Passport Forms: Where to Submit Passport Application Form?

A Passport is a significant travel document issued to Indian citizens for an abroad visit. Using a passport, an individual can easily travel to any country outside India. Besides a travel document, a passport also acts as a vital identity proof of the passport holder. The citizenship of the individual can be identified with a passport. Hence it acts as an identity as well as an address proof of the passport holder in India. 

The Ministry of External Affairs has simplified the passport application process making it accessible both online and offline. Whether you are looking to apply for a passport or seeking to get some other passport-related services, everything has a specific application form. For those who aren’t aware of the availability of a Passport form, annexures, affidavits, and more, here is the right guide. In this post, we have covered important information regarding the online passport form, various passport services, and more. Take a look!

Where Can I Get Passport Application Form?

People seeking to apply for a passport or looking forward to utilizing some passport-related services need to provide some of the relevant documents to the passport office authorities. There will be some exclusive supporting documents related to different passports and various passport-specific services. Wondering where can I get an Indian Passport Application Form? Well, individuals can easily download a passport form online in case of applying offline mode. 

Applicants can apply for a passport either online or offline. The individuals can fill out the application form online and submit it directly on the official website. On the other hand, the applicants can download the Online Passport Application Form and fill it out manually. Later, the application form can be submitted to the nearby Passport Seva Kendra at the time of the document verification. 

1. Online Availability

Individuals can obtain the application forms to apply for a passport online i.e., at the official website of Passport Seva portal The passport application form can be filled out in two modes online. One can easily fill out the passport application e-form and submit the same online after logging into the portal post the completion of the registration procedure. Another mode of submitting the passport application form is to simply download the e-form, fill it out manually and upload the form further to the portal.

2. Offline Availability

On the other hand, the Passport Application Form PDF can also be accessible in offline mode. The offline passport application forms can also be accessible in two modes. The applicants can download the application form through the official passport website and take a printout of the same after filling in the vital details manually. The second mode of obtaining the passport application form is to purchase it in any store, fill it manually and submit the application form at the nearby passport Seva Kendra, regional passport office, or the district passport cell  [DpC], citizen service center [CSC] or through Speed Post Centre [SPC]. 

However, the availability of an Indian Passport Application Form is quite simple, quick through online mode compared to the offline availability. Mostly, the new passport applications or fresh passport application forms will be available offline in specific areas. The aforementioned centers such as PO, DPC, CSC, SPC, etc., don’t handle the application processing of other applications.

Where to Submit Passport Application Form?

An individual can easily submit the Indian Passport Application Form in two different ways i.e., online and offline. Based on the application procedure, the applicants can choose any of the ways to submit the application form. However, the online passport forms must be submitted online. On the other hand, the downloaded or print application forms can be submitted offline. 

If you choose the online mode then, you can visit the official website of Passport Seva Portal to submit the application form whereas the offline submissions can be done at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra or other relevant passport centers. Based on the mode of application forms submission, the application fee payment of the passport the document submission will differ.

1. Online Mode of Passport Application Form Availability

Individuals can access different types of passport forms through the official passport Seva portal. Once you visit the official website of Passport Seva, you will find a section namely ‘Forms and Affidavits’ on the left-hand side of the screen. The list of options that will be displayed on the screen are furnished below:

  • Application forms for Printing
  • Statement of Undertaking GSR 570 (e) format
  • E-Forms for Download
  • Annexures to Forms and Supporting Affidavits

2. E-Form Availability for Passport Application Online 

The applicants can find the passport application e-form online. The individuals can fill and submit the e-form online or offline. In offline mode, the applicants need to fill them manually and upload the e-forms further to the relevant link. Individuals can easily download the list of e-forms from the official website of Passport Seva portal furnished below:

  • Fresh/New Passport Application Form
  • Renewal Passport Application Form
  • Forms for Identity Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Surrender Certificate Application, etc.

In case, the applications have been already processed at the PSKs or regional passport offices [RPOs], e-forms must be submitted online. The printout format of the applications won’t be accepted at the PSKs and RPOs. Applicants need to make sure that they need to have the Acrobat Reader Version 9 to access any of the aforementioned e-forms.

Print Forms

The Passport Seva official portal provides links to access specific forms for those who are seeking to acquire various passport-related services. The e-forms available on the portal must be submitted only online whereas the remaining forms available on the portal can be downloaded and printed in offline mode. Such forms can be filled in manually and can be submitted in offline mode i.e., at specific passport centers. The application forms except the e-forms must be printed on A4 size paper. The following forms can be downloaded and printed from the official website:

  • Application Form for Fresh/Renewal or Reissue of Passport
  • Forms for Identity Certificate, Surrender Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate
  • Supplementary Form for Fresh/Renewal or Reissue of Passport Application
  • LOC Permit Application Form
  • Instructions Booklet for the aforementioned main and supplementary forms

Make sure you have the Acrobat Reader Version 9 to access these forms.

Annexures and Affidavits

Affidavits, certain certificates, specific letters, declarations, and others fall under Annexures. Along with the passport applications, the annexures must be submitted by the applicants whenever needed. some of the annexure types and affidavits that can be downloaded, printed, and accessed online are furnished below:

Annexure A – It is an affidavit that must be submitted by uneducated individuals supporting their birth date.

Annexure B – It’s an identity certificate that must be submitted by all the central and state government employees, PSU, and statutory body employees. Annexure B must be submitted by the respective spouses and children below 18 years.

Annexure C – It’s an affidavit that must be submitted by the mother or father of a minor child’s passport application in case the parents are separated but not divorced.

Annexure D – It is an affidavit that must be submitted by a female individual in case of a name change in the passport after marriage.

Annexure E – This affidavit must be submitted by the individual who is seeking to change his/her name or deed or sworn affidavit in the passport.

Annexure F – It is a verification certificate issued to passport applicants on a Tatkaal basis. To check the authenticity of the individual, the passport officials will verify this certificate.

Annexure G – It is a declaration form that must be submitted by the parent or a guardian of the minor at the time of passport application for the minor. This situation arises in case only the single parent has permitted the minor’s passport application.

Annexure H – It is a declaration form submitted by the guardians or parents of a minor for the passport application of the minor.

Annexure I – It is a standard affidavit wherein the applicant mentions his/her name, spouse’s name, or his/her parents’ name in the application. The applicant will also mention his/her residential address in the form and mentions he/she is an Indian citizen and free of criminal records.

Annexure J – It is a specimen verification certificate that must be submitted by the applicants alongside the standard affidavit as mentioned earlier in Annexure I. The chairman of apex business firms will provide this certificate to the member directors or partners or owners of the organization.

Annexure K – It is a specimen affidavit that must be submitted by the new applicants or individuals seeking passport renewal or acquiring the passport before marriage. This certificate must be submitted by the applicants who are married but facing some marital issues. In case, the applicants can’t submit the supporting marriage documents [such as the marriage certificate or joint affidavit], Annexure K will be accepted. This affidavit will also apply to those who are married and separated but not divorced.,

Annexure L – It is a specimen affidavit that must be submitted by the applicants in case of lost or damaged passport.

Annexure M – It is a no-objection certificate issued to the applicants by a specific ministry, office, or department mentioning that they have no objection to the applicant obtaining a passport.

Annexure N – It is a prior intimation letter that must be submitted by a Government, PSU, or statutory body employee. This intimation letter must be filled out to inform the employer that the individual is applying for a passport.

Authority Letter – It is an authorization letter that must be filled by the applicant to authorize a person other than himself or herself whilst submitting the passport application. This letter can also be utilized to authorize another person to get the passport and other relevant documents.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the Passport Form. Hopefully, this guide has given adequate information regarding the Passport Application Form PDF submission online or offline. If you still have any doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments space. For more articles related to passports, types of passport applications, PSK, passport application payment modes, and more, stay tuned to our website MoneyCompass.

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