally, a passport is required as it is considered identification proof. To apply for a passport, the applicants need to submit some of the standard documents following the vital guidelines of the passport issuing authorities. The guidelines and submitting documents may vary based on the applicant type. Government Employees can apply for a passport easily as the Ministry of External Affairs has simplified the application procedure. 

All the government employees, individuals working for Public Sector Undertakings, autonomous bodies, and more can apply for a passport without much effort. However, the main difficulty is obtaining the No Objection Certificate and Identity Certificate for the employees at the time of the passport application. To evade such issues, government employees need to understand the right path to apply for a Passport. As the Government of India has revised the passport application procedure of Government Employees, they need not rely on the NOC to acquire the passport. Get to know more about this topic in this article. We explained about the passport for government employees in a detailed manner. Have a glimpse!

Passport for Government Employees

Passport for Government Employees can be applied easily without the need of a ‘No Objection’ Certificate. The government servants and the employees working in various PSUs and autonomous bodies need not have to submit the passport NOC for Govt employees from their corresponding departments. However, the Indian Government has tried to resolve this problem by rolling out a new feature i.e., Prior Intimation Letter. Before submitting the passport application, the applicant can send the Prior Intimation Letter to the Controlling Authority. This way, the passport application procedure will speed up and the passport will be issued without any further complications. 

Earlier, there was a provision for the government employees and their dependents to walk into the nearest Passport Seva Kendra without prior appointments. Despite the government employees enjoy few privileges and benefits through the Passport, the whole process turns out to be a troublesome element for the applicants. However, those days were gone. Now, this privilege has been changed slightly with a new initiative. All you need is to submit a Prior Intimation Letter at the Regional Passport Office to apply for a Passport. The simplified process of Passport application for Government employees aids in streamlining the entire process and also evades redundant obstructions or delays in case the NOC or Identity Certificate isn’t received at the right time. Let’s go through this article to understand more about the eligibility details, NOC requirements, police verification process, etc.

Who Can Apply for a Government Employee Passport?

Wondering who can apply for a Government Employee Passport? The Ministry of External Affairs is the administrative body that issues a passport to the individual residing in the country. Any individual whose age is 18 years and above can apply for a Passport in India. How about the Government Employee Passport? Well, we can find the answer to the question itself. If you are not sure about the designation of a government employee, we listed some of the categories below. Check it out!

  • Central Government Employees
  • State Government Personnel
  • Employees of Public Sector Undertakings
  • Employees working in different autonomous bodies such as IIFT, AMU, AIIMS, Indian Academy of Sciences [Bangalore], and others.

Just like the normal citizens of the country, government employees can apply for a passport NOC for Govt employees. Still, there are some additional documents they must submit at the time of the passport application.

How to Apply Passport for Government Employees?

Thinking about how to apply passport for government employee? The Government employees need to go through the ordinary procedure to apply for a passport. The facility of walking into the nearest PSK without a prior appointment for a passport application has been revoked by the controlling authority for the government employees. Hence, the applicants need to make an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra to apply for a passport NOC for Govt employees. Once you take an appointment, you need to carry the relevant documents to the PSK along with the online application form.

  • Go to the official website of Passport Seva i.e., at
  • On the home page of the website, you need to register as a new user by filling in all the vital details.
  • Once you get a new login id and password, you can proceed to log into the website.
  • Choose the option ‘Passport application for Government Employees’ from the main screen.
  • Enter the vital details in the given fields and submit the application form.
  • After submitting the application form online, just proceed to make the payment of the application fee.
  • If your payment is successful, you can proceed to book an appointment at the nearest PSK.
  • The important point is that the applicant must be physically present at the PSK on the date and time slot of the appointment given by the concerned authorities.
  • Download the filled application form along with the copies of the remaining documents as mentioned by the concerned officer.
  • After visiting the PSK, the applicant must collect a token and submit all the relevant documents. 
  • According to the guidelines of PSK, the individual must provide his/her biometrics for passport issuance. 
  • A valid photograph of the applicant should be submitted.
  • The personnel at the passport office will verify all your documents, photo, biometrics, and other details mentioned in the application form. 
  • Once the concerned authorities find that all your submitted documents and details are correct, they will issue the passport. However, the passport will be issued subject to police verification which will be done later if the applicant submits the Prior Intimation Letter.
  • Lastly, the concerned authorities will directly courier the Passport to the Government employees to their registered address.

That’s all! This is the easy procedure to apply for a Passport NOC for Central Government Employees, State Government servants, PSUs, and autonomous bodies.

Documents Required to Apply for Govt Employee Passport

Even if you are a government employee, you must submit some of the important documents for the passport application. However, the documents might differ from the common people. Here is a list of the required documents essential for a government servant to submit at the time of applying for a Passport. Check it out!

For Proof of Identity

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Birth Certificate

For Proof of Address

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • PAN Card
  • ITR

Other Documents

Based on the type of police verification you prefer, you need to submit the following documents. As per the requirements of Pre, Post, and No Police Verification, the Government Employees must submit the following documents to apply for a passport.

  • A copy of the Prior Intimation to the administrative authority or controlling authority. [Pre Police Verification]
  • No Objection Certificate from the administrative or controlling authority [Post Police Verification]
  • Identity Certificate from the controlling or administrative authority [No Police Verification]

The Indian Government has recently introduced the access of Prior Intimation Letter for the passport application of the government employees. This way, the controlling authority has simplified the passport application process and diminished the time period as well. Obtaining a No Objection Certificate or Identity Certificate is somewhat a troublesome process. The NOC and IC are issued to the applicants with a validity of 6 months from the date of issuance.

Police Verification Process

Is there a necessity for government employees to undergo a police verification process? Well, it depends on the specific documents or certificates submitted by the applicant during the passport application. Check the important points regarding the police verification process for the Government employees. 

  • Before the issuance of a passport for the Government employees, police verification will be done in case of submitting a prior intimation letter.
  • If the applicant submits an Identity Certificate [Original Document] as per Annexure-B, the applicant can skip the police verification.
  • If the Government Employee submits a no-objection certificate for passport for state government employees as per Annexure-M, the passport will be issued after the completion of police verification.
  • A Passport will be issued to the retired government employees only after police verification. In such a case, the retired employee must submit a Pension Payment Order along with the relevant documents.
  • Police Verification will be applicable for the reissuance of a Passport to the Government Employees.
  • By submitting an original Identity Certificate as per Annexure-B and a Standard Affidavit as per Annexure-I, the family members of a Government Employee can simply skip the police verification process.

Prior Intimation Letter for Passport

As per the revised order of the Ministry of External Affairs, the Prior Intimation Letter option can be utilized by the Government employees and their family members. The Prior Intimation letter is issued to the applicant from his/her administration or controlling authority mentioning the passport application. This intimation letter must be sent to the concerned authorities before submitting the Passport Application by the Government employees. Prior Intimation Letter is in the format of Annexure N. Hence, it must be submitted before sending the application for the passport.  If the controlling authority has any objections to the passport issuance they can return the same to the Regional Passport Office specifying their reasons of objection. Ultimately, the Passport Issuing Authority will make the final decision regarding the issuance of the passport for the government employees.

Identity Certificate

Identity Certificate is another important document issued to the Government Employees by the administrative or controlling authority in the format of Annexure-B. The Identity Certificate assists the government employees in obtaining the passport. If the government employee submits an IC, the police verification procedure can be skipped. No police verification will be required for the Passport issuance if an Identity Certificate is submitted.

No Objection Certificate

Can government employee apply for passport without NOC? This could be the major doubt of most of the government servants. As we have mentioned already, the Indian Government has simplified the process of passport application for the Government employees by removing the submission of the No Objection Certificate as a mandatory rule. The administrative or controlling authority of the government employee will issue the No Objection Certificate in the format of Annexure-M. Only if the NOC is submitted, the applicant must undergo police verification. Further, the passport will be issued after the police verification. Even if the NOC is submitted, the applicant must and should go through the police verification segment. 

Fees for Government Employee Passport

The fees charged for the application of a passport for government employees depend on a plethora of factors. It includes the service type of the applicant, age of the applicant, number of pages in the passport booklet, type of scheme [normal/Tatkal], and the reason for re-issue. We provided a tabular form listing out the fees charged for the passport application for government employees. check it out!

Passport Service TypeScheme Age of the ApplicantNumber of Pages in BookletFees
FreshNormal18 years and above36 pagesRs. 1500
FreshNormal18 years and above60 pagesRs. 2000
FreshTatkal18 years and above36 pagesRs. 3500
FreshTatkal18 years and above60 pagesRs. 4000

This is all about the fees that will be charged for the application of a passport for the government employees, employees of PSUs, autonomous bodies, etc. For the reissuance of a passport or the government employees, the applicants need to pay some stipulated amount. The passport fee varies based on the reason behind the reissuance of the passport i.e., lost or damaged, exhaustion of pages, expired validity, change in personal details, and more.

Government Employee Passport FAQs

Are your doubts cleared about the Passport Application for Government Employees? Still, you have any other queries regarding this topic, we got you, readers. We carefully selected some of the customary queries that prick your mind every time you try to apply for a passport as a government employee. As a result, we included some of the frequently asked questions in this post along with the precise answers. Go through the FAQs on how to apply passport for government employee and get your answers. Have a look!

  1. Who is eligible for Govt Employee Passport?

    The following individuals are eligible to apply for the passport as a government employee. Some of the categories include:1. Central Government Employees2. State Government Employees3. PSU Employees4. Autonomous Body Employees from designated universities such as AMU, AIIMS, IIFT, Indian Academy of Sciences [Bangalore]

  2. Which annexure is required for govt employees for passport?

    1. As per Annexure A, the government employees must submit an Identity Certificate for the issuance of a passport. 2. As per Annexure G, the No Objection Certificate must be submitted by the government employees.3. As per Annexure H, the Prior Intimation Letter must be submitted by the government employees.

  3. Is police verification required for the re-issue of passport to Govt employees?

    Yes, the government employees must undergo police verification even for the re-issuance of their passports.

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the passport for government employees. Hopefully, this guide on how to apply passport for a government employee has given enough information about the significance of NOC, IC, Prior Intimation Letter, and more. If you still have any doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to our website to get more updates and the latest changes to the Passport rules and regulations by the Ministry of External Affairs. 

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