Reasons for Rejection of Passport Application

People seeking to travel abroad must have a valid travel document i.e., a passport. It is a highly essential document issued to an individual who wants to travel outside India. A passport is also considered a significant identity proof of the individual. One must go through a difficult process at the time of applying for a passport. Mostly, the concerned authorities will approve your passport application. However, in a few rare situations, the passport authorities might reject the passport. There could be various reasons behind the rejection of passport applications. People might face passport rejection due to some errors and special situations. As a passport is a crucial document for an individual who is planning to travel abroad, you must fill in the details in the application form correctly without any mistakes. It is equally important to submit vital valid documents. Before looking for the solution whenever you face a passport rejection, you need to know the key reasons for the passport application and rejection. In this post, we furnished the list of reasons behind passport rejection, solutions for the same, and more. Have a glance!

Reasons for Passport Application Rejection

Can a passport application be rejected? Well, if you have this question then the answer is obviously ‘Yes’. The passport authorities have the right to reject the passport application of an individual based on several reasons. Some of the reasons behind the rejected passport can be straightforward in a few cases. In case, you don’t want to make such underlying errors in your passport application, you can go through this in-depth guide explaining the significant reasons for the rejection of passport application. Check it out!

1. Inaccurate Details

If the details mentioned on the application form isn’t matching with the supporting documents submitted at the PSK or if they found the details to be incorrect then, it ultimately leads to the passport application rejection.

2. Faulty Documents

At the time of applying for the Indian Passport, you will be asked to submit some of the important documents. Such documents will be related to your identity, age/date of birth, ECR [Emigration Check Required] status, etc. If you try to prove your identity and other information through certain documents but you had submitted faulty documents at the PSK, the authorities will reject the application. The Ministry of External Affairs has published a particular list of documents that must be submitted by the applicants for passport application. In case, you don’t submit all the relevant documents, your application might get rejected.

3. Errors on the Passport Application Form

An applicant must read all the guidelines and instructions carefully before heading to fill in the passport application form. Even if you enter incorrect information in an inaccurate field, it turns to be an invalid application. As a result, your passport will become a rejected passport.

4. Blurred or Uncertain Documents

At the time of submitting the copy of supporting documents, you need to make sure that all the documents are clear and visible. If the documents are unclear and blurred, the information on the document cannot be verified correctly. This could lead to passport rejection.

5. Criminal Background

In case, you have a criminal background or have a pending case then, your application can be rejected. In case of pending cases, you must remain in the country to attend the court trial. If you are charged for any criminal investigation, the allegations filed on you were dropped, then you have to submit the certificate assuring the same. Sometimes, there will be warrants issued in the name of the passport applicant. If you have a criminal background in any of the cases then, your passport gets rejected. 

6. Failed to Undergo Police Verification

Sometimes, police verification rejected passport might be another cause for the rejection. If the passport Seva authorities have issued a passport to the applicant before the completion of police verification then, it turns out to become an incomplete verification procedure. Most of the time, the application of an individual might get rejected due to inconclusive police verification. This sort of issue can happen in case you fail to mention the right address in the form. As a result, police couldn’t find your address to visit your home and complete the verification. Sometimes, you may not be residing at the same address as mentioned in the application form. Before wrapping up the police verification, you might have shifted to a new address without informing the police or passport authorities. In any of these cases, your passport application will be rejected.

7. Application/Fee Unpaid

After completing the application form submitting the procedure for a passport, you must pay a stipulated fee for the same. In case, you have failed to pay the said amount in the stipulated time, your passport application will be rejected.

8. Due Amount Unpaid

For instance, you have applied and received some huge loan amount or you have been using a plethora of credit cards and you have been repaying the dues irregularly then, there is a chance of your application getting rejected. Before applying for a passport, make sure that you don’t have any debts in the form of credit cards, loans, etc.

9. Security Issues

Due to some security issues, your application might get rejected. In some cases, when the passport application received by the PSK is from a person who is on the most wanted list by law enforcement in India then, such applications have higher chances of getting rejected.

10. Improper Signature

Sometimes, the signature you do on the form or supporting documents is uneven or differing then, you might end up with application rejection.

Reasons for Rejection of Passport Renewal

The Indian Passport Seva Kendra authorities hold the responsibility to verify all the documents and the application form submitted by the applicants. During the verification process, the concerned officials might confront some mistakes in the fresh/renewal applications or the supporting documents. Even in case of the passport application for renewal, the authorities will verify all the documents and the application form for errors. If they find any mistakes in the passport renewal application, Indian passport renewal rejected. At the time of applying for the passport renewal or reissue, there could be reasons for rejecting the passport renewal. Here are some of the reasons for passport rejection at the time of Indian Passport renewal. Check it out!

  • Exhaustion of Pages in the Passport
  • Reached Expiry Date of the Current Passport
  • Lost Passport
  • Some other unexpected situations

Due to any of the aforementioned reasons, your Indian passport renewal rejected. 

What to do if the Passport Application is Rejected

What if my passport is rejected? Even if your passport gets rejected by the concerned Passport Seva officials, you may have a chance to rectify it in some cases. If your passport application has been rejected then, the first thing you must check is for the reason behind the passport rejection. If your passport has been rejected because of incorrect documentation, failure of police verification, incorrect information, etc., you have a chance to rectify the mistake and apply for the passport again post 3 days. But, if your reason behind the rejected passport is unclear and the reason is not very strong then, you need to write to the RPO or file a grievance. The passport office will consider your request and the same issue will be resolved as soon as possible. 

If you consider these mistakes listed in this article as a checklist, you can make sure that you correct any of those mistakes [if any] beforehand. This way, you can ensure that your passport application has a higher probability of getting accepted/approved. Once again, we tell you to make sure with the application and the supporting documents at the time of submitting to the PSK without involving an odds.

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the key reasons behind the passport rejection. We assume that this guide regarding the rejected passport reasons and what if your passport gets rejected has been explained well. If you still have any doubts or queries on Indian Passport renewal rejected, just go through this article. You can even ask your doubts in the comments section. We try to answer the queries with correct solutions in the comments space. For more related articles on Indian Passport, stay in touch with this website.

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