How to Reschedule Passport Appointment?

A passport is an important travel document issued to an individual who is seeking to visit different countries across the world. Individuals can easily apply for a passport through the official website of the Passport Seva Portal. After filling in the crucial information at the time of the application procedure, the applicants need to book an appointment for document verification. Applicants must submit some of the important documents that include the Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, etc after the application fee payment. The Indian Government issues a passport to the applicant upon considering their eligibility and the documents submitted at the PSK. At the time of booking an appointment for passport, the individuals can select a preferred date and time. Based on the available slots, the applicants can choose a specific slot after the submission of an online passport application. The applicants have a provision to reschedule passport appointment or cancel the appointment slot through the official website. The procedure on how to reschedule passport appointment is given below. In this article, we explained the detailed guide on how to cancel passport appointment. Have a glance!

Passport Appointment Reschedule / Cancel

Can we reschedule passport appointment? Yes, it is possible to reschedule your passport appointment. The applicants who have wrapped up the application submission for a passport need to book an appointment to visit the PSK in person. After the application procedure, the applicants can select a slot i.e., the date and time on which they are entitled to visit the nearest PSk for the document verification process. Once the concerned authorities verify all your documents, they will issue a passport. But, in some situations, people may not have time to visit the PSK on the scheduled date and time. In such a case, they have a facility to reschedule the meeting or cancel an appointment. Still, this facility may not be available to the applicants all the time. Individuals can utilize this option only two times a year in which the first date of appointment was scheduled for document verification. In this article, we explained the complete information about the procedure to cancel passport appointment. Just read on!

How to Reschedule / Cancel Passport Appointment?

The procedure of rescheduling or cancelling a passport appointment involves a series of steps. Most people decide to reschedule their passport appointment in emergencies. Due to some urgent circumstances, people might ultimately choose either reschedule or cancellation option. The applicants who have already applied for a passport online and selected a slot for an appointment has still a chance to reschedule it. Individuals can easily cancel passport appointment online i.e., at the Passport Seva Portal. In this guide, we explained the detailed procedure on how to reschedule passport appointment. Have a look!

  • At first, go to the official website of Passport Seva Portal i.e., at from your PC.
  • On the home page of the website, you will find different options towards the left-hand side of the page.
  • As you have already finished the registration process, you can directly access the portal as an existing user. For that, you need to tap the option ‘Existing User’.
  • Using the vital login credentials such as the User ID and Password, you can log into the portal. 
  • NOTE: Make sure you use the same User ID that was used at the time of creating the ARN, making payment, and booking an appointment earlier.
  • Soon after logging into the account, you will be landed into your account.
  • On the left-hand side of the page, you can find the tab ‘Services.’
  • Under the services tab, you need to click on the link ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications’.
  • On the next page, you can find a list of options from which you need to click on the option ‘Schedule Appointment for Application Submission.’
  • Select the relevant option from the two different options displayed on the screen. Reschedule Appointment and Cancel Appointment are the two different options available for the applicants to either cancel or reschedule the appointment. 
  • As you are looking to reschedule an appointment, just select the ‘Reschedule Appointment’ option. This allows you to change the date and time of your passport appointment. Otherwise, you can even select the option ‘Cancel Appointment’ in case you don’t want to visit the PSK for passport verification purposes. 
  • Select the preferable slot for the already selected PSK location after choosing the reschedule appointment option. Further hit the button ‘Book Appointment.’
  • If you are planning to reschedule the appointment, you need not cancel the previous appointment.
  • After choosing the relevant option, a pop-up window will be displayed on the screen showing the number of rescheduling or cancellation attempts that are still available in the future.
  • If you select the reschedule option, you must select a fresh slot from the available slots. Hit the option ‘Book Appointment’ to confirm your appointment.
  • Further, you will be redirected to a new page with the revised appointment information. Once you complete the aforementioned steps, your previous appointment for a passport will be cancelled/rescheduled.
  • The confirmation for your passport appointment will be displayed on the screen. A print option will also be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the print option to take a hard copy of the application receipt. The printout will be required at the time of visiting the nearest PSK on the rescheduled date of appointment.
  • Tap on the option ‘Print Application Receipt’ and carry the same with you to the PSK for the appointment.

This is the simple procedure to reschedule passport appointment or cancel appointment online. 


Can I reschedule my passport appointment? Well, it is possible to reschedule your passport appointment by following the detailed guide in this post. If you still have any doubts or queries regarding the reschedule appointment, just go through this article. We furnished some of the frequently asked questions alongside precise answers on the same. Check it out!

  1. How many times we can reschedule passport appointment?

    As per the Ministry of External Affairs rules and regulations, passport applicants have a chance to cancel or reschedule their appointment only twice in a given year from the specific date of passport application.

  2. If I cancel my passport appointment, will I get a refund? 

    Individuals can reschedule or cancel their passport appointment only twice a year. In case,  if they cross the limit due to some reason, their passport application will be cancelled. Once you pay the passport fee, that particular amount won’t be refunded.

  3. Are there fees associated with rescheduling or cancelling my appointment?

    No, the applicants need not pay any sort of fees for rescheduling or cancelling the appointment.

Important Note: Unless you have a serious reason, it is not at all good to reschedule or cancel passport appointment. However, the concerned authorities will ask for a valid reason behind your reschedule or appointment cancellation. When you visit the PSK on the rescheduled date of appointment, you must mention a valid reason for the same.

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the reschedule passport appointment procedure. We hope this guide on how to reschedule passport appointment has given complete information. For more doubts and queries, just ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to our website to learn more about the passport types, eligibility for a passport, etc.

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