How Many Digits in SBI Account Number?

Do you know the count of SBI Account Number Digits? Usually, an SBI Account Number is given to every individual at the time of opening a new account in the bank. State Bank of India is one of the nation’s largest banks that has been delivering exceptional banking services to customers for several decades. Despite being the age-old bank in India, SBI has been striving hard to introduce pioneering technologies into the banking network to compete with a plethora of private banks in the current epoch. 

As the entire world is moving towards digitalization, SBI has molded itself to gain a massive customer base. SBI has introduced a core banking system sometime in 2004. As part of this core banking system, SBI has altered its traditional account number to an 11-digit SBI account number. State Bank of India facilitates its customers and eases their lifestyle by offering a variety of financial services and banking-related products. 

Some of the exceptional banking products offered by SBI include a variety of loans, online banking provisions, and more. To access the net banking account, one must have complete knowledge about their SBI account number. Wondering How Many Digits in SBI Account Number? If you want to know the Number of Digits in SBI Bank Account and the starting digits of an SBI Account Number, this is the right guide. In this article, we have covered some of the key points about the SBI Account Number Digits along with the starting digit. Have a glimpse!

How Many Digits in SBI Account Number?

SBI, the largest public sector bank offers an extensive range of banking products and financial services to customers across different parts of the country.  SBI has more than 25000 branches and almost 59000 ATMs in every nook and cranny of the nation. What do you actually know about an SBI Account Number? It is a unique number given to every individual through which their bank account can be easily identified by the officials as well as the account holders.

Want to know the SBI Account Number Digits? An SBI Account Number comprises 11 digits. However, not all bank account number includes 11 digits. Based on the core banking product utilized by the account holder, the length of the account number differs from one bank to another bank. Do you memorize your SBI Account Number? The answer from the maximum number of people might be a ‘NO’ in the current digital era. 

Most people don’t have the necessity to remember the account number just like a mobile number. Still, it is important to know the account number and How Many Digits in SBI Account Number. At the time of carrying out specific transactions from your bank account to another account, you might need the account number. The State Bank of India Account Number consists of a total of 11 Digits.

Irrespective of the type of account – let’s say, current account, savings account, loan account, Fixed Deposit/Recurring Deposit, CC/OD, KCC, etc., sometimes, the Number Digits in SBI Bank Account will be the same i.e., 11 digits. Usually, for those who maintain an SBI Bank account for operational purposes then, an 11-digit account number will be enough. In some cases, a 17-digit account number might be required. Even if the SBI account number consists of 17 digits, the 6 prefix digits will be zeroes. Hence, it can be considered as 11 digits only.

SBI Bank Account Number Starting Digits

No standard account number format will be followed by all the SBI bank branches across the nation. The SBI Bank Account Number Starting Digits might vary. One can find their SBI Account Number through a plethora of sources. An SBI Account Number will be present on a bank passbook, cheque book, bank statement, etc. You can even find the account number through internet banking, customer care, at the bank branch, the mobile banking app of SBI, and more.

Usually, the SBI Account Number Starting Digits begins with the following series i.e., 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 56, 66, 53, 63, 57, or 67. Apart from the State Bank of India, some other SBI-related subsidiary banks are fully merged with SBI. Some of the subsidiary mergers include State Bank of Saurashtra, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Indore, State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Patiala, and more. State Bank of Indore account number series begins with 53 or 63. State Bank of India and its merger banks’ SBI account number starting digits are curated below in the tabular form. Check it out!

Name of the BankAccount Number Starting Digits
State Bank of India1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 56, 66, 53, 63, 57 or 67
State Bank of Saurashtra56 or 66
State Bank of Hyderabad5 or 6
State Bank of Travancore57 or 67
State Bank of Indore53 or 63
SBI Bank Account Number Starting Digits

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the complete information about How Many Digits in SBI Account Number. Whether you hold a savings account, current account or FD or RD, loan account, etc., the Number Digits in SBI Bank Account remain the same. We hope this guide about the SBI Account Number Digits has given adequate information. For more doubts or queries regarding this topic, just ask us in the comments section. Visit our website MoneyCompass frequently for more articles on SBI Accounts, types of accounts, credit card availability, and more.

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