Passport Seva Camp: Application Procedure, Required Documents

Fed up standing in long queues at the PSK? Well, as the count of the number of passport applicants has reached peaks across different cities across the nation, the Government has decided to set up mobile PSKs to facilitate the applicants. Launched with the name of ‘Passport Seva Camp‘, the Government decided to address the copious issues the passport applicants have been facing over years. A Passport is an important travel document issued to the citizens planning for international tours as part of business works, officials matters, and others. 

Whether it is a visa-free nation or a nation that allows other country citizens through visa on arrival, a passport has turned out to become the mandatory travel document. An individual must submit some of the crucial set of documents that certifies their proof of address, age, and more to procure a passport. Usually, the Government-allotted Passport Offices at various cities across the country take care of the procedural work of verifying the applicant’s identity and issuing a passport at most places in India. 

To curtail the long queues and hundreds of people waiting for their turn for document verification purposes on the appointment at passport office, the Government has launched the Mobile PSK. This guide explains everything about the Passport Seva Camp, the application procedure of a passport at mobile PSK, and required documents during the application procedure. Have a glance!

What is Passport Seva Camp / Mobile PSK?

A Passport Seva Camp commonly refers to a mobile van or a temporary Passport Seva Kendra established in different areas that are situated far away from the ordinary PSKs that include identified cities or towns and university campuses. The Indian Government has initiated the Passport Seva Camp all over the country on 18th October 2016. Mobile PSKs have been set up by the government intending to provide quick passport services to the individuals who stay far from the Passport Seva Kendras. 

This initiative of the Government is taken to enhance the Indian citizen’s ease and convenience. The External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj meanwhile approved this initiative and decided to hold such mobile PSKs across the nation occasionally. Individuals who wish to apply for a passport but reside in remote locations and other faraway regions can visit the Passport Seva Camps on a specific date as notified by the Government. Such individuals can apply for the passport at the mobile PSK and submit the relevant documents and the application.

As per the norms and regulations of the Passport Seva Kendra, each Passport Seva Camp will have the following facilities. Verification Officers, Citizen Service Executives, Granting Officers, High-Speed Internet Facility and other essential devices are must and should be available at these Passport Seva Camps. The exceptional devices for application data entry processing such as document printer, scanner, camera, fingerprint capture device, etc., will be required at the mobile PSKs. 

Procedure to Apply Passport at Passport Seva Camps

If you are not aware of the procedure on how to apply for a passport at the Passport Seva Camp then, you are at the right place. As per the strict guidelines of the Passport Seva Kendra, the provision of police clearance certificate [PCC], Tatkal Passport applications, and other miscellaneous applications aren’t accepted at the Passport Seva Camps. 

People willing to apply for a fresh passport or the reissuance of the passport can only visit the Passport Seva Camps for the application. Additionally, the passport application procedure is only available under the normal scheme. It isn’t available for those who want to apply for a passport in case of loss or damage.

  • The applicant must carry out the passport application procedure online before heading to the mobile PSK. 
  • Submit the fully filled passport application form online through the Passport Seva Kendra Portal. 
  • After submitting the application form online, take a printout of the same for further reference purposes.
  • The applicant will obtain an Application Reference Number [ARN] Receipt. 
  • The applicant must visit the Passport Seva Camp carrying the receipt and submit the application form for the passport to the concerned authorities. 

That’s all! This is the simple procedure to apply for a passport at the Passport Seva Camps.

Documents Required for Applying for Passport @ Passport Seva Camp

Here is a list of vital documents that must be submitted at the Passport Seva Camp for the passport application.

  • Online Application Reference Number Receipt [ARN] that has been printed from the official website of Passport Seva Portal.
  • SBI Payment Receipt, wherever applicable,
    • 2 Recent Passport Size Color Photos [With a White Background]
    • Original Supporting Documents alongside self-attested copies of the same
    • Old or Existing Passport Booklet for Passport Reissuance. In such a case, the verification officer will cancel the old passport and returns it to the applicant after the completion of all the necessary formalities.

Key Things to Note Before Visiting Passport Seva Camp

Before visiting the Passport Seva Camp, the applicant must keep a few important things in mind. We mentioned some of the noteworthy things in this guide below. Check it out!

  • An individual must and should take an appointment before going to the Passport Seva Camp. Before visiting the mobile PSK, the applicant must submit the online passport application through the Passport Seva Portal. 
  • Applicants must make the payment of the prescribed application fee either online or offline.
  • Another notable point is that the complete details regarding the Passport Seva Camp will be available on the PSK portal’s homepage.
  • The applicant isn’t eligible to apply for a Global Entry Program [GEP] passport application and the background verification for the same isn’t entertained at the mobile PSK. GEP is a Global Entry Program referred to as the US Customs and Border Protection [CBP]  Trusted Traveller Program. This program usually permits accelerated clearance for pre-approved and risk-free voyagers after arrival in the United States via specific passages and kiosks from which the Indian individuals are eligible.
  • The application forms that are filled manually will not be accepted at the mobile PSKs. Make sure you submit the application form online and take the printout of the form to the Passport Seva Camp for submission.

Final Words

After filling the application form online, submitting the same online, paying the stipulated fee, and booking an appointment at the mobile PSK, the applicants can visit the Passport Seva Camp. Make sure you finish all these things before heading to the mobile PSK. We hope this guide has given adequate information about the application procedure for a passport at the camp, required documents, and more. If you have any other queries on this topic, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We try to answer all your queries as soon as possible with precise answers. Until then, stay tuned to MoneyCompass following our frequent updates about the Passport services, latest news, and more.

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