SBI Add-on Credit Card: Eligibility, Required Documents, And Application Procedure

With an SBI Credit Card, the cardholders can utilize copious benefits and features. Most people think that only the credit cardholder can enjoy the benefits of having a credit card. However, there is a possibility that the cardholders can still share their card with their beloved ones and friends. SBI Add-on Card makes it possible to access the benefits of card holder’s card with trusted individuals. In recent times, SBI add-on credit cards have become immensely prevalent in India. The credit card issuers will issue the add-on cards to the trusted individuals or one of the family members of the primary cardholder. If you are not fully aware of an SBI Add-on Card, this guide will help you understand its benefits, features, eligibility, the application process, and more. Have a look!

What is SBI Add-on Credit Card?

An SBI Add-on Card is a special card loaded with abundant privileges and benefits similar to the primary credit cardholder. The primary cardholder can choose his/her add-on cardholder from the family members. Any member of the family may include parents, children, spouse, and others provided their age must be above 18 years. Just like the primary credit cardholder, the SBI add-on cardholder can enjoy all the benefits and privileges. Unless and until the cardholder mentions the excluded benefits, the add-on cardholders can enjoy the benefits. Sometimes, the add-on credit cards are also referred to as supplementary credit cards. A credit cardholder can apply up to 5 add-on credit cards.

Add-on credit cards are issued to individuals for free of cost. It is very simple to get an SBI Add-on Credit card in three simple steps. An Add-on credit card comes with shared benefits and a credit limit with the primary credit card. Despite having 2 or more add-on credit cards, a single consolidated credit statement will be sent to the primary cardholder comprising the transactions of all cards. An add-on credit card makes shopping quite simple and quick for every family member of the primary cardholder. If the primary cardholder mentions the privileges to the add-on cardholder specifically, such privileges will be availed to the add-on members. Before applying for an Add-on card SBI, just get to know the eligibility details mentioned in this post. 

Eligibility for SBI Add-on Card

To apply for an SBI Add-on Credit Card, the applicants need to fulfill some specific eligibility conditions. We listed the key eligibility criterion for SBI Add-on credit cards. Check it out!

  • The individual must have an age of more than 18 years.
  • The primary cardholders must allow the issuance of the requested add-on credit card.

The individuals who fulfill the aforementioned eligibility criteria can access the SBI add-on card privileges and benefits.

Documents Required for SBI Add-on Credit Card

State Bank of India has certain rules and internal policies while issuing a credit card to the applicant. As part of the rules, the applicants must submit some of the vital documents required for an SBI Add-on card. Check the  list of required documents given below:

  • Age Proof
  • Income Proof of the primary cardholder
  • Current Address Proof [Valid address proof will be essential in case the primary cardholder states that the add-on applicant doesn’t stay with him/her.]
  • Photo ID Proof
  • Passport size photograph

Apart from the documents, the applicants must share the following information to apply for an add-on card.

  • Name of the add-on applicant
  • Gender of the add-on applicant
  • Date of birth of add-on applicant
  • Relationship of add-on individual with the primary cardholder

How to Apply for Add-on Credit Card in SBI

There are different ways to apply for an Add-on Card SBI. The applicants can apply for an add-on card through the official website, mobile app, ILA, and more. To understand the procedure on how to apply for Add-on credit card in SBI, the applicants can check the detailed guide given below:

1. Apply SBI Add-on Credit Card using SBI Card Website

Follow the simple steps given below to apply for an SBI Add-on Credit Card through the official SBI website. 

  • Visit the official SBI website from your device i.e., at
  • On the homepage of the website, you can find the login page.
  • Fill in your user ID and password in the given fields.
  • Hit the login button.
  • Once you log into your SBI account, you can find the dashboard on the left-hand side of the page.
  • You will find the ‘services’ section in the dashboard. Click on it. 
  • Click on the option ‘Add-on Card’ under this section.
  • In the SBI Add-on credit card application form, you need to enter some of the crucial details of the add-on cardholder in the given fields. It includes the name, gender, date of birth, and relationship of the applicant with the primary cardholder, and the current address of the applicant.
  • Once you are done with filling the application form, you need to upload the self-attested KYC documents of the add-on cardholder. 
  • Check all your details once again and submit the application form.
  • The bank will verify the applicant’s details and approves the add-on card to the applicant. 
  • In a few days, the Add-on SBI Card will be delivered to the applicant.

That’s all! This is the easy procedure to apply for an SBI Add-on Card through the official website. 

2. Apply SBI Add-on Card Using SBI Card Mobile App

SBI Card is a mobile application that helps cardholders quickly access the transactions on their credit card through transaction history. Using the SBI Card mobile app, the customers can apply for add-on credit card in SBI. 

  • Download and install SBI Card mobile app on your phone.
  • Once you are done with the installation procedure, you can open the app.
  • On the homepage of the app, you can find a series of options.
  • Click the ‘Services’ option from the given options.
  • Select the ‘Add-on Card’ option and fill in the vital details in the application form.
  • Upload required documents and submit the application form.
  • After the completion of the verification process, the bank will issue the add-on card to the applicants. 

3. Apply SBI Add-on Card Using Chat Bot ILA

State Bank of India has launched an Interactive Live Assistant to the customers that enable them to know more details about bank products and services. The applicants can understand how to apply for Add-on credit card in SBI through chatbot ILA. 

  • Visit the SBI official website from your device.
  • You can find the ILA option at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Log into your SBI account in the Chatbot ILA using your User ID and Password. 
  • Request for SBI Add-on Card application and follow the on-screen instructions.

This is the simple procedure to apply for an SBI Add-on card using Chatbot ILA. 

4. Apply SBI Add-on Card Through Post

The last method to apply SBI Add-on Card is through the post. This is also considered the offline procedure to apply for a credit card. Download the Add-on Credit Card application form from the official website Fill in the application form with your details manually. After filling in all the vital details in the form, enclose the required KYC self-attested documents to the form. Send the application form to the following address of the main branch. 

SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.
P.O Box No- 16, GPO,
New Delhi- 110001

If you want to know the add-on card information, you can simply call the SBI Credit Card Helpline Number given below:

1860-180-1290 [or] (prefix STD Code) 39 02 02 02.

Features and Benefits of SBI Add-on Credit Cards

Some of the significant features of SBI Add-on Credit Card include the following:

  • SBI Add-on Credit Card can be accessed in India and abroad for shopping. However, the cardholders need to make sure that the international payment provision is enabled on the primary credit card. 
  • The credit limit on the primary credit card is shared with the Add-on Credit Cardholders. 
  • The primary credit cardholder will receive a single consolidated credit card statement comprising the add-on card transactions as well.
  • The primary cardholders can easily monitor all the expenses done on the add-on credit cards.
  • The add-on cardholders can easily earn reward points and get exclusive discounts on their frequent expenses and transactions.
  • Besides the credit limit, the waiver limit on fuel surcharge on the add-on credit card is also shared with the primary card.

SBI Add-on Credit Cards Fee and charges

The card issuers will issue the SBI Add-on Credit Card free of cost. The cardholders need not pay any additional fee to access the card. However, the primary credit cardholder must pay the annual fee. SBI Add-on cards may have specific fees and charges just like the basic credit cards. It includes finance charges, late payment fees, card replacement fees, withdrawal fees, and more. The additional charges alongside GST will remain the same for the primary card as well as the add-on card.

SBI Add-on Credit Card FAQs

People seeking to apply for an SBI Credit Card may still have some doubts and queries about the same. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the SBI Add-on Card benefits, impact on credit score, and more. Check it out!

  1. How can I track my add-on credit card application status?

    The applicant can easily track the status of the SBI Add-on Card application online using the username and password. It is also possible to check the status by calling the SBI Helpline number: 1860-180-1290 or 39-02-02-02

  2. How many SBI add-on credit cards I can avail?

    The individuals can get 5 SBI Add-on Credit Cards on a single primary credit card. 

  3. Will my credit score get affected if the add-on cardholder doesn’t make payments in time?

    Yes, there will be some impact on the credit score of the primary credit cardholder. The credit score may get affected only if the add-on cardholder doesn’t make monthly payments before the due date.

This is everything you need to know about an SBI Add-on Card. However, at any situation if you want to deactivate or manage the SBI Add-on Credit Card there is a procedure which you can look at our website. We hope this guide on how to apply for an add-on credit card in SBI has given adequate information. We also mentioned the features, benefits, charges, and fees of an Add-on Card SBI. If you have any doubts or queries about this post, just let us know in the comments space. For more articles and posts on SBI Credit Card, just stay in touch with our website.

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