SBI Debit Card Types: Benefits, Annual Charges, Withdrawal Limit

State Bank of India offers an extensive variety of Debit Cards to deliver exceptional services to its customers. Different types of SBI debit cards serve various purposes and each type has its significance, transaction limits, charges, etc. Lakhs of customers access their SBI debit cards frequently to fulfill their daily requirements such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, and more. One of the best banking services offered by SBI is debit cards. SBI Debit Card also known as ATM Card fulfills a wide range of banking needs of customers. Thinking to apply for an SBI Debit Card? 

SBI offers a wide range of SBI ATM Card Types to the bankers based on the customer’s banking requirements. If you are planning to apply for an SBI Debit Card, you need to know the best debit card, its key benefits, annual charges, and others. A Debit Card is one of the highly productive banking products of SBI. We have been witnessing a rapid increase in the usage of debit cards in the current era due to digitization all over India. Besides fulfilling the multiple banking requirements, SBI debit card types also come with huge benefits and rewards. 

One can differentiate the SBI Debit Card Types depending on a slew of factors. Using a debit card/ATM card the customers can avail of several benefits such as shopping online/offline, paying a variety of bills, earning rewards, and more. We have compiled a list of vital points comparing different types of debit cards available to SBI customers.  In this guide, we have explained different SBI Debit Card Types and Charges, their benefits, and more. Have a glimpse!

SBI Debit Card Types

What are the SBI Debit Card Types and Benefits? Well, we have a total of 7 types of debit cards offered by SBI ranging from classic to platinum. SBI which boasts itself as the banker to every Indian is the most prevalent bank in the country delivering a wide range of banking and financial services to consumers. Among the myriad of services, the debit card is one such noteworthy banking product of SBI. 

With more than 22000 branches and 62600 ATMs all over the country, SBI renders its unique banking services throughout the country and outside India as well i.e., almost in 31 countries. With specific benefits and restrictions, SBI offers a total of 5 free ATM transactions to its customers per month using an SBI ATM Card or debit card. Apart from this, an SBI Debit cardholder can access a variety of benefits such as amazing rewards, exclusive discounts, insurance benefits, the latest banking updates in the form of SMS, and more.

SBI has designed and rolled out specific SBI ATM Card Types to satisfy different banking requirements of its customers in a variety of categories. Some of the debit cards are designed purely to fulfill the shopping needs while some others provide travel benefits, complimentary insurance, and more. To get the complete information about the SBI Debit Card Types and Benefits, annual charges, daily transaction limit, withdrawal limit, and more, just go through this in-depth guide. Take a look!

1. SBI Global International Debit Card

SBI Global International is one of the significant SBI Debit Card Types that offers exclusive shopping benefits to customers. Cardholders can gain a cashless shopping experience through this debit card. Upon making purchases using this debit card, consumers can earn attractive Rewardz points. As it comes with an integrated EMV chip, this debit card protects you against fraudulent transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Offers global debit card access to its customers.
  • This debit card can be operated at more than 50 lakh merchant outlets across India and more than 30 million outlets all over the globe.
  • Make quick bill payments, book movie tickets, travel bookings, online purchases, and more through the internet.
  • Highly secured and safe online shopping and e-commerce transactions.
  • Ability to withdraw cash from any SBI ATM or other bank ATMs globally.

2. SBI Gold International Debit Card

SBI Gold International Debit Card serves the great purpose of offering a higher cash withdrawal and transaction limit to customers. The debit cardholders can gain access to their account anytime and anywhere based on the requirement. Cardholders can gain 2 SBI rewards points on every Rs. 200 spent on dining, fuel filling, travel bookings, online expenditure, and more.

Key Benefits

  • Earn 200 bonus points on the first 3 purchase transactions
  • Avail of 2 reward points on various purchases like online shopping, booking travel tickets, etc.
  • Make quick bill payments, travel bookings, and book movie tickets using the debit card.
  • Avails national and international access to withdraw cash anywhere, anytime.
  • Safe and secure online shopping and quick cash transactions.

3. SBI Platinum International Debit Card

SBI Platinum International Debit Cardholders can perform various online transactions at great ease, purchase goods, pay bills, and book tickets easily. You can triple your reward points in a quarter upon making 3 transactions continuously through this debit card.

Key Benefits

  • Offers exclusive complimentary airport lounge access on SBI Platinum International Debit Card.
  • Provides free life insurance coverage of up to Rs. 5 lakhs

4. SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Debit Card

SBI Mumbai Metro Combo is one of the significant SBI Debit Card Types and Benefits. As the name suggests, the Mumbai Metro debit card is an extremely beneficial debit card for the Mumbai metro commuters who often travel on metro trains. This debit card comes with a myriad of travel benefits. Also, this card saves the precious time of the frequent travellers slashing the necessity of standing in long queues every day at the metro stations.

Key Benefits

  • Provides copious travelling benefits in Mumbai metro stations.
  • Serves dual purposes such as payment with an access card and shopping with an ATM debit card.
  • Levies minimal annual maintenance charges of Rs. 175.

5. SBI My Card International Debit Card

SBI My Card International Debit Card comes with an in-built EMV Chip that offers extra security to the cardholders. It’s an exclusive debit card that lets the customers exhibit their exceptional style and personality. This debit card also enables the cardholders to customize it by picking from a myriad of bright and fascinating photographs available in the gallery.

Key Benefits

  • Allows you to shop at more than 6 lakh merchant outlets in India and more than 30 million internationally.
  • Enjoy convenient cashless shopping by customizing the debit card.
  • Gain freedom rewardz points upon purchases done using the SBI My Card international debit card.

6. SBI IOCL Co-Branded Contactless RuPay Debit Card

SBI has launched this IOCL Co-branded contactless debit card with a couple of variants such as global and platinum. Through this debit card, the cardholders can enjoy additional reward points at all IOCL retail stores. SBI IOCL contactless RuPay Debit Card comes with an integrated EMV chip. 

Key Benefits

  • Comes with enhanced security features
  • Earn extra reward points at all IOCL outlets
  • SBI IOCL Co-branded debit card variants can be accessed globally for making purchases at restaurants, offline shopping, and more.

7. Electronic Debit Card for Overdraft Account

Electronic Debit Card for Overdraft Account is one of the significant SBI Debit Card Types available to SBI customers. Electronic Card for Overdraft account comes with two variants i.e., standard and premium. This contactless debit card provides domestic access to cardholders.

Key Benefits

  • No cash limit on performing daily transactions at ATMs
  • Doesn’t levy any sort of fees/charges on the issuance of the debit card.
  • Offers two different variants of Electronic Debit Card.

SBI Debit Cards Comparison

In the tabular form given below, we have compiled a list of debit cards designed and rolled out by SBI. Just by looking at the table, you can easily compare the maximum withdrawal or transaction limit that a cardholder can utilize through different debit card variants, maximum daily purchase limit, reward points, annual charges, issuance charges, and more. Check it out!

SBI Debit Card TypeMaximum Withdrawal/Transaction Limit per DayMaximum Purchase Limit per DayDebit Card Issuance Charges Reward PointsAnnual ChargesCard Replacement Charges
SBI Global International Debit CardRs. 40,000Rs. 75,000NIL2 SBI Rewardz pointRs. 125 + GSTRs. 300 + GST
SBI Gold International Debit CardRs. 50,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 100 + GST2 SBI Rewardz pointRs. 175 + GSTRs. 300 + GST
SBI Platinum International Debit CardRs. 1,00,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 300 + GST2 SBI Rewardz pointRs. 250 + GSTRs. 300 + GST
SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Debit CardRs. 40,000Rs. 75,000Rs. 100 [Card pre-loaded with Rs. 50]2 SBI Rewardz pointRs. 175 + GSTRs. 300 + GST
SBI My Card International Debit CardRs. 40,000Rs. 75,000Rs. 250 + GST__Rs. 175 + GST per annum [From 2nd Year]Not Applicable
SBI IOCL Co-Branded Contactless RuPay Debit Card [Both Vairants]Rs. 40,000Rs. 75,000 [Global Variant]
Rs. 2,00,000 [Platinum Variant]
Nil [Global Variant] 
Rs. 300 + GST [Platinum Variant]
__Rs. 125 + GST [Global variant]
Rs. 250 + GST [Platinum Variant]
Rs. 300 + GST
Electronic Debit Card for Overdraft Account [Both Variants]NILRs. 75,000 [Standard Variant]
Rs. 2,00,000 [Platinum Variant]
NIL__Rs. 125 + GST [Standard Variant]Rs. 250 + GST [Platinum Variant]Rs. 300 + GST for both variants
SBI Debit Cards Comparison


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about various SBI Debit Card Types available to SBI customers. We hope this guide has given adequate information about the SBI Debit Card Types and Benefits, different charges levied on the customers annually, and more. If you still have any doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to our website – MoneyCompass for more articles related to SBI ATM Card Types, debit card services, and more.

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