Kerala Ration Card Eligibility, Application Procedure, and Status Check

The Kerala state government issues ration cards to those who are seeking government benefits. Only those people that belong to financially backward sections of the society will be granted ration. The essential food grains are given to the poor at subsidised costs by the government. The Civil Supplies Department of Kerala is the one that looks after the ration card issuing and all. Kerala Ration Card can be obtained by those who fall in the APL, BPL and other categories as decided by the Kerala government. Readers looking for more information on various ration cards can have a glance at our ration cards section of this portal.

Kerala Ration Card 2022

The ration cards offered by the state government of Kerala serve as proof of identity other than to fetch the ration. The ration card is considered as an important document by the citizens of the state and they make sure to attain it to get access to the government-offered goods and commodities along with the benefits from various schemes. Here in this article, we have enclosed everything about Ration Card Details Kerala. If you are also looking for the same information, give this article a complete read.

Kerala Ration Card Eligibility

The eligibility criteria to apply for a ration card in Kerala is as follows.

  • Only the citizens of India are eligible to apply for a ration card in Kerala.
  • Only permanent and legal residents of Kerala state can apply.
  • Citizens who possess other ration cards cannot apply.
  • Newly married couples can apply for a new ration card.

Types of Ration Cards Issued in Kerala

If you want to know the Kerala Ration Card Types, there are namely three and are as follows.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana

The poor people will be issued this yellow colour card under which the government will issue 35kg of rice and wheat for free.

Priority or BPL

People who fall below the poverty line are issued the pink cards and are given 5 kgs of food grains free of cost.

Non- Priority Subsidy or APL

People who belong to the above poverty line are given 2kg of rice per head in the family at Rs.2 per kg. The card is blue.

How to Apply for Ration Card in Kerala?

If you are looking for How to Apply for Ration Card in Kerala here we have explained three procedures to do it. Take a look!

Online Procedure

  • Open the official website of the Civil Supplies Department of Kerala –
  • If you have a ration card earlier, enter the barcode that is present on the back of your ration card and register on the website first.
  • If you want to apply for a new ration card click on the respective option and the application form opens.
  • Fill the form carefully without mistakes and submit it.
  • Now click on the activation link shown on the page and log in using the user ID and password.
  • This is how you get a Ration Card Online in Kerala.

If you have selected the new ration card application, three options will be displayed:

  1. Issue of new ration card
  2. Non Inclusion certificate
  3. Non-Renewal certificate
  • Select the option you want from the given options and click on the New Application for a new ration card.
  • Enter all the details as required and upload the documents and then submit the form.
  • Take a note of the application number for future use.
  • Submit the form 
  • Step 15: The applicant can take print of the application. Note the application number for future purposes.
  • Submit the application form along with all documents at the TSO office.
  • Now login to the website to check the status of the application.
  • If your application is approved, you have to pay the application fee.
  • After further processing, a ration card will be issued.

As you are done learning how to apply for E Ration Card Kerala, it is time to know about the process through Akshaya Centers and TSO or DSO Office.

Apply through Akshaya Centers

  • Visit the nearby Akshaya centre and take an application form.
  • Fill the form and submit it along with the mentioned documents for verification purposes.
  • If you already have a ration card, submit it along with the application form.
  • Your digital picture will be captured at the centre and the application, as well as the documents, will be verified thoroughly.
  • You have to pay the application fee for the form.

Apply through TSO or DSO Office

  • Go to the TSO or DSO nearby.
  • Get an application form to apply for a new ration card by paying Rs.5.
  • Fill the form with appropriate details and submit it to the concerned officer along with the essential documents.
  • The documents will be verified and the ration card will be sent to the address of the applicant within 15 days.

Procedure to Check Kerala Ration Card Status

The following steps will aid you to check Ration Card Application Status Kerala. 

  • Open the Civil Supplies Department of Kerala.
  • Click on the “Application Status” tab on the homepage.
  • It will take you to a new page that prompts you to enter your application number and captcha.
  • After entering, click on submit.
  • The status of your Kerala ration card will be displayed.

How To Remove Members from Kerala Ration Card?

  • As usual, open the official web portal of the Civil Supplies Department.
  • From the menu select the “ration card application forms” option.
  • Select the “Application Form for Removing Members from Ration Card” option.
  • A form appears on the screen.
  • Take a printout of the card and fill it with the details.
  • Attest the required documents and submit them at the TSO nearby.

How to Transfer Kerala Ration Card?

  • Open the Civil Supplies Department of Kerala website.
  • From the menu select the “Ration Card application Forms” option.
  • It will open a new page where you can find various Ration Card Application Kerala forms.
  • Application Form for Transfer of Ration Card Members to Another State”
  • Application Form for Transfer of Ration Card to another State
  • The Application Form for Transfer of Ration Card to another Taluk
  • Application Form for Transfer of Ration Card Members to Another Taluk
  • Click on the option you want and it will appear on the screen.
  • Download and take a printout of the form and fill it with the necessary details.
  • Attach the documents as cited by the department and submit them at the nearest TSO.


These are some of the frequently asked questions that we have answered.

  1. 1. How can I make a change to the Kerala ration card?

    You can do the changes to the ration card by going to the website and clicking on the “Application form for making corrections in the ration card” link. A form will be downloaded which needs to be filled with the new changes and subsequently submitted at the office.

  2. 2. How many days will it take to get a new ration card in Kerala?

    It will take around 15 days to issue a ration card in Kerala. You can however check the Ration Card Status Kerala online.

  3. 3. Can I transfer Kerala ration cards in online process?

    No! The applicant must visit the department office to transfer the Kerala ration card.

  4. What is the fee for the Kerala ration card application form?

    The fee for processing the Kerala ration card application form is Rs.5.


This is the complete article on Kerala Ration Card. We hope the information encircled in this article is helpful for you in applying for a new ration card for yourself. If you find our article informative and want to come across more such articles in the future, do visit our moneycompass and show your support.

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