SBI Platinum International Debit Card: Benefits, Eligibility, Limits, and Charges

Looking to apply for SBI Platinum Debit Card? State Bank of India is one of the oldest public sector banks in the country that delivers an extensive range of banking services and financial products to its customers. Debit Card is an exceptional banking product offered by SBI to the public. A debit card, prevalently known as an ATM Card is a payment card that can be accessed by the cardholders to make cashless payments and purchases. 

SBI has come up with a wide variety of debit card types to serve various financial needs of cardholders. Using the SBI RuPay Platinum Debit Card, cardholders can easily access their corresponding bank accounts anytime, anywhere. To make easy payments online, and carry out a slew of transactions in India and abroad, you can utilize this debit card type. 

One can even use this debit card to purchase any of the products at thousands of merchant outlets present in and outside India. SBI Platinum Debit Card benefits, eligibility criteria, transaction limit, withdrawal limit, annual charges levied on the debit card, and more have been explained below in this guide. If you are looking to apply for an SBI Platinum International Debit Card then, go through this in-depth guide. Have a look!

SBI Platinum International Debit Card

SBI Platinum International Debit Card is a unique debit card that enables the bearers to enjoy a cashless shopping experience. As it is an international debit card, it can be utilized to make payments, purchases, and more in India and overseas as well. Individuals can gain attractive SBI Rewardz Points upon making purchases or payments using a debit card. 

State Bank of India Platinum Debit Card will be available to customers in two different variants i.e., Visa and Mastercard. Through this debit card, the cardholders can enjoy unlimited benefits ranging from cashless transactions to quick ATM withdrawals. One of the major SBI Platinum debit card benefits is that it provides an insurance cover of Rs. 5 Lakhs to its customers.

As it is an SBI RuPay Platinum Debit Card, this debit card provides big transaction limits and withdrawal limits to customers considering the frequent shoppers. Whenever you access this debit card to shop at various outlets or in online stores, you can earn exclusive State Bank Rewardz Points. The SBI VISA Platinum Debit Card comes with certain transaction limits and withdrawal limits. There will be certain SBI Platinum debit card charges imposed on the customers such as annual charges, issuance charges, card replacement charges, and more. 

SBI Platinum debit card lounge access is available to the platinum debit cardholders. However, it is a complimentary airport lounge access offered to the SBI Platinum debit cardholders. SBI Platinum Debit Card issued to the cardholders in any of the variants such as the Visa, Rupay, and MasterCard comes with a complimentary airport lounge access. Each card network i.e., different variants of the debit card will follow certain terms and conditions.

SBI Platinum Debit Card Benefits

SBI offers a plethora of SBI Platinum debit card benefits to cardholders. If you are seeking to apply for the platinum international debit card then, you must go through the noteworthy benefits of this card before the application. Go through the list of benefits of the SBI Platinum Debit Card curated below in this post. Check it out!

  • The cardholders can enjoy an exclusive cashless shopping experience at more than 52 lakh merchant outlets in the country and about 30 million outlets across the globe.
  • SBI VISA Platinum Debit cardholders can book movie tickets, pay a variety of bills, book travel tickets, and make online or offline purchases easily.
  • Using this debit card, the cardholders can withdraw cash from SBI ATMs and other banks’ ATMs in India and globally.
  • One of the significant SBI Platinum debit card benefits is that it provides complimentary SBI Platinum debit card lounge access to customers. However, this airport lounge access is given to the cardholders in one of the select variants of the debit cards as per the terms and conditions of SBI.
  • SBI Platinum debit cardholders can get remarkable transaction limits, and cash limits from the card providers. As this debit card offers huge limits, it would be suitable for people who wish to enjoy big-spending frequently.
  • Cardholders can enjoy safe and secure online shopping and e-commerce transactions through this SBI Platinum Debit Card.

SBI Platinum Debit Card Limit

SBI Platinum International Debit Card comes with a myriad of benefits. This debit card offers a daily cash limit at ATMs as well as a daily purchase limit to its cardholders when the card is accessed to make both online and offline purchases. An SBI Platinum debit card limit will be available to the cardholders. This debit card can be accessed by customers in domestic and international regions. 

The daily minimum cash SBI RuPay Platinum debit card limit at domestic ATMs is Rs. 100 while the maximum cash limit is Rs. 100000. In the case of the international regions, the daily cash limit will vary from one ATM to another ATM. The maximum daily cash limit at international ATMs using this debit card varies from country to country subject to a maximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 100000.

The maximum daily Point of Sales or online transaction limit in domestic regions is Rs. 200000. There is no daily minimum transaction SBI Platinum debit card limit at the point of sales terminals or online mediums in domestic regions. In the case of the maximum daily online transaction limit, the maximum transaction limit is the foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 50000. 

However, this limit is available only on specific international online websites. In the case of international locations, the maximum daily transaction limit performed at PoS terminals available to the SBI VISA Platinum debit cardholders depends on the country subject to the maximum foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 200000.

SBI Platinum International Debit CardDomestic AccessInternational Access
Minimum Daily Cash Limit at ATMsRs. 100Differs from ATM to ATM
Maximum Daily Cash Limit at ATMsRs. 1,00,000Differs from country to country, subject to a maximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 1,00,000
Minimum Daily Transaction Limit [PoS/Online]No LimitNo limit but depends on local regulation
Maximum Daily Transaction Limit [PoS/Online]Rs. 2,00,000PoS Transaction Limit: Differs from nation to nation, subject to a maximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 2,00,000
Online Transaction Limit: Maximum per transaction and per month limit of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 50,000, available only at select international online websites.
SBI Platinum Debit Card Limits

SBI Platinum International Debit Card Charges

In the tabular form furnished below, we have curated the SBI Platinum debit card charges. It comprises various fee particulars such as debit card issuance charges, annual maintenance charges, card replacement charges, and more. 

Whenever you make cash transactions at SBI ATMs, you won’t be imposed any sort of additional charges. But, if you make transactions at other banks’ ATMs more than 5 times then, you will be levied certain charges. The complete SBI Platinum debit card charges have been listed below. Check it out!

SBI Platinum Debit Card ParticularsCharges/Fees
Issuance ChargesRs. 300 plus GST
Annual Maintenance ChargesRs. 250 plus GST
Card Replacement ChargesRs. 300 plus GST
Transaction Charges at SBI ATMsNo Charges
Transaction charges at other Bank ATMsRs. 15 plus GST after the first 5 free transactions [Savings Account holders]
SBI Platinum International Debit Card Charges

SBI Platinum Debit Card Eligibility

Wondering what is the SBI Platinum debit card eligibility criteria? If you want to apply for the SBI Platinum debit card then, you must meet the following SBI Platinum debit card eligibility guidelines. The SBI authorities will issue SBI VISA Platinum Debit Card to the customers only if they find that the applicants had met all the eligibility rules. Check the crucial eligibility guidelines furnished below:

  • Applicants must have an age ranging between 21 and 60 years.
  • Individuals need to place a formal request at the SBI bank branch to acquire a platinum international debit card.
  • An individual must and should have an existing bank account [Savings account or Current account] associated with the SBI bank.
  • In case, the applicant is minor then, the parents or guardians of the applicant can apply for the debit card.
  • Individuals need to produce proof of address and government-approved identity proof such as an Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Passport, and others.

How to Apply SBI Platinum Debit Card?

Looking to apply for SBI RuPay Platinum Debit Card? If so, you can simply go through this detailed step-by-step procedure to understand how to apply for SBI Platinum Debit Card through the official SBI website. Make sure that you already hold a bank account with SBI. In case, if you don’t have an existing SBI account then, you must open fresh savings or current account with SBI. 

After successfully opening a bank account with SBI, you can head out to apply for an SBI VISA Platinum Debit Card. As you have both online and offline methods to apply for the debit card, you find application forms available on the official SBI website. Individuals planning to apply for an SBI Platinum Debit Card can visit the nearby SBI bank branch or apply for the same online. Check it out!

  • Initially, visit the official website of SBI i.e.,
  • On the home page of the website, you can find the link to log into the net banking account. Click on it.
  • On the next screen, tap the button ‘Continue to Login’. Enter the vital login credentials such as the username and password in the provided fields. Click on the Login button.
  • After fruitfully logging into the SBI net banking account, you will find a list of tabs at the top of the page.
  • Click on the tab ‘e-Services’ >> ‘ATM Card Services’ option.
  • On the next page, you can find 6 different options. From the list of options, you must tap the link ‘Request ATM/Debit Card’.
  • Upon choosing the request option, a couple of options will be shown on the screen i.e., Using a One-Time Password [OTP] and Using a Password.
  • Select any of the options based on your availability and choice.
  • If in case, you choose the first option, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP in the given field. 
  • If you choose the 2nd option, you must enter the profile password in the given field. 
  • Hit the submit button.
  • All your bank accounts associated with SBI will be shown on the next screen i.e., under the primary and secondary accounts option. 
  • In case, you have only a single bank account associated with SBI then, you can find the same details under both the options.
  • Pick the bank account for which you wish to get an SBI Platinum Debit Card.
  • In the next field, you will be prompted to enter tha name that you wish to get printed on the debit card. 
  • Further, you need to choose the type of debit card. Tick the checkbox to accept all the terms and conditions. 
  • Hit the submit button.
  • On the next page, all the details will be shown on the screen. Verify them once again and proceed. Click on the submit button.
  • Further, a confirmation message will be shown on the screen stating that ‘Your card request has been recorded’.
  • Within 7 to 8 working days, you will get your SBI RuPay Platinum Debit Card sent via post to your registered residential address.

That’s all! This is the simple procedure to apply for SBI Platinum International Debit Card online i.e., through SBI’s official website. 


Well, this is everything you need to know about the SBI Platinum International Debit Card. We hope that this guide explaining the SBI Platinum debit card benefits, charges, and eligibility criteria has given adequate information. Still, have doubts or queries over this topic? If so, let us know your doubts in the comments section. Stay tuned to our website MoneyCompass for more articles or posts related to SBI debit cards, savings accounts, credit cards, types of accounts, and more.

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