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The passport application process was extremely hectic a few years back. Now, it has become a simple task, all thanks to the Passport Seva Online Portal. There’s no need of standing in queues and waiting all day long. People seeking to get a passport can directly apply online sitting at home. Despite being an easy task to obtain a fresh passport, not all may be aware of the detailed procedure. To help such naive people, we have come up with this in-depth guide on the passport login and passport registration procedure. Take a glance!

Step By Step Online Passport Registration Process

With the launch of the Passport Seva Online portal, it has become quite simple and hassle-free for people to apply for a fresh passport. All you need to do is to register and passport Seva login on the portal. The two key steps that involve in passport application login include new user registration and login. Go through the detailed step-by-step guide to understand the complete procedure to passport Seva Kendra login. Read on!

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

  • At first, visit the official web portal of Passport Seva i.e.,
  • On the left side of the home page, you can find 4 different options.
  • If you are a new user and seeking to apply for a fresh passport, just tap the first option i.e., ‘New User Registration.’
  • In case, you are an existing user are seeking to reissue the passport, you can tap the option ‘Existing User Login.’
  • Let’s understand the online passport registration for new users in this guide.

Step 2: Fill the Form

  • Once you tap the first option, it redirects to a new web page.
  • Fill in the empty fields with some vital information.
  • By default, the first option is a radio button i.e., Passport Office for those who are applying for an ordinary passport.
  • CPV Delhi is another option applicable for Diplomatic and Official Passports at the Delhi division. CPV means Consular, Passport, and Visa.
  • Under the Passport Office option, you can select your city from the scroll-down menu.
  • Enter your name without initials that must have a maximum of 45 characters. 
  • Fill in the surname in the next field.
  • Enter the date of birth in a specific format i.e., DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Enter the valid Email Id in the provided field.

Step 3: Generate New Login Id

  • By default, the next radio button will be ‘No.’
  • If you want your Login Id to be the same as your Email Id, you can select the option ‘Yes.’
  • If you want to create a new login id, enter a new id and check availability.
  • Enter the password following the password policy.
  • Once again enter the password for confirmation.
  • Select a hint question from the scroll-down menu.
  • Usually, the questions will be like ‘Favorite color, Favorite cricketer, Birth City, etc.’
  • Choose any of the questions and enter the hint answer to the same in the next field.
  • Lastly, enter the random characters displayed on the screen.
  • Hit the Register button once you are sure that all the details you have entered are correct.
  • Otherwise, you can tap the Clear option and fill in the details again.
  • Registration Confirmation screen displays on the screen. It says, ‘Thank you for registering on Passport Seva Portal. To activate your account, please click the link sent to your email id.
  • Open your email and check for the activation link. Click the link to activate your new account on the Passport Seva portal.

That’s all! You have completed the registration process successfully. After fruitfully creating the account, you can use the login credentials to log into the portal next time.

Step By Step Passport Seva Login

Here comes the next step i.e., passport application login to apply for a new passport or reissue of the passport. Once you are done with the passport registration process, just head to the home page of the website and passport portal login. Follow the simple steps provided below to log into the Passport Seva portal.

  • Head to the official website i.e., at
  • On the home page, click on the option ‘Existing User Login’ present on the left pane.
  • On the next page, it prompts you to enter the login id.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Enter the password in the next field.
  • Enter the random characters displayed on the screen.
  • Hit the Login button.
  • Once you logged into your account on Passport Seva Portal, you will find a plethora of options.
  • Select the first option that reads, ‘Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-Issue of Passport’.
  • The remaining options include applying for an identity certificate, Diplomatic Passport, etc.
  • The passport application process includes filling the form, fee payment, scheduling an appointment, and lastly document verification at the nearby PSK.

That’s it! This is the complete procedure to passport India login from the official portal.

Passport Login & Registration FAQs

Even after explaining the passport login in a step-by-step procedure, some may have doubts during the procedure. If you have any such queries, just look at the frequently asked questions. We included related answers to the questions in this post. Check it out!

  1. How do I find my login id for my passport?

    After creating a new account on Passport Seva Portal, an intimation email will be sent to your registered email id. It comprises your login id and date of birth. Check your mail and retrieve your login id.

  2. How to reset passport login password?

    If you want to reset the password, click the link, ‘Having trouble logging in.’ You can use the hint question and the answer to reset the password. In case, you don’t remember the hint answer, you can use another option. A link will be sent to your registered email id to reset your password. Make sure you reset the password within 2 hours from the time you receive the link.

  3. How to activate passport login id?

    After finishing the registration on Passport Seva Portal, a link will be sent to your registered email id for account activation. Click the link to activate passport login id. 

This is everything you need to understand about the passport login process and online passport registration in India. We hope this article has given adequate information on how to register and passport portal login. For further doubts and queries, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to MoneyCompass to get more information about the passport application, tracking the status, and more.

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