Passport Grievance / Feedback: Register and Tracking

Gone are the days when people need to wait in the long queues to apply for a passport or lodge a complaint or any other passport-related grievances at the passport office. Now, with the rapid development in technology, people need not wait and waste their precious time in queues to get information regarding passport application, status, and more. The Consular, Passport, and Visa office of the Ministry of External Affairs has set up a user-friendly online system to help the individuals who have any kind of passport grievance, complaint, or feedback. The concerned authorities have established an online system with a huge database that can answer any kind of question raised by the individual. Here is everything you need to know about Passport Grievance, tracking system, and more. Have a look!

How to Register Passport Grievance / Feedback

Individuals can easily register grievances online in various ways. A new online tool has been designed and launched to check the ‘Appointment Availability Status’. With this, the individuals can get to know a particular time to meet the concerned authorities at the passport office. Any sort of feedback regarding the passport of an individual can be registered through the passport portal, through a public grievance cell, the national call center, and more. In this post, we explained each method in detail. Check it out!

Register Grievance Online Through Passport Portal

Follow the simple steps given below to register a grievance online through the Passport Seva portal:

  • Visit the official website of the Passport Seva portal.
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the tab ‘Feedback and Grievance.’
  • On the next page, you need to fill in the details to register grievance/feedback.
  • Enter the passport reference details comprising the reference number.
  • Select the passport Seva Kendra from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the applicant details such as the applicant name, date of birth, mobile number, current address, and email. 
  • In the next section, enter the application details that include the category. 
  • Under the category drop-down menu, you can select one option i.e., regarding your passport feedback.
  • Enter the sub-category, description, service request submission date, and enter the random characters displayed on the screen.
  • In the description field, you can place a request regarding your grievance. Your request shouldn’t exceed a limit of 3000 words.
  • Hit the submit button.

That’s all! This is an easy procedure to register passport grievances through the online portal. 

Contact National Call Centre for Grievances

If the individual is willing to resolve his or her grievance offline or via a phone call, they can contact the national call centre. The passport office operates a toll-free National Call Centre that helps the applicants to address their grievances.

The national call centre functions 24/7 and it is accessible to every Indian citizen. People can access the call centre in a total of 17 languages. The individuals can access the immense database of information via the IVR provision or through a CCE available at the national call centre. 

People can get comprehensive information regarding passport application submission at the national call centre. If the individuals find any issue or problem with the national call centre or the CCE, they can register a complaint on the Passport Seva portal. 

National Call Centre Contact Number: 1800-258-1800

File Grievance on Centralized Public Grievances Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)

The individuals also have a provision to register passport grievance via the CPGRAMS portal i.e., at The applicants can easily get passport grievance status online. CPGRAMS is an online web-enabled system designed and developed by NIC in partnership with DPG and DARPG. The main objective of this system is to provide a platform for the individuals who want to submit their grievances to the citizens anytime and anywhere. Using the system-generated unique registration number, the applicants can get passport grievance tracking information.

Register Grievance Via Public Grievance Cell

Another provision to submit a passport grievance is through the public grievance cell. Under the management of the Chief Passport Officer, there is a Public Grievance Cell in the CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs. This cell handles all the grievances received via telephone, post, and email. This cell handles the dedicated email address i.e., to take up the passport grievances. To register a passport grievance, the applicant must quote the passport number or passport file number, date of birth, and name.

Direct Public Interface

Besides the aforementioned ways, there is a direct public interface available to the citizens. Direct Public Interface helps the individuals register passport grievance and passport office feedback. The individuals can visit the passport office through enquiry counter or information facilitation centre [IFC] or May I Help you. The applicants can check status enquiry of their applications, submission of their pending documents, or clarifications between 10 AM and 1 PM. At the direct public interface, the citizens can submit their documents and request clarifications at different stages of the passport generating process. This whole process can be done at the enquiry counter or Information Facilitation Centre [IFC] at the Passport Office.

Passport Adalats

The citizens can take recourse to Passport Adalats that are being held by PO frequently to address long complex or pending cases. The complete information and details, updated status related to adalats can be checked on passport portal i.e., at 

Track Passport Grievance Service Request / Feedback

The individuals can track passport grievance status from the below link.

After raising a grievance request, the passport office will take some time to respond. An online tool has been designed to permit the citizens to track the status of the grievance submitted by the applicant. On the online tool, the applicant needs to provide some details such as the service request number, application number, File number, passport number, and date of birth. 

The individuals can also register a complaint or grievance when their passport has been lost or stolen or misplaces. Immediately, the passport office will register that the passport has been stolen. Further, you can apply for a fresh passport.

Well, this is everything you need to know about the passport grievance. Hope this guide has given enough information about the passport grievance cell, feedback, passport grievance status, and more. For more related articles, visit MoneyCompass frequently.

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