Police Verification for Passport: Process, Documents Required

The issuance of a fresh passport involves some crucial stages. Police Verification for Passport is one such important stage that an applicant must go through before obtaining a passport in India. The applicant must undergo police verification as it is a vital security element for the issuance of a passport. Whether you apply for a fresh passport or seeking to reissue the existing passport, police verification is a significant stage. Here is everything you need to know about the police verification for passport, detailed procedure, tracking the status, and more. Take a look!

Passport Police Verification Process

The passport police verification process can be done online i.e., at the official Passport Seva Portal. Once the concerned authorities wrap up the application processing of the applicant, they will inform the corresponding police station of the verification process. For this, the applicants need to apply for police verification on the official Passport Seva Portal. In this post, we furnished the detailed procedure on how to apply for police verification for passport. Check it out!

  • At first, go to the official Passport Seva Portal.
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the ‘Register Now’ button for the new users.
  • Click the button and carry out the registration procedure by filling in the form.
  • The applicant will get a new Login ID and Password to access the portal.
  • Log in to the portal using the credentials.
  • Further, click on the link ‘Police Clearance Certificate’ present on the home page.
  • Enter the corresponding details of the applicant in the application form.
  • Once you are done with the application filling process, choose the ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ option.
  • This option can be seen under the tab ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications.’
  • Finish the payment via online mode.
  • Click on the link ‘Print Application Receipt.
  • Make sure you secure the receipt till you obtain the passport.
  • The receipt comprises the Application Reference Number [ARN].
  • The applicant will also receive an SMS to the registered mobile number that comprises the ARN.
  • Lastly, go to the RPO or PSK wherein the appointment has been scheduled.
  • Carry the relevant documents [Original] to the office.
  • That’s all! This is the complete application procedure for Passport Police Verification.

The passport police verification process involves three fundamental modes. It includes the following:

  • Pre Police Verification
  • Post Police Verification
  • No Police Verification

Pre Police Verification for Passport

The passport office authorities will decide whether Police Verification for Passport is required or not. Mostly, the authorities will consider a pre-police verification. In rare cases, an exception will be given to some Government employees if they submit an ‘Identity Certificate’ or ‘No Objection Certificate’. In some other cases, pre-police verification won’t be required in the processing of the Tatkaal application. After the submission of the application form and all the essential documents, pre-police verification will be done. 

Pre-Police Verification is done before the approval of the passport. The verification will be carried out by the police station under the jurisdiction of the applicant’s address. The concerned officer will verify the details filled in the application form. It includes the applicant’s name, age, and address. The police officer visits the address of the applicant mentioned in the form. This verification process is done in person. The police station informs the passport office if the information is precise. Further, the passport will be issued to the applicant.

Post Police Verification for Passport

The Post Police Verification process is done after the issuance of the passport to the applicant. For a streamlined verification process, the MEA [Ministry of External Affairs] permits post police verification of passport. In such a case, the applicant must provide some vital details. The applicants who submit their Voter ID card or Aadhaar or PAN card alongside an Affidavit can utilize this facility. People who have criminal cases against them aren’t applicable with this provision. People who submit their Aadhaar Card as proof of document will only be able to avail themselves of this facility. For such applicants, the passport will be issued soon after the Aadhaar verification. Besides this, the remaining documents will also be verified whether they are accurate or not.

No Police Verification for Fresh Passport

Besides pre and post police verification, there is another case when there is no police verification required for fresh passport applications. In case, the passport office considers that no police verification is required for specific passport applications, this mode will be applicable. For instance, government servants, PSU, and statutory body employees who apply for a fresh passport by submitting an ‘Identity Certificate’ via Annexure B don’t need any police verification. They will obtain the passport without any pre or post Police verification process. Besides this, the applicants who hold diplomatic or official passports need not go through police verification whenever they apply for an ordinary passport. However, they need to submit the identity certificate through Annexure B.

Documents Required For Passport Police Verification

We furnished the list of few documents required for passport police verification in this post. Check it out!

  • Birth Certificate
  • Residence Proof
  • Nationality Proof
  • No Objection Certificate [In case of Post Police Verification]

How to Check Police Verification Status For Passport

Wondering how to check police verification status for passport? The applicants can check the passport police verification status via the official website i.e., at Passport Seva Portal. Mostly, the concerned authorities will send different statuses for passport police verification. The applicant may not be able to witness the direct tracking option for Police Verification Status for passport. However, the applicants can log in to the Passport Seva Portal using the login credentials. The applicants can then check the passport police verification status. If the status says ‘Police Verification is initiated, kindly contact your local police station’, you need to visit the local police station for further proceedings. There are different indications for the statuses provided by the concerned passport authorities. 

Different Police Verification Statuses

People who want to get passport police verification status tracking can visit the official website. Different police verification statuses help people understand the stage to which their verification process has reached. We listed some of the police verification statuses alongside its indications in this post. Check it out!


This particular status states that the concerned police have witnessed no cause for concern. This indicates that the applicant has a clean record i.e., without any pending or filed criminal cases against him or her.


It is another status that indicates that the police have found some inaccuracy [during the verification process] in the information submitted by the applicant. In such a case, the passport will be canceled or withheld. Sometimes, such inconsistencies in the information could be raised due to the incorrect information submitted by the applicant in the form. In some cases, this status could be seen if there are any criminal cases against the applicant.


This specific status will be displayed if the police have found the documentation submitted by the applicant is incomplete or stopped the procedure in the midway. Some other reason could be the police stations not having filled in the verification report accurately. Another case could be that the applicant has not been a resident at the current address for a long period of time and the verification from previous addresses couldn’t be possible. In such a case, the police officials will mark the verification as incomplete due to a lack of information.


The ‘complete’ status will be displayed once the police verification is completed without any disturbances. Based on this report, the passport authorities will either cancel or approve the applicant’s passport. If the passport isn’t approved by the authorities due to the remarks ‘adverse’ or ‘incomplete’, the applicant has another option. He or she can approach the corresponding police station that has issued the verification report and ask for clarity on the report. 

After receiving the Police Verification Report [PVR], the passport office authorities will dispatch the passport to the applicant within 3 days. This will be applicable only for normal passport applications. 

Well, this is everything you need to know about the police verification for passport. Hopefully, this guide has given enough information about the passport police verification status, tracking procedure, and more. If you have any doubts or queries on this article, just ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to our website to get more related articles.

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