SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card: Benefits, Eligibility, Charges, and Limits

Are you a frequent traveller? If you are a resident of Mumbai looking forward to escaping the long queues in the metro stations of the metropolitan city then, you must have a Mumbai Metro SBI Card. With more than 23 million people, Mumbai is the 6th most populous metropolitan city in the world. Most people in the city of Mumbai frequently travel in metro trains to move from one place to another place. 

To save your precious time, money, and energy on busy days, you need to have an SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card. It is a highly exceptional dual debit card that works as a payment card as well as an access card at various metro stations in Mumbai. As it is a combo debit card, the Mumbai Metro SBI Cardholders can utilize this card at various metro stations. Also, it can be utilized for making purchases at a variety of merchandise available across different regions of the nation and globally.

Besides this, the cardholders can enjoy unlimited SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card Benefits through this debit card. Through this debit card, one can get exceptional travel and shopping experience without any hassle. If you are unaware of the detailed procedure on how to apply for Mumbai Metro SBI Card, the debit card limit, annual charges, eligibility criteria, and more, just go through this post. Take a look!

SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card

State Bank of India has rolled out a unique co-branded debit card – SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card to enable a variety of access to banking benefits, exceptional services, and more to the cardholders. Through this debit card, the customers can access Mumbai Metro tickets and meet their shopping needs at more than 10 lakh merchant outlets in the nation. 

The cardholders can utilize the Mumbai Metro SBI Card to purchase various goods at thousands of merchant establishments set up across different regions of the country. Besides this, the SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card customers can travel on Mumbai Metro trains. The cardholders can also use the debit card to make online payments and withdraw cash in India and outside the country.

SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card provides a myriad of benefits to metro travellers. This card works as a standard shopping debit card and access card at various metro stations in Mumbai. Mumbai Metro SBI Card prevents the necessity of waiting in queues at the ticket vending machines or ticket windows to buy tokens at different Mumbai metro stations. 

Using Master Secure Code, the cardholders can easily make payments through the combo debit card via the internet. Also, the cardholders can withdraw cash from various SBI Group ATMs or other bank ATMs in the country and outside India using this SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card. To learn more about the variety of SBI Debit Card types available to the customers, revisit our MoneyCompass website frequently. 

Mumbai Metro SBI Card Benefits

Wondering what are the key SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card Benefits? SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card offers a wide variety of benefits to cardholders that include both travel benefits and purchase benefits. If you are eager to know the significant benefits of the metro debit card, just scroll down through this post. Check it out!

  • There is no necessity to stand in queues at the ticket counters of various Metro Stations in the city of Mumbai to purchase metro tokens. All you need to do is simply tap the debit card at the gate and travel to your preferred location. 
  • Offers straight access to the entry gate at the Mumbai Metro Stations 
  • Allows you to travel to different places just by tapping the metro debit card at the entry gates 
  • Mumbai Metro combo card provides exciting offers and incredible services to cardholders.
  • Make easy payments through various online mediums. This combo card helps the cardholders to easily book travel tickets, and movie tickets, and aids you to indulge in a plethora of entertainment activities.
  • Enjoy a smooth, secure, and hassle-free travel experience and finish online payments with this debit card. 
  • To secure yourself from fraudulent activities and theft of the debit card, you can register for the MasterCard’s SecureCode service and carry out the transactions without any difficulty.  
  • At the ATMs that support a variety of cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro Cards, the cardholders can easily withdraw cash.
  • One of the significant SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card Benefits is that it offers an exclusive loyalty reward program to the cardholders. Earn 2 SBI Rewardz Points upon purchasing Rs. 200 while shopping, dining, filling fuel, travel booking, and spending goods online.
  • Gain 200 bonus points upon making 1st three purchase transactions while accessing the Mumbai Metro SBI Card within a month.
  • On your birthday month, the standard points which you have earned will be doubled.

That’s all! These are some of the noteworthy SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card Benefits that can be enjoyed by the cardholders. 

SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card Limit

SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card provides a specific daily cash limit at ATMs and a daily point of sales or online transaction limit to the cardholders. The customers can enjoy both minimum and maximum Mumbai Metro SBI Card Limit benefits. In general, the daily cash limit range relies on the region in which you access this combo card at both regional and international locations. 

The minimum daily cash limit at domestic ATMs is Rs. 100 while the maximum cash limit is Rs. 40000. In the case of the international locations, the daily cash limit will differ from one ATM to another ATM. The maximum daily cash limit at international ATMs using this combo card varies from one country to another country subject to a maximum of USD equivalent to Rs. 40000 per day.

There is no daily minimum transaction Mumbai Metro SBI Card Limit at the point of sales terminals or online mediums at the regional locations. The maximum daily Point of Sales or online transaction limit in domestic regions is Rs. 75000. In the case of international locations, the maximum daily online transaction limit available to the SBI Mumbai Metro Combo cardholders relies on the country i.e., the maximum per transaction and per month limit of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 50000, available only at handpicked global online websites.

When a card-to-card transfer is performed within SBI in domestic regions then, the transaction limit will be Rs. 15000 per transaction for a maximum of 3 transactions per day. The transaction limit in international regions is not applicable. The cardholders will receive instant SMS alert messages whenever all the cash withdrawals or online transactions or purchase transactions are performed using the SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card.

SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Debit Card LimitDomestic AccessInternational Access
Minimum Daily Cash Limit at ATMsRs. 100Differs from ATM to ATM
Maximum Daily Cash Limit at ATMsRs. 40000Differs from country to country, subject to a maximum of USD equivalent to Rs. 40000 per day
Minimum Daily Transaction Limit [PoS/Online]No LimitNo Limit but depends on local rules and regulations
Maximum Daily Transaction Limit [PoS/Online]Rs. 75000PoS Transaction Limit: Rs. 75000Online Transaction Limit: Rs. 50000 [Only at select international online websites]
Card to Card Transfer [Within SBI]Rs. 15000 per transaction [A maximum of 3 transactions per day]Not Applicable
SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card Limit

Mumbai Metro SBI Card Charges

SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Cardholders will be levied certain charges after the issuance of the combo card. It includes the issuance charges, card replacement charges, and annual maintenance charges. At the time of the debit card issuance, the concerned authorities will levy an issuance fee of Rs. 100. However, the Mumbai Metro Combo Card comes pre-loaded with an amount of Rs. 50. This particular amount can be utilized by the cardholders while travelling to any of the places in Mumbai city through a metro train. 

An annual maintenance charge of Rs. 175 will be imposed on the cardholders alongside additional GST charges. A total of Rs. 300 alongside an applicable GST will be levied as card replacement charges on the customers of Mumbai Metro SBI Card. However, the below-mentioned charges may be subject to revision every once in a while. Check the tabular form furnished below comprising the SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card fee particulars and other charges.

SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card Fee ParticularsCharges
Issuance ChargesRs. 100 at the time of the combo card issuanceMetro Card comes pre-loaded with Rs. 50
Annual Maintenance ChargesRs. 175 plus GST
Card Replacement ChargesRs. 300 plus applicable GST
Mumbai Metro SBI Card Charges

SBI Mumbai Metro Card Eligibility

Individuals who are willing to apply for the metro debit card need to fulfill the following SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card eligibility criteria. Check the eligibility guidelines to apply for the Mumbai Metro SBI Card furnished below.

  • Applicants must hold valid savings or current accounts with the State Bank of India.
  • The individual must be an existing eligible SBI Customer to apply for the Mumbai Metro SBI Debit Card.
  • The age of the applicant must be equal to or above 18 years.
  • On behalf of the minors, the guardians or parents of that applicant can apply for the debit card.
  • Applicants need to submit some important proofs such as identity proof, address proof, and others. Any of the following can act as identity and address proofs.
    • Aadhaar Card
    • PAN Card
    • Driving License
    • Voter ID Card
    • Passport

How to Apply for Mumbai Metro SBI Debit Card

Eagerly waiting to apply for Mumbai Metro SBI Card? The procedure to apply for the combo card is quite simple. The individuals can carry out the Mumbai Metro SBI Debit card application procedure online i.e., through the official website of SBI. Let us go through the in-depth guide to learn the step-wise procedure to apply for Mumbai Metro SBI Card via Read on!

  • Initially, go to the official website of the State Bank of India i.e.,
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the ‘Login’ section. Click on the button that reads ‘Continue to Login’.
  • On the next screen, you need to fill in the crucial login details such as the User ID and Password. Click on the Login button. 
  • After logging into the SBI net banking account, move towards the tab ‘e-Services’ shown at the top of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, you can find a list of services.
  • From the list, you need to choose the option ‘ATM Card Services’ and click on it.
  • On the next screen, a total of 6 options will show up. Further, click on the option ‘Request ATM/Debit Card’. 
  • On the next page, you will be asked to choose your primary SBI account.
  • Choose the category of your debit card and enter your name in the specified field.
  • Select the type of card from the drop-down list i.e., Master/Visa Card.
  • You need to tick the checkbox to accept all the terms and conditions. Hit the Submit button.
  • On the next screen, you can find all your account details, card details, and type of card.
  • Pick the delivery address at which the SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card will be sent i.e., registered address or new address.
  • If you want to give a new residential address, you need to fill in the new address details. Further, click on the ‘submit’ button.
  • On the next page, you need to choose an option to validate i.e., using OTP or using a profile password.
  • Select your preferred option based on the availability. If you have a registered mobile number with SBI officials, you can proceed with the OTP option.
  • Your registered mobile number will be received OTP. Enter the same in the given field. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • ‘Congratulations, your card request has been recorded. You will receive your Debit Card within 7-8 working days is the message shown on the screen.

That’s it! This is the simple procedure on how to apply for the SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card.


Well, through this in-depth guide, we have summarized all the key points about the SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card. In addition, we have covered the most important points such as the benefits, debit card limit, key features, eligibility guidelines, and application procedure of the SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card

We hope the crucial points covered in the review of SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card Benefits have helped you pick the right debit card to meet your metro travel requirements and a variety of purchase benefits. Do you have any other doubts or queries about this article? If so, let us know in the comments section.

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