10 Ways to Check SBI Account Balance

Do you have an SBI Account? State Bank of India is one of the largest public sector banks in the nation having its headquarters in Mumbai. With the rapid increase in the population, SBI has set up more than 16000 branches in every nook and cranny of the city all over the nation to deliver uninterrupted banking and financial services to the customers. Well, are you are SBI account holder? If so, you might have the necessity to SBI Account Balance Check quite frequently. 

SBI has been striving hard to deliver its improved services at great comfort and convenience to the customers. SBI Bank Balance Check is one such provision offered to the customers allowing them to keep an eye on their frequent transactions. SBI Account holders can easily check their SBI Missed Call Balance in plenty of ways without standing in queues. 

Based on the comfort level and the availability of resources, SBI account holders can easily check their account balance using any of the ways explained in this guide. By keeping a few details handy such as the SBI Balance Check Number, registered mobile number, and more, you can quickly access your account balance. Here is an in-depth guide that gives a clear understanding of How to Check SBI Account Balance in 10 different ways. Let’s get started!

How to Check SBI Account Balance?

State Bank of India renders a portfolio of banking-related products and financial services to the customers such as opening an account [savings/current], fixed deposits, a variety of loans, quick transactions, amount debit and credit, credit card services, cheque book provision, and much more. Ditch the customary way of visiting the SBI Branch for cash withdrawal and SBI Bank Balance Check. 

All these can be done while you are sitting relaxed on your cozy couch. You need not leave your comfort and get your SBI Bank Balance Check right from your home. SBI has gained immense popularity and also acquired the 10th position as the most reputed company globally on Forbes. Wondering How to Check SBI Bank Balance? Well, don’t worry, folks! 

SBI facilitates its customers to utilize a variety of services such as SBI Balance Enquiry, obtaining mini-statement, and more just by calling a specific Toll-Free Number. Besides accessing the SBI Balance Check through the toll-free number, there are a plethora of methods for the balance enquiry through net banking, missed call service, SMS facility, mobile app, passbook, etc. 

We have covered different ways to check the SBI account balance through online and offline modes. Just go through this detailed article to have some idea about the 10 different methods of SBI Online Balance Check. Have a look!

1. By Dialling SBI Balance Enquiry Number (Toll-Free)

One of the most common and highly preferred ways is accessing the SBI Toll Free Number for Balance Enquiry. SBI account holders can easily access their account balance using the toll-free number. To utilize this service, the customers must use their registered mobile number. 

By calling the specific SBI Balance Enquiry Number from their registered mobile number, the account holders can get their account balance details, mini statement, and other essential information. In this article, we provided the SBI Toll-Free Number to check the account balance. This toll-free number is valid all over India. 

If you want to check your SBI bank account balance through a Toll-Free Number, you must call the below-mentioned number from your registered mobile number. Further, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number showing your SBI account balance information.

SBI Toll Free Number for Balance Enquiry: 09223766666

You can even call the Toll-Free Numbers as given below to know your SBI account balance. 

Call the Toll-Free Numbers: 

1800-11-2211 (or) 


After calling any of the below-given numbers, you can follow the instructions in case you want to know your SBI Savings Account balance. The most important thing is that you must call from your registered mobile number to get proper service from the concerned SBI officials.

2. Check SBI Account Balance by SMS

State Bank of India offers another convenient and quick method to know the account balance i.e., through SMS. If you are not aware of How to Check SBI Account Balance by SMS, we are here to assist you, guys. SBI also provides SMS provision to the customers to get their SBI Balance Check SMS. Whether you wish to know your account balance or get a mini-statement, you can access the SMS service offered by SBI. To know the SBI Bank Balance Check Number, just use the below SMS format.

For Balance Enquiry, send the following SMS from your registered mobile number.

  • Type BAL in the message body and send it to 09223766666

For Mini Statement, send the SMS in the given format from your registered mobile number.

  • Type MSTMT in the message body and send it to 09223866666

In case, your mobile number isn’t registered with SBI then, you can access the below SMS format that allows you to register your mobile number with the SBI.

  • Type REG in the body of the Message <<Space>> Account Number and send it to 09223488888

After sending this SMS, SBI sends you a confirmation message on your registered mobile number. SBI customers can utilize this simple SMS service to access a wide range of banking services such as e-statement, mini statement, requesting a cheque book, loan-related services, and more.

3. Visiting Nearest ATM

Still, exploring other ways? The two methods explained earlier in this post are the easiest and simplest methods of accessing the SBI Account Balance Check. Now, let’s get into the conventional method of knowing the balance. Follow the simple steps furnished below to learn How to Check SBI Bank Balance via ATM.

  • Just visit the nearest SBI ATM Center in your locality carrying an SBI Debit Card.
  • Insert the SBI Debit Card in the stipulated Card Slot of the machine.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions as you are trying to utilize the balance enquiry service.
  • It then asks you to enter your 4-digit ATM PIN. Hit the Enter button.
  • Tap on the option ‘Banking’. 
  • Further, you need to select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option from the list of options.
  • Voila! Your SBI Account Balance will be shown on the screen.

If you wish to know your recent transactions done on your SBI account then, you can proceed with the mini statement option. It generates a mini statement comprising the last 10 transactions performed on your account. 

Note: Reserve Bank of India has constrained the number of free transactions per ATM/Debit Card for the SBI Customers and other bank customers. Even if you request for a balance enquiry anytime at any of the SBI or non-SBI ATM is considered a transaction. Make sure you haven’t crossed the limit of free transactions while using the ATM Card for SBI Balance Enquiry.

In case, you have crossed the free transactions limit, you will be imposed certain processing fees for every transaction that you perform at any of the ATMs in a month. To evade such additional processing charges, most people have started using the SBI Online Balance Check provision. 

Hence, we suggest you prefer either net banking or mobile banking, Toll-Free number service, or any other online service to SBI Account Balance Check. Try to access the ATMs in case of urgent cash withdrawals or any other services. Therefore, carry out a maximum of your transactions via online or mobile apps as these are considered handy and highly economical ways.

4. Missed Call Service

SBI Missed Call Balance is another simple and convenient way of checking the SBI account balance. Through this service, the customers can carry out a plethora of banking operations without struggling much. All you need to do is too simply give an SBI Balance Check Number Miss Call. Apart from obtaining the account balance, the customers can also get a mini statement, e-statement, and some other additional array of banking services with a missed call. 

Some other services that can be availed of by the SBI account holders through the missed call service include SBI Balance Check, generation of SBI ATM PIN, car loan information, home loan or education loan certificate statement, ATM configuration, and a lot more. Before heading to utilize this missed call service, you need to register your mobile number. However, it is a one-time process that can be done easily by sending an SMS in a stipulated format.

Register for Missed Call Service

  • Initially, send an SMS in the below-given format.
  • Type REG in the message body <<Space>> Enter Account Number and send it to 9223488888 from your mobile number which is already linked to your SBI bank account.
  • You will receive a message confirming whether your registration process for the SBI Missed Call Banking service has been successful or not. 
  • Once you receive a confirmation message from the bank regarding the Missed call service activation, you can start using the service.
  • You can proceed to access the SBI Missed Call Balance service to check balance or get your mini statement and more.

Give a Missed Call to the following number for SBI Balance Check Number Miss Call: 09223766666

For Mini Statement Details: 09223866666

5. SBI Balance Check via Net Banking

Are you a registered SBI net banking user? If so, you can easily log into the SBI net banking account and check your balance. Through the SBI Online Balance Enquiry by Account Number facility, the customers can get their account balance instantly. For that, you need to have valid login details such as the Username and Password. Through this provision, the account holders can get an array of SBI banking services such as SBI Online Balance Check, funds transfer via RTGS, NEFT, or IMPS, access transaction history for a selected period, latest interest rates available on home loans, personal loans, etc.

Follow the simple steps curated below to check your SBI account balance through the net banking facility:

  • Initially, visit the official website of SBI net banking from your device i.e., at onlinesbi.com.
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the ‘Login’ button below the Personal Banking section.
  • On the next page, click on the button ‘Continue to Login’.
  • You will be redirected to a new web page wherein you will be asked to enter the Username and Password in the given fields.
  • In the next field, enter the text as shown in the image. You can even select an audio captcha and enter the same in the provided space.
  • After entering the login credentials correctly, click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • After logging into your SBI net banking account, you can find a dashboard comprising your account section on the left-hand side menu of the screen.
  • You can then find your SBI account balance details displayed on the screen.
  • Besides SBI Online Balance Check, you can also carry out some other operations such as funds transfer, transaction history, etc.

This way, you can get the SBI Online Balance Enquiry by Account Number through your net banking account.

6. SBI Account Balance Check through YONO SBI App

To get the SBI Balance Check Number, you can easily access the YONO SBI app from your smartphone or PC. SBI YONO [You Only Need One] is an integrated digital banking mobile application designed and developed by SBI to render the ultimate banking experience to the customers. 

SBI has rolled out the YONO SBI mobile app to blend unlimited banking experience and lifestyle. To get SBI Bank Balance Check Number, you need to download the YONO SBI mobile app on your Android smartphone. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation of the YONO mobile app. Now, you can use this app to check your SBI Account Balance.

  • Open the YONO SBI App from your device.
  • On the home screen of the app, you will find the Login section.
  • Just enter the User ID and Password in the given fields.
  • Hit the Login button. In case, you have already generated an MPIN, log into the app using the MPIN.
  • After logging into the SBI account on the YONO app, you can find the option ‘View Balance’ on the screen.
  • It then shows your current account balance on the screen.

Using the SBI YONO app, you can get a wide range of banking services such as account statement access, balance enquiry, online shopping, bill payments, and more.

7. SBI Balance Check through SBI USSD Service

Want to know other ways How to Check SBI Account Balance? USSD is another unique service offered by SBI to its customers to access the SBI Bank Balance Check Number. USSD is an acronym for Unstructured Supplementary Service Information. 

SBI Customers who don’t use a smartphone or don’t have an internet connection can access this USSD service to utilize the SBI banking services. If you have a USSD Number, you can easily get to know your current SBI account balance. To utilize this USSD Service, the customers need to register in a variety of ways.

How to Register for USSD Service?

  • Initially, send an SMS in a specific format as given below from your registered mobile number.
  • Type MBSREG in the message body and send it to 9223440000.
  • After fruitfully sending the SMS, you will receive a response message comprising a User ID and default MPIN.
  • You have the facility to change the default MPIN by dialing *595# from your mobile number.
  • Further, enter the User ID and choose option 4 from the given options.
  • You need to enter your old MPIN [i.e., the default MPIN that you have received via SMS during the registration process]. Send it.
  • Further, you can enter your desired MPIN [the new one] which must be 6 digits or characters, and send the same.
  • You need to confirm the new MPIN that you have created and send it.
  • A response message will be received on your registered mobile number stating that ‘Your MPIN is changed’.
  • You will receive a validation message through an SMS after changing the MPIN.

USSD Activation at SBI ATM

  • For activation of the USSD service, you need to visit the nearest SBI ATM or Bank Branch.
  • Visit the nearest SBI ATM center in your region.
  • Place the SBI Debit Card in the ATM Card Slot.
  • Select the option ‘Mobile Registration’.
  • Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN. Select the option ‘Mobile Banking’.
  • Further, you need to choose the option ‘Registration’.
  • Enter your mobile number and select the option ‘Yes.’
  • Further, hit the option ‘Confirm’.
  • You can then collect the transaction slip that shows a message ‘Mobile Registration Successful’.
  • You have successfully registered for the USSD Service through the ATM.

USSD Activation at Onlinesbi

  • Visit the official website of SBI i.e., at onlinesbi.com from your device.
  • Log into the account using the login details such as the username and password. Hit the Login button.
  • After logging into the portal, choose the option eServices from the dashboard.
  • Choose State Bank Freedom from the list of options on the left-hand side menu of the screen.
  • Select Registration option. Enter the User ID and Mobile Number in the given fields.
  • From the drop-down menu, you need to select the type of account [Only SB/CA] for which you need the USSD to be enabled.
  • Hit the Submit button.

Note: If you want to add more accounts, you can visit the home branch of your primary SBI account or other accounts.

USSD Activation at SBI Branch

  • Visit the nearest home branch of your SBI account and ask for USSD activation.

Check SBI Balance via USSD

For SBI Balance Enquiry, you need to follow the detailed steps explained below:

  • Initially, dial *595# from your mobile phone.
  • Enter the User ID that you have received during the USSD registration.
  • A list of options will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select ‘Option 1’. 
  • You can then choose from two options i.e., ‘Balance Enquiry’ or ‘Mini Statement’.
  • As you are looking for Balance Enquiry, select the option.
  • You need to enter your MPIN and submit the same.
  • You can then get your current SBI account balance. 

8. Check SBI Balance via SBI Anywhere Saral

SBI has launched several mobile banking apps to provide the utmost convenience to customers. SBI Anywhere Saral is one such mobile application designed and rolled out by SBI. As it is a mobile-based app, customers can easily download and install the app on their smartphones. 

Using this app, the account holders can carry out a plethora of banking-related transactions. Some of the key services include funds transfer, transaction history, balance enquiry, generation of account statement, get mini statement, quick mobile recharge, etc. SBI Anywhere Saral app is only meant for the SBI Corporate Customers. SBI Anywhere Saral is not available for the SBI Retail Customers to access their account balance.

9. SBI Balance Check by Printing Passbook

At the time of opening a new account at the SBI Bank, the customers will be given a passbook. By keeping your SBI Account Passbook updated every time, you can stay aware of your SBI Balance Check. The passbook comprises all the transactions done on your SBI Account. To know your current SBI account balance, you need to update your passbook. 

For that, you must visit the nearest SBI bank branch in your city. If you don’t have access to net banking or mobile banking, it is highly important to maintain an updated passbook. However, it is a traditional way of maintaining an SBI account. 

Now, everything has gone online and people have been accessing a variety of mobile apps to pay bills from the SBI account. Mostly, people in rural areas and villages have been using a passbook. Still, it is completely the choice of the customer whether to access a net banking account or not.

10. SBI Balance Enquiry through Mobile Apps

Till now, we have explained different ways to check SBI Account Balance both online and offline procedures. SBI also provides an array of mobile apps so that the customers can carry out various banking-related transactions. Some of them include SBI Anywhere, SBI Quick, SBI Online, and more. All these apps offer user-friendly interfaces. The installation of these mobile apps is quick and simple. One can set up these mobile apps easily just by following the on-screen instructions. 

SBI Quick

SBI Quick is another mobile app that allows users to access various banking services such as mobile recharges, loans, deposits, account services, etc. As part of the account services, the customers can get Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Cheque Book Request, and more. 

SBI Online Mobile Version

SBI Online is the mobile version of the official website of SBI. Also, the user interface of the SBI Online mobile app is quite similar to the desktop website of SBI. Through this app, account holders can access various banking-related services right from their smartphones. 

Some of the key features of this app include quick balance check, easy funds transfer, ability to access NEFT, IMPS mode of transfer, account statement, and more. Just by providing vital net banking details, customers can log into the mobile app and gain access to various banking services.

Apart from this, there are a few UPI apps available for the customers on the app store. It includes the following:

  • PhonePe
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay

Just by generating a unique UPI PIN and linking your SBI Account to these apps, you can easily access SBI Account Balance Check. Through these apps, the customers can view their account balance, make a quick funds transfer, bill payments, mobile recharges, DTH recharge, and more. 

Need for Balance Enquiry

Keeping an eye on your SBI account balance helps you understand whether there is any sort of unauthorized transactions on your account. Moreover, by tracking your transactions, you can get to know the expenses that you have done on a few things uselessly. This helps you slash out such redundant spending and ultimately leads you to save a few bucks every month.


That’s all! These are the different methods to access the SBI balance check number. We assume this guide about how to check SBI account balance by SMS, online and offline has given adequate information. By accessing any of these 10 methods, you can get the exact account balance of your SBI savings account or current account. 

Through the aforementioned ways, you can also get the Mini Statement showing your recent transactions. All the methods listed in this article can be accessed by the account holders 24×7 and get their account balance anytime. For more doubts and queries, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments space. Hopefully, all these methods explained in this post are helpful to track your available balance every time.

Stay tuned to MoneyCompass for more articles on SBI Accounts, SBI Credit Cards, and more.

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