How to Unblock SBI Credit Card?

Looking at how to unblock SBI Credit Card? In the past, you might have faced some issues with a credit card and many other credit card-related problems. As a result, you might end up blocking the SBI Credit Card. Once you get through all those issues, you think of unblocking the credit card to start using it like before. In most situations, people block their credit card when the card is stolen, misplaced, or lost. Once you get back your credit card, you look forward to unblocking it to commence utilizing its services to gain unlimited privileges.

When your credit card is stolen or lost, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to unblock the SBI Credit Card. There is no specific time for you to unblock the credit card after blocking the credit card. You can easily Unblock SBI Credit Card anytime by following a simple procedure. If you are unsure about the actual ways to unblock the credit card, this is the right guide for you, readers. This guide explains the key reasons behind unblocking the credit card and the detailed procedure on how to unblock SBI Card. Have a glance!

Reasons for Blocking SBI Credit Card

Before knowing how to unblock SBI Credit Card online, you need to understand the major reasons for blocking the SBI Credit Card. 

1. Stolen or Lost Credit Card

Mostly, people think of blocking their credit cards whenever the card is stolen or lost. If your credit card is robbed, the immediate reaction from you should be blocking the credit card.

2. Non-Payment of Credit Card bills on time

Mostly, the credit card issuers block the SBI Credit card of the cardholder in case they don’t pay or clear the outstanding bill on time.

3. Noticed any Fraudulent Activity

If you have noticed any kind of fraudulent activity on your SBI Credit Card, it is recommended to block the credit card and raise a complaint immediately. Once you inform the credit card issuing authorities, they will try to resolve the problem soon.

4. Credit Limit Exhaustion

Another reason behind blocking an SBI Credit Card is the exhaustion of the credit limit. If you spend over and above the provided credit limit, the concerned authorities would block your credit card. Sometimes, they might block the credit card automatically without informing.

These are the most possible reasons for blocking an SBI Credit Card either by the credit card authorities or by yourself.

How to Unblock SBI Credit Card?

Whatever the reasons might be, you have blocked the credit card. Are you looking for ways to unblock SBI Credit Card? As there is a wide range of reasons behind blocking an SBI Credit Card, equally, there are different methods to unblock the card. There are different ways to unblock the credit card i.e., online and offline. In this guide, we explained 6 different methods to unblock an SBI Credit Card. This guide helps you learn how to unblock SBI Credit Card Online and offline as well. Have a look!

1. Through Official Website

Cardholders can easily understand How to Unblock SBI Credit Card Online i.e., through the official website of SBI Card. Follow the easy steps furnished below to unblock SBI Credit Card through the official portal:

  • Initially, visit the website of SBI Card i.e., at
  • On the home page of the website, you will find the Login section. Just click on it.
  • Enter the crucial login credentials such as the User ID and Password.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • After logging into the portal, you can find the ‘Request’ tab on the left-hand side menu of the screen.
  • Further, you need to click on the option ‘Card Activation’.
  • A list of blocked cards will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select your blocked SBI Credit Card from the list. You can then activate it to unblock the SBI Card.

2. Through Customer Care

Another simple method to unblock SBI Credit Card is through the customer care service. If you don’t have an internet facility then, you can prefer contacting the customer care executives regarding the reactivation of the SBI Credit Card. One of the simplest techniques is communicating with the SBI Customer Care Service. In case, your credit card has been blocked permanently then, you may not be able to reactive it again through the customer care service. Make sure you call the toll-free numbers from your registered mobile number.

Contact the Customer care Service using the toll-free numbers given below:

  • 1860 180 1290
  • 39020202 [Prefix STD Code]

At the time of contacting the customer care service, you might face some lag issues as millions of people call them frequently. Be patient and try again and again until you get them on the phone line. During the call, make sure you provide accurate details without any errors. Only then, you will be able to unblock your SBI Credit Card. The most important thing to be noted is that you shouldn’t share your PINs and other confidential details with the customer care executives.

3. Through Post

One of the best and most traditional ways is unblocking the SBI Credit Card through the post. Write an application requesting the SBI Card manager regarding the reactivation of your SBI Credit Card. Mention the essential details on the written application and send the same to the SBI Manager. Here is the address to which you must send the request via post:

Manager of SBI Customer Services

SBI Cards & Payments Services Limited

DLF Infinity Towers, Tower C, 12th Floor, Block 2, Building 3, DLF Cyber City,

Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, India.

4. Through SBI Branch

How to Unblock My SBI Credit Card? If you are still looking for some other techniques to unblock the credit card then, you can go with this method. Just visit the nearest SBI bank branch and directly speak to the concerned person regarding the SBI Card reactivation procedure. 

The process of unblocking the credit card is quite simple by visiting the nearest SBI branch. All you need to do is to mention the reason behind blocking the card to the corresponding bank authorities. Also, you need to mention the reason why do you think of reactivating the credit card. Considering the reasons, the officials will unblock the credit card.

5. Through an Email

Place your request regarding the Unblock SBI Credit Card in an email and send the same to the officials via the SBI Card email customer care service. In the body of the email, you must mention the reason for blocking as well as unblocking the credit card.  Follow the easy steps furnished below on how to unblock SBI Credit Card through an email:

  • Initially, navigate to the ‘Write to Us’ Page on the SBI official website from your device.
  • Log in to the portal using the login details – user id and password.
  • Enter your credit card number in the provided space.
  • Fill in your details such as the name, email id, and registered mobile number in the given fields.
  • Your registered mobile number will receive an OTP.
  • Enter the same in the empty field and hit the Next button.
  • Choose the relevant category and sub-category.
  • Mention your request to unblock the SBI Credit Card in the body of the email. If required, mention the reason behind blocking the card.
  • Hit the send button to send the email to the SBI Card Customer Care email id.
  • This way, you can raise your complaint to unblock the credit card.

6. By Clearing the Outstanding Dues

Wondering how to unblock SBI Card? In this guide, we have covered almost all the methods to reactivate the credit card of SBI. Another major technique to unblock the credit card is simply to clear your credit card’s outstanding dues. Mostly, the credit card issuers block the credit card because of not paying the outstanding bill on the card. In some cases, the cardholders won’t pay the credit card monthly bills on time. 

If the credit card authorities find it frequently from the cardholders, they immediately block the credit card. Try to pay the outstanding dues and make sure your balance is below the credit limit. Soon after finishing the payment, your credit cards get unblocked. If your card has been blocked because of this reason, try to follow this method.

By following any of the aforementioned ways, you can unblock SBI Credit Card irrespective of the reason behind blocking. Once the corresponding banking authorities consider your request and think it valid then, your SBI credit card will be unblocked.

Final Words

Well, this is an in-depth guide on How to Unblock SBI Credit Card. Hopefully, this article has given enough guidance by providing the key methods to Unblock SBI Credit Card. Still, if you are worried about your blocked credit card, just drop your doubt or query in the comment box. To learn more about the types of SBI Credit Cards available in the market, their benefits, and their privileges, stay in touch with our website.

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