What is a Passport File Reference Number?

Individuals can apply for an Indian Passport through the Passport Seva Portal. During the application process, the applicants need to fill in all the crucial details in the application form. After submitting the form alongside the supporting documents, the applicants will get a Passport Reference File Number. Using this number, the individual can track their passport application status online. To know more about the passport file reference number, the purpose of this number, etc., just go through this in-depth guide. Take a glance!

Passport File Reference Number

A Passport File Reference Number is a unique number given to the individuals after submitting the Passport Application form online. With the help of this reference number, the applicants can keep a track of their passport application status easily. Passport File Reference Number is given to every individual who has applied for the Indian Passport. This unique file number will also be present on the application file which is submitted at the Passport Seva Kendra. At the time of the document verification process, the concerned officials will consider this passport reference number as a unique identifier. Some people might confuse the file number thinking it is a passport number. But, the passport reference file number and the passport number are completely different. The individuals can view the passport reference file number at the bottom section on the address page and the last page. Get to know the complete information on how to get the passport reference file number, the format, and more in this article. Check it out!

Passport Reference File Number Format

Wondering what is file reference number in passport application? A Passport Reference File Number is an alphanumeric random code comprising both the numbers and alphabets. It also includes the year of the application for the passport. The file number begins with the alphabets of the place name from where the individual has applied for and ends with the year of application. To give a clear understanding, we provided an example of the Passport Reference File Number below. Check it out!

For example, when an individual applies for a passport in  Hyderabad in 2018 then, the code begins with HYDE and ends with 18. In between the letters and the year, it also consists of 6 digits. The total number of digits present in a Passport Reference Number is 12.

Passport Reference File Number Format: HYDE XXXXXX 18 

In the above format, ‘XXXXX’ is the random digits in the file number. 

How to Get Passport File Reference Number

To understand how to get passport file reference number online, just go through this guide. The applicants will get the Passport Reference File Number only after the submission of the application form for the passport. The individual needs to pay the stipulated passport application fee amount or processing fee and submit the application form online alongside the supporting documents. Once you are done going through these steps, a unique number will be generated to the applicant which is nothing but the Passport Reference File Number. It is very important to safeguard this file number as it is considered a key tool that is required at the time of checking the status of your passport application. 

Purpose of Passport Reference File Number

A Passport File Reference Number acts as a significant tool at the time of tracking the application status of your passport. In some situations, there could be some delay in the issuance and delivery of the passport to the applicant’s address on time. The delay could be because of various reasons such as the verification of documents, server issues, etc. Irrespective of the reason, the applicant might be anxious to know his/her application status. In such cases, the concerned authorities will inform the applicants through this code. 

Individuals can access this file number to check the status of their passport application. After knowing the status, he/she can directly go to the corresponding Passport Seva Kendra [if the passport issuance is still delayed] and handle the problem [if any] in person. During the direct visit to the PSK, the applicant needs to carry the acknowledgment along with the Passport Reference File Number to show it as an identity. This helps the individuals to get clarity on the date on which they can obtain the passport.

Well, this is everything you need to know about the passport file reference number. Hence, it is equally important to store or make a note of the file reference number in passport application so that it will be useful in tracking the application status. Try to keep the file number handy. We hope this guide on how to get passport file reference number online has given adequate information. If you still have any doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to MoneyCompass for more related articles on passports, types of passports, application procedures, and more.

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