What To Do If Amount Debited But Cash Not Dispensed From SBI ATM?

Money debited, but not Received Cash from ATM? Don’t worry folks! Every individual might have faced or been aware of such failed ATM transactions at some or other time in their life. If you have experienced such a situation, you have a plethora of ways to come out of the problem. 

In the current epoch, the maximum number of people has been opting for online payment options such as UPIs, net banking, mobile banking, etc., to make fund transfers instantly. Still, withdrawing cash from ATMs is one of the traditional methods that most people access in their day-to-day transactions in India. 

Unfortunately, in a few cases, your transaction might get declined and you receive an SMS showing an amount deduction due to some technical issues or an SBI ATM running out of cash. There could be a few reasons behind the failed ATM transaction. You must take necessary action immediately by reporting the failed ATM Transaction in SBI. There are different ways to report a failed transaction at an SBI ATM. 

Let’s go through the in-depth guide on raising an SBI ATM Complaint when Cash Not Received From ATM but Amount Deducted SBI. Have a glimpse!

How to Report Failed ATM Transaction in SBI?

Looking to file an SBI ATM Cash Withdrawal Complaint? Let’s try to understand why we faced this issue beforehand. There could be multiple reasons behind SBI’s Failed ATM Transactions. 

Technical Issues

Well, an SBI customer who comes across such issues could be the technical fault of the ATM, malfunctioning of the machine, or running out of cash in ATM, and another reason could be some sort of fraud that took place at the ATM Centre. In the first case, the deducted amount will be credited to your account automatically in a couple of working days. Also, the bank will notify you regarding the failed transaction in the form of an SMS. 

Fraudulent Activities

What if the amount debited but cash not dispensed from ATM SBI due to some fraudulent activity? Most people come across fraud-related activities in some unfortunate situations. One must be very careful before heading out to withdraw cash from any SBI ATM. 

It is quite important to check the screen of the ATM before placing the card in the given slot and prior to entering the ATM PIN. Using a magnetic strip, a skimmer might read all your card data. Using that data, the skimmer could withdraw money from your account without your knowledge.

What to do?

If in case, your account hasn’t been credited with the deducted amount automatically then you can contact the SBI officials through any of the three different ways as furnished below. You can raise an SBI ATM Cash Withdrawal Complaint by calling the customer care service of SBI. Some other ways include visiting the bank branch of SBI and placing a complaint on SBI CMS Portal. 

One thing you must remember upon experiencing a failed ATM transaction is to safeguard the transaction slip so that the transaction reference number on the slip will be required while raising an SBI ATM Complaint. We have explained three methods to raise an SBI ATM Complaint in this article. Here are a few significant ways to claim your hard-earned money that you had lost whilst an SBI ATM Transaction. Have a look!

1. Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction by Calling Customer Care

One of the most preferred and easiest ways to report a failed ATM transaction is by calling the customer care service of the State Bank of India. Most banks in India offer their respective customer care services to their customers to file their complaints or requests via phone call or SMS. State Bank of India also provides such a facility to its customers to lodge an SBI ATM Cash Withdrawal Complaint. 

When you make a transaction through an SBI ATM but haven’t received any amount as the money got stuck in the machine then, you can file a complaint by calling the customer care service number. All you need to do is to call the below-mentioned SBI Customer Care Service Number and explain to the concerned executive regarding the failed ATM transaction that you had come across. Tell them your failed transaction reference number that you can find on the transaction slip. Make sure you call the customer care number within 24 hours from the time of the incident that took place at the ATM.

The customer care executive will register your complaint and generates a unique tracking number. During the verification process, the officials will look into the matter and finds out whether the mistake or error is from the bank’s side or not. If the corresponding authorities find your complaint as a valid one then, you will receive a refund on your bank account within a week or 7 business days. As per the rules and regulations of RBI, if the bank fails to refund the amount within 7 business days then, the SBI bank must give Rs. 100 per day for delay in the payment to the customer.

SBI Customer Care Number: 1800 425 3800

2. Report SBI ATM Complaint by Visiting Branch

If the SBI Customer Care Service couldn’t resolve the issue even after calling then, the next way is to visit the bank branch. Lodge a complaint regarding SBI Failed ATM Transaction by visiting the nearby bank branch in your region. If you are unable to lodge an SBI ATM Complaint through customer care service then, you can visit the nearest SBI bank branch in your location. 

Go to the helpdesk in the branch and communicate with the concerned executive. The person will provide you with a complaint tracking number after considering your complaint. The helpdesk executive will forward your complaint to the corresponding authorities to look into the issue. 

You can make a note of the tracking number to track the further processing of your complaint. Make sure to take the contact number of the concerned executive to follow up later regarding the complaint. If the mistake is from the bank’s side, your deducted amount will be refunded soon to your account.

3. Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction on SBI CMS Portal

Another method to report a failed transaction at SBI ATM is through the official website of SBI CMS. State Bank of India maintains a dedicated CMS Portal to help the customers drop their SBI transaction failed complaints. Through the CMS portal, the individuals can report their failed SBI ATM Transaction. 

  • Initially, go to the official website of SBI CMS Portal from your device i.e., at https://cms.onlinesbi.com/CMS/. 
  • On the home page of the portal, you can find a form.
  • You will be prompted to fill in the crucial details in the form such as the Customer Type, Name of the Complainant, Account Number, Mobile Number, Branch Code, Category of the complaint, Email ID of the customer, Nature of the Complaint, and Product & Services. 
  • Under the complaint category drop-down menu, you must choose the option ‘ATM Related’.
  • In the products and services section, you must select the option ‘ATM Related’.
  • In the next field, select the option ‘Amount debited but cash not dispensed’ under the Nature of Complaint section.
  • Enter your SBI Debit Card Number, Txn Amount, Txn ID/UTR Number, and Transaction date in the respective fields.
  • Next to the Dispensed Amount field, you must fill in ‘0’ in case you haven’t received any amount as a refund. 
  • In the next field i.e. ATM Id/Terminal ID, you must enter the complaint details within 500 characters.
  • The ATM ID/Terminal ID can be seen on all your transaction slips or settlement receipts.
  • After that, enter the random Captcha Code as shown on the screen. Hit the Submit button.
  • After the completion of the form submission, your registered mobile number will get a complaint number. 
  • Using the complaint number, you can easily track the status of your complaint. 
  • The customers will get the complaint number through 2 gateways i.e., via SMS and email.
  • Check the complaint number that you had received on your registered mobile number and email id.
  • The concerned bank authorities will contact you within 48 hours from the time of reporting the complaint to speak over the issue.
  • The concerned authorities will probe into the situation after carrying out the necessary verification process. 
  • Once the officials find that your issue is valid and genuine, you will get a refund.
  • Your ‘Money Debited but Transaction Failed In SBI ATM’ issue will be resolved within 7 business days. 
  • Within 7 working days, you will get a message stating that necessary action has been taken on your complaint.
  • Further, you will get a message regarding the necessary action that the concerned authorities have taken over your complaint.

That’s all! This is the detailed procedure on how to report a complaint on the CMS Portal when Amount Debited but Cash Not Dispensed From ATM SBI. 

Other ways

Still couldn’t find the right solution for your issue – SBI ATM Cash Not Dispensed but Account Debited? Even after accessing the aforementioned ways, you aren’t satisfied with the service offered by the concerned authorities then, you can follow some other ways furnished below:

Escalate: You can escalate the issue to the SBI branch manager wherein you had opened your bank account. You can find a grievance cell in SBI bank that usually considers this kind of situation as a major priority. To access this method, you must visit the official website of SBI Bank and complain.


Even after accessing any of the above methods, if you haven’t received your refund amount despite continuous follow-ups, write a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman directly or file a complaint online to the RBI. Make sure you stay in contact with the banking ombudsman only 30 days after sending a written complaint to the bank.


If you have any doubts about this topic, you can check the frequently asked question furnished in this article. Check it out!

  1. How Many Days Will It Take To Refund Failed SBI ATM Transaction?

    It might take 7 working/business days for the concerned SBI bank authorities to refund your deducted amount for the failed SBI ATM Transaction. In this period, the banking officials will look into the matter, identifies the reason, and resolves the issue.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the methods to receive a refund when Cash Not Received From ATM But Amount Deducted SBI. You can utilize any of the methods to resolve the failed ATM transaction issue. However, not all methods will help you refund the deducted amount instantly. Some of the failed transaction cases require slightly more time and extreme effort from the customer’s side. 

In some cases, the customer needs to do follow-ups. We hope this guide has given adequate information about the solutions to the critical situation ‘Money Debited but Transaction Failed In SBI ATM’ both online and offline. If you still have any doubts or queries, just ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website for more articles related to SBI accounts, debit cards, ATM services, and more.

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